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An adventurer can be mighty and skilled indeed, but without weapons and armour their careers are likely to be short. Almost all adventurers will be at least lightly armoured and carry a short sword with which to defend themselves. This page lists the costs of the different types and grades of weaponry available to adventurers in Memento Mundi.


Weaponry and armour are divided into five classes - substandard, standard, superior, master-crafted and artifact:


Substandard equipment is used only by the desperate, ranging as it does from cast off swords rejected by the watch to eating knives hastily stolen from a slophouse's table.

Substandard equipment only allows you to use the benefits of level one skills, and can never call damage higher than a single.

Standard Equipment

Standard equipment is perfectly serviceable, and will be used by the majority of armed individuals encountered in the world. It cannot be used for more advanced tricks and strikes, however, and standard armour can begin to feel limiting for those truly proficient in its use. Standard equipment can be purchased in any settlement large enough to have a forge.

While using standard equipment, you can only gain the benefits of skills of up to level three.

Superior Equipment

Superior equipment is of marked better construction than standard, and is most often found in the hands of the wealthy or important - a mercenary sergeant may find themselves issued with superior equipment, while a minor noble or proficient adventurer might own it. Superior equipment is obtainable with contacts in larger towns, and easily in cities.

Superior equipment allows you to fully leverage any skills you possess.

Additionally, so long as you have the appropriate use skill:

Master-Crafted Equipment

Master-Crafted equipment represents the finest quality that most will ever encounter in their lives. Exquisitely balanced swords and armour that feels like it weighs half its true load are used by the city's richest and most successful. Master crafted can normally only be purchased in cities, and then only with some effort taken to hunt it down (and at a price that will vary). If anyone in a town or village is capable of making or is selling it in quantity, then that likely represents a fact of major note about the settlement.

Master-Crafted equipment allows you to fully leverage any skills you possess. The quality of construction means that anyone can use a master crafted item.

Artifact Equipment

There are many powers beyond the mundane in the world of Memento Mundi, and since the Upheaval they have been active to an extent never seen in recorded history. Through use of unusual materials or metaphysical preparations, combined with the talents of elite artificers, it is possible to create weapons and armour with a potency that surpasses even that of Master-Crafted. These items tend to accumulate stories and avarice like little else, and the advantages they grant to their wielders can be considerable.

Artifact equipment cannot normally be purchased, can an only be created after either the acquisition of unusual and potent materials or the significant forging or fixing steps (preferably all three), all of which must occur on an adventure to contribute towards an item's potency.

Artifact equipment has no set effect - each item will be unique. They will usually be of at least superior quality in addition to this. Some examples of Artifact weapons can be found here.


All adventurers have at least a small income, but as they accumulate money they use it to build up either investments or position that increase this.

All characters begin with a basic income of nine riel, which they receive at the beginning of each adventure they participate in, and some starting equipment and cash (see character creation).

Through spending a skill point (representing the time taken to make investments or build up influence) a character can upgrade their wealth. This will increase their income as shown on the table below. A character can spend a skill point at character generation to begin play with the first level of wealth. If they do, they start play with 49 riel in cash rather than the standard 36R.

When you increase your wealth level, you should identify on your character's page what that increase in wealth represents. If appropriate, this can occasionally be leveraged on an adventure - for example, if your wealth represents a teaching position at a college, that may allow you access to their libraries with greater ease than a normal adventurer would experience.

Wealth Levels

Wealth Level Income
09 Riel
123 Riel
236 Riel
354 Riel
472 Riel
590 Riel

Equipment Prices

Arms and Armour

Mace or Hammer4R9R72R
Other Great Weapon13R22R117R
Two Handed Spear9R27R90R
One Handed Spear4R13R63R
Bow or Crossbow9R27R90R
Arrows Special
Light armourFree9R90R
Medium armour4R27R135R
Heavy armour9R45R180R
Medium shield4R27R90R
Large shield 270R2) 45R135R
Mundane ItemsNANA45R

Bow or Crossbow

There are a few quirks of how bows and crossbows work in larp that require special rules:


Arrows only come in Standard or Superior varieties (or potentially as Artefacts).


A Standard behaves exactly the same as a medium shield for determining Superior and Mastercrafted properties.

Mundane Items

It's possible to obtain superior versions of most portable mundane items, from a torch bracket to light the way in a cave through to an exquisitely crafted pen for use in scribing magic. In general, these have the following additional properties:

Other Adventuring Equipment

D Class Potion3 Riel
C Class Potion9 Riel
B Class Potion18 Riel
A Class Potion27 Riel
Mana Crystal27 Riel
A finely crafted lock9 Riel
A poorly made lock4 Riel
10 Metres of Rope1 Riel
A Tent2 Riel
A Waterproof Tent9 Riel
Alchemical Light-Stick (4 hours of bright light)1 Riel


It is possible to invest your money into resources. You can only ever successfully manage one resource at a time (unless you have skill which says otherwise). You do not need to use a skill point to acquire a resource, you only need to pay the investment cost. You may only invest in resources at your current or lower level. These resources will rarely be directly useful on adventures (although occasionally they might be), but will usually provide flavour for what you do between adventures and may give you some slight advantages as described below.

If you wish, you may purchase and own more resources than your skills allow you to effectively manage. However, on each adventure you can only draw benefit from the number of resources that your skills grant you. If you own more resources than you can manage, choose the appropriate number of resources that will provide you a benefit for this adventure. You must make this decision at the start of the adventure and cannot change it until your next adventure.

The examples below are exactly that, if there is a resource that your character would like to buy which is not listed then contact the larpo who will provide a cost and rules for that resource.


Some resources are grander versions of the resource you currently have, when upgrading to a higher level version you may treat your current version as supplying its original purchase cost to buying the higher level.


If for some reason you choose to sell your resource it will provide you with one quarter of the money you invested in it.

Level 1 resources

Share in a caravan

Small fishing boat

Market Stall

Pony (or equivalent small business)

Training School

Gang of Hoodlums


Level 2 resources

Small trade route

Medium fishing boat


Small Estate



Small Farm

Small Mine

Small Library


Level 3 resources

Medium trade route

Large fishing boat



Medium Estate

Medium Farm

Medium Library

Organisational Supplier

Training Academy

Printing Press

Armed Associates



Level 4 resources

Large trade route

Fishing Fleet

Alchemical Lab


Large Estate

Large Farm

Medium Mine

Arcane Library


Council Contractor

Shadowy Network


Level 5 resources


Flux Farm

Large Mine

Experimental Alchemical Lab

Elite Academy

Trade Network

1) Ornamental
2) Coat of Arms