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 ===== Potion Costs ===== ===== Potion Costs =====
-Following [[resources:​adventure:​Oblitus Mundi]], potion prices are doubled. 
 ^Item^Price^ ^Item^Price^
-|D Class Potion|<del>Riel</​del>​ 6 Riel| +|D Class Potion|3 Riel| 
-|C Class Potion|<del>Riel</​del>​ 18 Riel| +|C Class Potion|9 Riel| 
-|B Class Potion|<del>18 Riel</​del>​ 36 Riel| +|B Class Potion|18 Riel| 
-|A Class Potion|<del>27 Riel</​del>​ 54 Riel|+|A Class Potion|27 Riel|
 ===== Artefact Potions ===== ===== Artefact Potions =====
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