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-====== Eternity ====== 
-Endings and beyond for parts of the world you care about and your characters are up to you, and if you like you can link your own endings on this page.  The canonicity of these endings won't be confirmed by the outgoing LARPO so please don't ask for it, so write away. 
-The final state of the world as defined: 
-  * The world has been dissolved, and the freed Dragons Mudra, Valknutt and Carlaeon have parted ways with the conjoined Dragons Triskelion and Tuireann where a civilisation survives in New Foundations. 
-  * New Foundations contains a large tree of Divine Power, containing a number of Gods that were entered into it. It consists mostly of the city of Strossbourg,​ the nation of Concerto, Serradic survivors, and the Acryn Afterlife. 
-  * Another civilisation survives in the Shattered Plane, overseen by Evan and the Leader, within the Dragon Valknutt. 
-  * Himevalla and the Mantoi survive in a Star, hoping one day to create a Gate to Triskelion/​Valknutt