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-===== Eternity ===== +Beyondtime reaches out into [[resources:Eternity]].
- +
-Thank you for playing Memento Mundi!! ​ From here onwe don't want to define what happens too much.  This game means so much to so many people, and has been a construct of so many creative minds coming together that we can't possibly write an ending to every plot and every character that would do them justice. ​ As such, we're operating on a basis of "write your own ending"​. ​ We won't confirm anything as canon or non-canon - don't ask us to! - so you may write what you like for your characters and your parts of the world and add it to the Wiki! +
- +
-The final state of the world as defined: +
-  * The world has been dissolved, and the freed Dragons Mudra, Valknutt and Carlaeon have parted ways with the conjoined Dragons Triskelion and Tuireann where a civilisation survives in New Foundations. +
-  * New Foundations contains a large tree of Divine Power, containing a number of Gods that were entered into it.  It consists mostly of the city of Strossbourg,​ the nation of Concerto, Serradic survivors, and the Acryn Afterlife. +
-  * Another civilisation survives in the Shattered Plane, overseen by Evan and the Leader, within the Dragon Valknutt. +
-  * Himevalla and the Mantoi survive in a Star, hoping one day to create a Gate to Triskelion/​Valknutt +
- +
-There are metaphysical consequences that likely follow from the final events of the game, but I will not list these here!  Thank you again for making this game utterly fantastic for 5 and a half years!+
 {{tag>"​terminus mundi" "​clementine kinch" thorn ambrosia "toli nutt" "​lionel collins"​ "lotte dietrich"​ "hardy quinn" "​bartholomew banks" adventure}} {{tag>"​terminus mundi" "​clementine kinch" thorn ambrosia "toli nutt" "​lionel collins"​ "lotte dietrich"​ "hardy quinn" "​bartholomew banks" adventure}}
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