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 +====== Skira ======
 +===== Details =====
 +The Hidden Realm. ​ A small land secreted in the liminal space between the dragons Triskelion and Carleon. ​ It is surrounded by a river of alchemical dissolution which defines the boundaries of a potent ritual of obfuscation that completely hides the area within from the outside world. ​ Anything that passes beyond the river cannot even be remembered by those in the world outside, memories becoming cloudy and eventually fading completely.
 +The land of Skira was apparently discovered by a Primal known as the Keeper who following the war with the Dragonborn decided that the growing number of deadly objects and entities within the world would eventually lead to a global if not cosmic catastrophe. ​ Gathering a group of like minded supporters, the Keeper shrouded the realm behind the river, and created a sentient arcano-alchemic-mechanism called the Weaver of the Veil, to process the memories tithed by the realm'​s inhabitants and ensure the continued functioning of the ritual. ​ The primal then sacrificed itself to transform its own body and will into an unbreachable vault where the troublesome items could be locked away forever. ​
 +The people of Skira send mages known as Truthseekers out into the world to collect potent secrets to power the Weaver, and learn of dangerous items or creatures that might need to be imprisoned within the vault. ​ Since the Truthseekers cannot remember their homeland once they depart, subliminal commands are implanted with the Rite of Manipulation to summon them to a point where they can be collected once more.  Since the upheaval the number of Truthseekers that have managed to make it has dwindled and the realm had been falling into a spiral of collapse before a party of adventurers arrived and managed to persuade a cadre of ancient ghosts from the Keeper'​s vault to sacrifice their centuries of memories to keep the land afloat.
 +It seems like by travelling out of Skira through the Lost Places it is possible to bypass the effects of the obfuscation ritual. ​ In time this breach may lead to problems for the Hidden Realm, or an opportunity for their Truthseekers to do their job in full possession of their memories.
 +Because the Skirans are unseen by the dragons their souls linger on as ghosts after death. ​ They have come to practice a form of reincarnation through the ministrations of the Mother Crimson, a goddess that cleanses old souls and implants them into new bodies formed of flesh and clay from the riverbank. ​ Over time the vast majority of Skirans have come to have these clayborn bodies and only a handful of '​trueborn'​ remain in the Citadel. ​ Almost all Skirans therefore possess skin and flesh of a deep crimson hue.
 +===== Appearances =====
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