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 +====== Strossbourg ======
 +===== Details =====
 +A city on the Eastern Continent, directly linked to Acryn through the Dragon Gates.
 +The City State of Strossbourg is ruled over by a conclave of five Archmagi, one for each of the Rites of Binding, Consumption,​ Manipulation,​ Scribing and Unification.
 +The Archmagi keep a firm hand on their subjects, assisted by their Perfected Warriors, chosen soldiers who through alchemical and magical arts are artificially imbued with Primal power. ​ These warriors allow Strossbourg to compete with the Divine champions of their hated rivals from Valydd.
 +The scholars of Strossbourg believe that Gods steal life-force from those near them and particularly those who follow them.  As a result religious practice is banned within the city, and the desire for divinity is seen as a result of ignorance, madness or malice.
 +The strict rule of the Archmagi and the rigorous testing required of those seeking to practice wizardry has resulted in a magical tradition far less prone to the mystical catastrophes regularly seen in Acryn. ​ As a result, whilst the Strossbourgians value the support of their new allies, they tend to view its citizens as reckless and unstable. ​       ​
 +===== Appearances =====
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