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 +====== The Church of the Founders ======
 +===== Details =====
 +Founded by [[user:​harryh:​pc:​reginald_drake|Reginald Drake]] & [[user:​joew:​pc:​kjell_caulson|Kjell Caulson]] after the recovery of a Candelabra holy to one of the Founders (but not the Tender, Warrior, Builder, or Leader). In discussion with other Church Leaders, it was concluded that the artefact was best housed away from the other Churches, somewhere it could be respected in its own right.
 +When Kjell and Reginald offered to create a Church to all the Founders, many in the other Churches jumped at the opportunity to make the Candelabra someone else's problem. ​
 +===== Appearances =====
 +{{topic>:​resources:​adventure?"​the church of the founders"&​nouser}}
 +{{tag>"​the church of the founders"​ place}}
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