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 | ^Date^GM^Level^Title^Brief^ | ^Date^GM^Level^Title^Brief^
-^Hilary|24/02/2018 \\ 6th Week |Dan|Varied|End of the World as we know it|An apparently random set of adventurers find themselves on an important mission.| +^Hilary|03/​03/​2018 \\ 7th Week |Tom|All|Terminus Mundi|This is the End.| 
-^:::​|:::​|Dan & Tom|Freeform|And I feel fine|The city's leadership gather the capable to make final decisions affecting the fate of the city and its people.| +^Beyond ​|[[http://​|Animus]]|||||
-^:::|03/03/2018 \\ 7th Week |Tom|All|Terminus Mundi|This is the End.| +
-^:::​|10/​03/​2018 \\ 8th Week \\ and beyond ​|[[http://​|Animus]]||||+
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