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 Every member of the party gains 1 RESIST per encounter to mind-altering effects (DOMINATE, FEAR, MESMERISE, ENRAGE). Every member of the party gains 1 RESIST per encounter to mind-altering effects (DOMINATE, FEAR, MESMERISE, ENRAGE).
 +==== Divine Favour of the Cleansing Tide ====
 +=== Level 1 Miracles ===
 +== Cleanse the Wound ==
 +10 Seconds - You may cleanse a wound, calling HEAL 2 against a single target that you can see. If on the ocean you may choose to call PARTY HEAL 1 instead.
 +== Cleanse the Taint ==
 +30 seconds - When applied quickly, this miracle will heal any natural diseases, poisons and mild metaphysical influences. It will not undo damage that has already been done, and may come with some short-term effects as the agent is purged.
 +You may also reflexively call RESIST if you are hit with a POISON, so long as you then cast this miracle immediately after. This will protect you from any immediate effects of the poison from this strike. It will usually protect you from any long term effects of the poison from this and future strikes, although you should check with the GM to be certain. To protect yourself from immediate effects (call RESIST) of any future strikes you would need to cast the miracle for each occasion you were struck.
 +=== Level 2 Miracles ===
 +== The Ocean by my Side ==
 +20 Sec - You can empower the very Oceans to rise to your defence. Usually this is no more than a vial of water which flings itself at your attackers (call SINGLE THROUGH). However, once per an adventure, so long as you are on or near the ocean, you may cause it to rise to your defence. You can do this in one of two ways:
 +  * As a human sized creature 8+0 calling singles.
 +  * As a single large fist. Call QUAD STRIKEDOWN.
 +Other non-combat options may be available at GM discretion.
 +== New Starts ==
 +This miracle targets two individuals:​ the offender and the offended. To successfully cast this miracle the offender must fully consent to the miracle while the offended must simply be unresisting. The offended will lose all memory of a single specified offence, grievance or vendetta against the offender. The offender will lose any memory of being the target of such a grievance and their involvement in triggering the grievance. The offender will also be filled with a strong desire to be friends and allies of the offended, this feeling will only grow with repeat castings and will not be undone by the actions of the offended. The caster can be a third party or either of the offender/​offended.
 +=== Blessed Weapons ===
 +  * Ocean Waves: A vial of ocean water. The sound of the ocean can be heard echoing from within. May be slowly poured over someone for the following effects: HEAL FULL, RENEW FULL, refresh all per encounter abilities.
 +  * Weapon: Gain one use of TREPANING Triple per encounter, the following rules must be explained at the beginning of any adventure on which you play. If you were not expecting the blow (or were unresistant) then you take 3 points of damage and a single ongoing psychological effect is removed from you (if you are suffering multiple psychological effects then the target player gets to choose which is removed), if you were expecting the blow then you take a single point of damage and no other effects.
 +=== Divine Aura ===
 +Gain 1 ranged strikedown per encounter. You will never drown or bleed out in the ocean (instead being washed up on one hit on some deserted island).
 ===== Gods not well represented within Acryn ===== ===== Gods not well represented within Acryn =====
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