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Divine Favour

More gods exist in the world than just those of Acryn. While full priests of other gods are not playable, it is possible to play characters favoured of several other gods, or acquire this favour in play. Due to actions on Oblitus Mundi everyone lost access to their divine powers. Only those who have been able to find a High Priest (or a priest blessed by the High Priest) will be able to access their powers (unless otherwise specified). You should know who blessed you to receive your Divine Powers and note to the LARPO if you have multiple Divine Favours (including if you are a Priest). The death of the Priest who gave you access to your powers will result in you losing access to your powers until you can find another priest (with functioning powers) to restore them again.

Gods well represented in Acryn

For all the gods below, you will have been able to easily find a priest capable of restoring your power (all of the founders are included in this list).

The Lord of the Rock

Level One Abilities

Man Reformed

Twice per an adventure you may transform yourself into a golem you know with a 10 second chant. As part of this skill you also know one type of Golem.


You have some experience working with Golems. Twice per an encounter you may (with 10 seconds work) call RENEW 6 against a golem or call SHATTER against a golem using a melee blow.

Master Apprentice of the Rock

You have an affinity for rock and it's uses. With a decent sized boulder (and a fist sized rock) you can repair items and armour as if you were at a forge (although you still need the capacity to repair items and armour in order to use this ability).

Level Two Abilities

Man Reformed

You may transform yourself an additional time per an adventure, and know an additional type of Golem.

Golem Creation

Once per an adventure you may craft a golem you know in order to fight on your behalf. The golem must be crafted in advance and will last until the end of the next encounter.

In addition, you know one additional type of golem.

Blessed Weapon

  • Armour: N/A
  • Weapon: MASS STRIKEDOWN twice per adventure
  • Talisman: Gain one RESIST to STRIKEDOWN or REND per encounter

Divine Aura

The very ground itself appears to aid you and your companions.
You and the Party gain a STRIKEDOWN.


When transforming into a golem their stats will replace yours (rather than adding to yours or being transformed in some complicated way). When calculating your golems stats you use your total hits (body/armour/both) rather than your current hits. This way your golem stats can be calculated at the beginning of the adventure.

When in golem form you lose any remaining calls you had access to, don't count as wearing armour for the purposes of poisons, count as being armour for all other purposes, you are immune to the HEAL call, benefit from the RENEW call, and take SHATTER as a QUAD. You will keep your base damage unless otherwise stated.

When calculating your hits for a golem form, body and armour hits are based on what your skills and items specify, and ignore any quirks which may shuffle them around (i.e., if your body hits normally count as armour, they still count as body hits for the purposes of calculating your golem forms).

You will return to normal when unconscious, at the end of the encounter, or sooner if you wish. You will retain any hits you had when you reverted (if you have more hits than your total body hits then these become armour hits).

Diamond Golem
  • Hits equal to your maximum armour hits.
  • Take THROUGH as ZERO
  • Take all other damage as SINGLE
Clay Golem
  • Hits equal to your maximum hits (armour + body)
  • You are WEAKENED (and cannot be STRENGTHENED in this form)
  • Immune: Rend, Strikedown, Disarm.
  • 3xDISARM
Obsidian Golem
  • Hits equal to your maximum body hits.
  • One use of the Skirmisher AGILITY ability.
  • Base damage reduced by one with THROUGH call added (down to a minimum of SINGLE THROUGH).
Granite Golem
  • Hits equal to total hits (body + armour).
Quartz Golem
  • Hits equal to total body hits
  • 3xBlind 5

Aetheyta the Wanderer

Level 1 Abilities

Know the Way

In contiguous patches of consensus you are aware of the nearest waystone or all waystones connected to the one you are at. Within the flux this is only true if the waystones involved are also within 100 miles.

Aetheyta's Companion

You may make small trinkets and talismans as a sign of Aetheyta's favour. With some concentration you can ensure this favour takes a concrete form. Once per an encounter you may immediately call HEAL ONE against someone wearing one of these trinkets.

Level 2 Abilities

Fleet Foot of Aetheyta

Your passage along paths which terminate at a Way Stone is greatly enhanced. Sometimes this will mean that you can more easily overtake people you are chasing or bypass encounters (both at GM discretion). However, the default use of this ability is to detour along paths with Way Stones at no penalty (the GM should allow access to a Way Stone approximately every 3 encounters).

Divine Aura

So long as you are on a road, you and your companions will regain a single hit at the end of the encounter for every rank you have in this skill. When using a Way-Stone, you can heal people above their normal maximum, by one hit for every rank you have in this skill.

The Rampant

You have a bottle containing a potent alcohol/drug/etc. The secret of preparing this concoction has come to you in your dreams. In order to cast any of your miracles you must spend at least 5 seconds phys-repping drinking from this bottle. During this time you are mechanically under the effects of a rend (it is VERY potent), but does not count as a rend for any other purposes. When intoxicated by this substance (usually until the end of the encounter) your emotions are greatly enhanced and you experience everything more vividly (although you are also somewhat resistant to people attempting to influence your emotions and state of mind).

Level 1 Miracles

Gaze of Dominion

By catching someone's eye in the same encounter you cast this miracle, you can entrance them and call a mesmerise. You will simultaneously come under the effect of a mesmerise as though it had originated from your target. If eye to eye contact is lost the effect ends.

The Projected pain

Once cast, if you are hit with a rend, wound, fear, or blind you may (in addition to taking the effect yourself) call an unarcable mass version of the effect. For example, if you are hit with a DOUBLE REND you may call MASS ZERO REND (or MASS REND).

Level 2 Miracles

Whisper of Temptation

By looking at someone as you whisper you can project your words into their head. This will be heard as though it is part of the targets inner monologue. Whether they recognise the voice as external is up to the controlling player but will likely be effected by how far off it is from what they normally think. Alternatively this may be used in battle to call enrage against a target.

Mind over Matter

Once cast, the next time you take a REND, WOUND, or a damage call above TRIPLE that was not self inflicted then you also take a STRENGTHEN.

Divine Aura

The Aura of the Rampant envelops your mind nullifying anything which would stop you acting as you will. Once per an encounter, upon first noticing a mind effecting influence the priest may start extolling the benefits of giving into your own desires and celebrating your own power. So long as they continue this chant they will remain immune to the mind affecting power, maintaining this effect prevents the priest from being able to attack and they may only defend themselves while maintaining this effect.

For every 10 seconds that the priest has been extolling the virtues of personal power and desire, they may free one person from a mind control effect by calling DO AS YOU WILL. After this point, the target will remain free from mind affecting influences until the priest stops their preaching. You must explain these additional rules at the beginning of any adventure in which you are playing.

The Favour of Rowan Darrish, The Well Meaning

Level 1 Miracles

Share Your Pain

5 Seconds - You may call a ranged HEAL X at the cost of X body hits.

Give You Pain

20 Seconds - On your next strike you may call Wound 5.

Level 2 Miracles

Dark Fate

20 Sec - You may show some one a glimpse of their dark future, calling FEAR.

Fight Beside Me

10 Sec - While you are using this ability, either you or an ally must be executing a downed opponent. You gain the ability to Strengthen yourself (if you performed the execution) or your ally (if your ally performed the execution).


The first time in each encounter that a party member drops to zero hits they will receive a HEAL ZERO such that they are stable, but unconscious.

The Favour of Eric Luckner, Guardian of Acryn

Several abilities require rock from within Acryn (taken from roads, broken buildings, etc). It is generally assumed that you will carry enough with you for an entire adventure, but if for some reason you have this supply of rock removed from you, you will be unable to use your abilities.

Level 1 Miracles

Bring them home

10 Sec - If you use this miracle upon a dead body (or other object) which houses a soul then the soul will be sent to the Acryn afterlife, unless there is some powerful force keeping the soul within the object.

As a side effect, the rock which you used as a conduit maintains a link to the Soul which you sent on. At any point afterwards you may ask a single question of the soul which it will be compelled to answer as truthfully as it can manage.

Armour of the City

10 Sec - By placing rock from the city upon the target, the target gains 2 points of natural armour. This cannot be stacked with any other source of natural armour.

If physically in the city, this also provides a single resist against WEAKEN.

Level 2 Miracles

The Street Rise in Defence

20 Sec - You can empower the very streets of Acryn to rise to your defence. Usually this is no more than a pebble which flings itself at your attackers (call SINGLE THROUGH). However, once per an adventure, so long as you are within the streets of Acryn, you may cause the very streets to rise to your defence. You can do this in one of two ways:

  • As a human sized creature made from the brick, wood, and mud of the city. 0+8 calling singles.
  • As a single large fist. Call QUAD STRIKEDOWN.
The Streets will Catch Me

10 Sec - You empower a target to resist a single blow against them. Instead of taking that blow they will instead take a ZERO STRIKEDOWN which will knock them to the left (they should call resist). This effect cannot be stacked.

Level 3 Miracles

Blessed Weapon

  • Armour: N/A
  • Weapon: (Shield Only) Once per an encounter you may resist a MASS call that you could have resisted if it were delivered as a melee blow against the shield. Once per an adventure you may partially defend your compatriots from a MASS call, call MASS RESIST. The full effects of the call will remain in effect until the party have heard the MASS RESIST call (as parts of the fireball/acid spray/etc get past you), so it is more effective against REND, WOUND and SHATTER than it is against STRIKEDOWN or DISARM. You will need to explain these additional rules at the beginning of any adventure in which you intend to play.
  • Talisman: Provides a shimmering barrier which provides 2 additional points of armour at the beginning of every encounter which are lost before any other and cannot be restored by any means.


So long as you are fighting alongside citizens of Acryn, you will start each encounter with an additional 2 armour hits which are lost before any others (and cannot be repaired), as if the blow was deflected by an invisible wall of force.

The Favour of Vanessa, the Stanchion

Level 1 Miracles


5 Seconds - By placing your hands on another, you can shield them from harm. They gain 2 points of armour which are lost before any other source of armour, and cannot be repaired. This cannot be stacked, but can be reapplied once the armour is lost.


5 Seconds - By stretching your arms wide you may ensure that none pass before their time. Call MASS PARTY HEAL ZERO.

Level 2 Miracles

Stand Tall

5 Seconds - Empower a target other than yourself to resist a strikedown or rend. They may only have a single resist gained from this ability at a time.


10 Seconds - You may prop someone else up by taking the weight of their struggles yourself. Mechanically you may call HEAL X RENEW X up to your current body and (physical) armour hits, losing the same amount of hits that you have given to another target. For example, with 5 body hits and 2 armour hits remaining you may choose to call HEAL 4 RENEW 2, leaving yourself on a single body hit.

Level 3 Miracles

Blessed Weapon

  • Armour: Will not bleed out while the blessing is in effect. Heal 2 once per encounter (if not yet used, happens automatically if you spend 10 seconds on 0 hits). Renew 2 at the end of the encounter.
  • Weapon: N/A
  • Talisman: HEAL 3 to another once per encounter


During an encounter, if a party member has been reduced to 3 or less body hits, they become strengthened. When they once again gain 4 or more body hits they are weakened (cancelling out the strengthen unless they have been additionally weakened in the meantime). This benefit is not gained if the party member started the encounter on 3 or less hits.

The Favour of The Shepherd

Level 1 Miracle

Never Lost

5 Seconds - You may lay an invisible mark upon someone willing, which identifies them as one of your sheep. You will always be able to find them. Other entities (especially powerful spiritual entities) may be able to see this mark and will react appropriately. You may also use this miracle to take temporary guardianship of someone who belongs to another Shepherd's flock.

A character who has had this miracle cast upon them should respond to calls with the target of “Flock”. (e.g. FLOCK HEAL ONE)

GM Note: Entities who can see the mark will realise that they are under the protection of “The Shepherd”, an entity of weak but growing power.

Never Left Behind

15 Seconds - You may call FLOCK HEAL ONE, providing one point of healing to every member of your flock within the encounter.

Level 2 Miracles

Always at Your Side

10 Seconds - You may cast this miracle upon a member of your flock, creating a link to them such that you can defend them if they are in trouble. You gain the ability to move directly to the defence of a member of your flock. Mechanically you may call DISAPPEARING, followed by APPEARING 5 seconds later. During this time you may relocate yourself within the encounter, but only so that you are closer to the target than you were previously.

You cannot stack this ability, but having used it to move to the defence of a member of your flock you can recast it on that flock member.

Shepherd's Hounds

20 Seconds - Spectral hounds appear around the caster, driving away their attackers. You may call an unarcable MASS FEAR MONSTERS.


Each member of the party gains 1 ranged STRIKEDOWN per an encounter, which may only be used when they are under an offensive duration effect against a target who is attacking them. You may use this even if you would not normally be able to use skills or abilities (e.g. while Rended). This simulates ice forming beneath the feet of the attacker during a period you are having difficulty defending yourself. Examples of offensive duration effects include: Wound, Rend, Blind, Entangle, but do not include Weaken.

The Favour of Francesco Graves, The Arcane Arbiter

Level 1


60 Seconds - You may act as a conduit, allowing yourself or others to make a deal with your god. At this level the deal is quite basic: you present an item or something you have metaphysical control over, your god then gives you a boon that they feel is appropriate. Discussion or bargaining is not possible. Attempting to use this ability to dispose of dangerous or problematic items will result in the miracle failing and the ire of your god. Attempting to offer up mundane items will fail.

The boon provided is determined by the GM, and can range from a temporary blessing, another item of similar power, or even a permanent blessing or epic tree for a suitably interesting offering.

Voice of the Arcane

60 Seconds - You request secrets that only your god can share, and in return provide secret information of your own. If your secrets are of sufficient value then you will be given the information you request. If your secrets are deemed lacking then you will be given only hints or even silence. While occasionally mysterious or difficult to decipher, the information will usually be accurate unless you have done something to draw the ire of your god.

Level 2

The Usual Please

5 Seconds - You have established a standard trade with your god. The target (which can be you or another) donates some of their blood (3 hits worth), the target is then takes the effects of STRENGTHEN.


5 Seconds - By invoking the Arcane Arbiter when two parties (who are not you) are making a deal, you can make that deal binding in powerful ways. If one of the parties violates the deal then they will fall under a divine curse which will be thematically related to their part in the deal. For example, a person who had promised land to another for converting to a farm may find their land becoming unusable due to uncontrollable plant growth. Everyone involved in the deal will sense a presence watching the proceedings.

Blessed Weapon

  • Armour:
  • Weapon: once per an encounter you may call a QUINT REND, so long as the weapon has been used to execute someone in the previous encounter.
  • Book of Vendettas: as well as a place to write the details of those who have wronged you, you will occasionally find names and details of people who you have never encountered in there. Taking suitable action against these individuals is a good way of winning favour with your god, and increases the likelyhood of your vendettas appearing in the books of others.


Up to once per an encounter, anyone protected by this aura may call a REND at the point they feel someone has violated a deal with them.

Favour of Jimmy Hoskins, He who Devours Himself

Level 1 Miracles

Unhealthy Obsession

30s - Contemplating a matter of intellectual curiosity or challenge you allow your mind to ravage the assets of your body in pursuit of insight. Take a WEAKEN and it is though you have studied the problem for a full day. For every SINGLE you take in addition to this it is as though you have given the issue a further day of contemplation.

Rejuvenating Self-Destruction

5s - Like the ourboros your end also marks your beginning. Deal yourself sufficient damage to reduce you to 0 body hits. For the next 15 seconds you cannot be healed by any means. After 15 seconds you receive a HEAL equal to twice the damage you did to yourself.

Level 2 Miracles

Your own Worst Enemy

10s - The pains others inflict on you are as nothing to those you may inflict on yourself. Take a REND or WOUND 10 ALL LIMBS and immediately call out for your enemies to 'Do your worst!'. For the rest of the encounter reduce the duration of all REND or WOUND calls by 5s

Certainty of Destination

15s - You accept that you will be the cause of your own demise and can speak on the matter with absolute authority. You may use this to convince an intelligent enemy of the futility of attacking you, calling YOU DARE NOT STRIKE ME!

Blessed Weapon

  • Armour: Blessed armour of He Who Devours Himself burns the flesh of those who wear it. The wearers maximum body hits are reduced by a number equal to the amount the armour would have provided. The armour itself fuses with the wearer, providing natural armour which is lost first but can be repaired with HEAL calls. This doesn't count as a repair for the purposes of the blessing being lost. If your maximum body hits are reduced to 0 in this way, you will remain conscious while you have armour hits remaining. You cannot wear armour over this armour. While you have armour hits remaining, you are Strengthened. Eventually (at the end of the adventure) the blessing fades and the armour returns to a normal suit.
  • Weapon: Once per an encounter you may call a HEAL equal to the damage you just inflicted upon yourself.
  • Talisman:

Divine Aura

Your allies are bolstered against any entity seeking to devour their souls. After 60s have passed on a death count a layer of shimmering blue fire coats their bodies and they merely count as being at -3 hits for the purposes of reviving them. After a further 2 minutes pass they count as being recently dead for the purposes of reviving them, and will remain in this state for several days.

A character with this skill may perform a short ceremony (or execution) to send the soul of someone who has fallen to He Who Devours Himself.

Favour of Armand Cargan-Graves, The Revolution

Level 1 Miracles

Power to the People

15s: you may call STRENGTHEN on anyone who is not a member of a group your Divine Aura can affect, OR on everyone outside your party who could be applicable (call a TIME FREEZE if you choose to do this to explain what is going on).


30s: you may call SHATTER on every lock, chain, or other means of restraint in the encounter OR your party gains IMMUNE ENTANGLE for the encounter.

Ward the Wasted

10s - Call HEAL 0 IMMUNE HEAL.

Level 2 Miracles


30s - You may call WEAKEN at range.


30s - Your voice is supernaturally enhanced so that people from miles around can hear it. If the populace listening to your words were already inclined to follow your cause then they will be empowered to follow through with it (either by NPCs on your side gaining some additional stats or via off-screen action). This ability does not influence the opinions of anyone, just allows your words to be heard. PCs will never gain a mechanical benefit from this skill.

Blessed Weapon

  • Amulet of Resistance - This amulet ensures that what is truly yours can never be taken away from you. Once per an encounter you may sequester part of your life away for safe keeping. When using this ability choose how many body hits you are sequestering away, your current and maximum body hits drop by this amount. You may choose to restore these body hits at any time so long as you have not bled to death and still have the undamaged amulet upon your person. Permanent loss of the amulet while it contains part of your life could have long-term consequences.
  • Sword of the Revolution - Pick a group (Nobles, Guild Members, Priests) at the beginning of the adventure, you gain +1 damage against this group. While this sword is upon your person, you have an overwhelming desire to undermine this groups power and status.
  • Armour - N/A

Divine Aura

Gain 2 dodges per an encounter against an opponent of one of the following groups, you must choose the group at the beginning of the adventure (GM may agree other groups but they must as or more restrictive, and be a group with entrenched power). Valid groups: Nobles, Guild Members, Priests.

Felicity Morning, the One True Voice

Level 1 Miracles


30s - Gain one use of SNAP OUT OF IT. This lasts until you have used it. Does not stack.

The Only Sensible Person in the Room

5s - Gain a use of JUST HEAR ME OUT.

Level 2 Miracles

Oh Fuck

0s - Once per an adventure, on taking an effect that would drop you to 0 hits, you may call RESIST DISAPPEARING. You do not take any element of the effect. You have 30 seconds to relocate yourself in the encounter before calling APPEARING. You cannot use an abilities or effects before reappearing. You ARE aware of what has happened during this period, as if seeing the encounter through a veil of mist.

On Your Own Terms

30s - Until you strike the first blow, take all damage as HALF. Effects still affect you.

Blessed Weapon

  • Weapon - N/A
  • Fabulous Armour - Gain JUST HEAR ME OUT once per encounter.
  • Rock of Rationality - Anyone touching this item will feel a wash of rationality and become more likely to approach situations logically and level-headedly.

Divine Aura

Every member of the party gains 1 RESIST per encounter to mind-altering effects (DOMINATE, FEAR, MESMERISE, ENRAGE).

Divine Favour of the Cleansing Tide

Level 1 Miracles

Cleanse the Wound

10 Seconds - You may cleanse a wound, calling HEAL 2 against a single target that you can see. If on the ocean you may choose to call PARTY HEAL 1 instead.

Cleanse the Taint

30 seconds - When applied quickly, this miracle will heal any natural diseases, poisons and mild metaphysical influences. It will not undo damage that has already been done, and may come with some short-term effects as the agent is purged.

You may also reflexively call RESIST if you are hit with a POISON, so long as you then cast this miracle immediately after. This will protect you from any immediate effects of the poison from this strike. It will usually protect you from any long term effects of the poison from this and future strikes, although you should check with the GM to be certain. To protect yourself from immediate effects (call RESIST) of any future strikes you would need to cast the miracle for each occasion you were struck.

Level 2 Miracles

The Ocean by my Side

20 Sec - You can empower the very Oceans to rise to your defence. Usually this is no more than a vial of water which flings itself at your attackers (call SINGLE THROUGH). However, once per an adventure, so long as you are on or near the ocean, you may cause it to rise to your defence. You can do this in one of two ways:

  • As a human sized creature 8+0 calling singles.
  • As a single large fist. Call QUAD STRIKEDOWN.

Other non-combat options may be available at GM discretion.

New Starts

This miracle targets two individuals: the offender and the offended. To successfully cast this miracle the offender must fully consent to the miracle while the offended must simply be unresisting. The offended will lose all memory of a single specified offence, grievance or vendetta against the offender. The offender will lose any memory of being the target of such a grievance and their involvement in triggering the grievance. The offender will also be filled with a strong desire to be friends and allies of the offended, this feeling will only grow with repeat castings and will not be undone by the actions of the offended. The caster can be a third party or either of the offender/offended.

Blessed Weapons

  • Ocean Waves: A vial of ocean water. The sound of the ocean can be heard echoing from within. May be slowly poured over someone for the following effects: HEAL FULL, RENEW FULL, refresh all per encounter abilities.
  • Weapon: Gain one use of TREPANING Triple per encounter, the following rules must be explained at the beginning of any adventure on which you play. If you were not expecting the blow (or were unresistant) then you take 3 points of damage and a single ongoing psychological effect is removed from you (if you are suffering multiple psychological effects then the target player gets to choose which is removed), if you were expecting the blow then you take a single point of damage and no other effects.

Divine Aura

Gain 1 ranged strikedown per encounter. You will never drown or bleed out in the ocean (instead being washed up on one hit on some deserted island).

Gods not well represented within Acryn

These gods are not well represented in Acryn and you will be unable to find a priest capable of restoring your abilities. You lose access to your divine favour and regain any XP you spent on them. If you are ever able to find a priest of these gods during an adventure then you may regain the divine favour if they are willing to bless you (and respend XP as you see fit).

The Mare of Night

The divine favour of the Mare of Night is somewhat unique in its manifestation, for the powers of the goddess are invoked by bringing oneself closer to death. Mechanically they are paid for with seconds from your death count rather than being limited by the usual per encounter limit of divine favour miracles. The cost endures over the course of the adventure and only resets at the start of your next adventure. If you use up all your seconds then dropping to 0 hits results in your soul being instantly carried away by the mare.

Divine Aura

You are member of the deathly herd of the Mare of Night and the thunder of skeletal hooves echoes through your soul. This has no effect on the living but upon things spiritual the power of the herd is a thing to be reckoned with.

Firstly, any who die within your sight (unless you do something else with their soul) are conveyed away by the spectral herd to the realm of the Mare of Night. Once per encounter by spending 10 seconds executing a being possessed of a soul and allowing the herd to carry it off you gain their favour. This adds 5 seconds to your Death Count for the remainder of the Adventure, although may not increase your death count above its standard length. This allows you to restore time lost through the invocation of the Mare's miracles.

Secondly, every 15 seconds you may call a FEAR against either a bodiless soul.

Level 1 miracles

Mane of Shadows

You call upon the power of the mare and the shadows length as in the darkness the goddess moves causing terror in those who cling to life. This allows you to call a FEAR at single target.

This costs 5 seconds of your death count. It cannot affect a target more than once an encounter.


You fall into a death like coma as your soul comes free of your body. As it does so one of the ethereal steeds of the herd of the mare will come to you. The steed will convey your soul wherever you wish at impossible speeds. In this state most physical things will not be able to perceive or interact with you, and you will not be able to affect them though you can observe them and perceive their souls. Spiritual entities will be able to perceive you. This miracle may only be invoked at night and the steed will always return your soul to its body by dawn.

Use of this miracle while waking allows you to perceive the souls of the dead and other ethereal creatures.

Invoking this power requires 5 seconds of your death count.

Level 2 miracles

Death Rampant

All things must end for no power may stand against the inevitability of death. You invoke the presence of the Mare of Night and in the distance the hollow thunder of the goddesses' hooves rumble. For 60 seconds all heal calls in the encounter become ineffective (call EVERYONE NEGATE HEALING 60 SECONDS, you will need to explain these additional rules at the start of any adventure on which you are playing) as death comes closer to everyone). You are STRENGTHENED while this effect endures.

Invoking this power requires 10 seconds of your death count.

Summon The Black Steed

You step closer to the brink of death and open way to the herd-lands of the Mare of Night. A huge shadowy black horse, spectral and cold as night, leaps from your chest and charges at a target of your choosing, galloping straight through them.

Mechanically, you may call a ranged DOUBLE POISON followed by DOUBLE STRIKEDOWN at a single target. Meanwhile, you take a REND from the terrible cold as the black steed leaps from you.

The long term effects on the target are nightmares, a halved death count, and standard methods of preparation against bleeding out are ineffective (e.g. Death Ward, Bind the Wound, etc). This will last at least until the end of the adventure, and longer at GM discretion.

Invoking this power requires 15 seconds of your death count.

The Heroic Path

A Valyddian god dedicated to true heroism in life and death.

Level 1 Miracles


30 sec - can be used 1 of 2 ways. 1) To inform your god of heroic deeds an individual has done, to gain them a better reception in the afterlife. 2) To inform your god of heroic deeds an individual is about to do, when used like this the miracle acts as a promise and your god is likely to watch with interest. Sometimes your god will even intervene, if someone has chosen to follow a particularly heroic path (less devout practitioners may argue suicidal path). Any response will be at GM discretion, generally the GM should be aiming to provide a moderate buff once an adventure for actions which would fit the theme of a traditional hero.

Fight On

10 sec - HEAL 4 at a target who is on 0 hits.

Level 2 Miracles

Strike True

10 sec - Target gains +1 on their next strike

A Hero's Soul

30 sec - The Target's past and possible futures are laid out before The Heroic Path. Then they are given a gift that will help them on their heroic path. If the character's player believes the character is generally heroic they will gain a Strengthen that they can use before the end of the adventure (cannot be stacked), otherwise the player will recieve some kind of intervention (ranging from bad dreams to an encounter that the Heroic Path believes will help guide that character onto a heroic path).

Divine Aura

Gain 1 resist against Fear, Entangle, or Weaken.

The Beacon

Fires and lanterns comfort you. Whenever you enter a dark place, you feel a strong desire to light it; whenever you find someone who is lost, you feel a strong desire to help them find their way.

Level 1 abilities

Homeward Charm

You rarely get lost. If you do become lost, you and your party do not take any penalties for exhaustion caused by this occurring.

Once per adventure, you may ask the GM for guiding visions related to an item or a person which has been lost. To receive these visions, you must stare into a large fire and invoke The Beacon’s power.

You feel a strong desire to meticulously plan and organise every last detail of your travel, and will go to great lengths to ensure safety is prioritised if there are those you regard as your juniors accompanying you. If someone challenges this behaviour, you will feel strongly that you know what is best.

Fire Charm

Torches or other sources of light you are holding can never be extinguished by mundane means. If you are somewhere dark, you gain +2 DODGES per encounter while holding a lit torch in either hand.

Once per an adventure you may bless a source of light. The light will burn brighter and be more resistant to going out. Other effects (such as helping someone who is lost find their way home) are at GM discretion.

You feel a strong desire to comfort anyone suffering from fear or shock, especially if you regard them as your junior.

Level 2 abilities

Stoke the Will

Once per an encounter you may choose to take any DOMINATE call as a QUAD instead. Make a display of obvious defiance in service of a goal you have. If you do, and this damage is not prevented, you are STRENGTHENED and may call IMMUNE to DOMINATE for the remainder of the encounter.

You may also use this ability to resist an ENRAGE or a FEAR. You will not be strengthened nor gain the immunity, but also do not need to take the QUAD. You may only use this ability once per encounter, regardless of which version you use.

You are highly suspicious of anyone with the ability to manipulate emotions or thoughts through non-mundane means, no matter how benevolent they may seem. You are prone to lecture those you think of as impressionable on the dangers of such people.

Light Eternal

As a prerequisite for taking this ability, you must first take ‘Fire Charm’.

So long as you hold a torch in one of your hands, you are IMMUNE to BLIND and FEAR. Furthermore, you gain 1 ranged REND call you can use each encounter as fire leaps from your torch to incinerate your foes.

If you are forced drop a torch you are wielding (e.g. via DISARM), you instantly take a REND. If a torch you are wielding is destroyed (e.g. via SHATTER) you take a QUAD REND instead.

Your body emits a faint, warm, light at all times. Anything metaphysically connected to darkness is likely to be upset by your presence.

Blazing Soul

You may self-immolate to fill your companions with determination. Twice per adventure, you may lose X body hits to call PARTY HEAL X. You are not affected by this PARTY HEAL call. You may not drop below 0 hits in this way.

You are inclined to be optimistic and to encourage others towards this worldview. Furthermore, you are less concerned about your own pain, suffering, and personal safety so long as you have the opportunity to help those you think of as your juniors. If you encounter someone pessimistic or in despair, you feel a strong inclination to discover the cause of their grief and to assist them, even if the person in question finds this meddlesome

Divine Aura

The party gains a RESIST to either BLIND, FEAR, or MESMERIZE each encounter.

In addition, if you are fighting somewhere dark, and carrying a lit torch or other source of flame, the whole party gains +1 DODGE.

Blessed Weapon

  • Armour: Flaming Vambraces. Forged of dark metal, these vambraces flicker and lap at the wearer’s hands playfully. The first time each adventure that the wearer loses all their armour hits, they may either call PARTY HEAL 12 or MONSTERS TRIPLE REND as the vambraces combust, releasing the power sealed within.
  • Weapon: Eternal Flame. This ivory torch houses a flame from the Lighthouse of the Beacon, ceremonially carried by her worshippers through thunderstorms, across ice-floes and into the darkest caves. This Torch is immune to SHATTER, and cannot be extinguished easily even by non-mundane means (i.e. at GM discretion). Once per adventure, the bearer of this torch may call MASS REND.
  • Talisman: N/A

The God-Mother

Level 1 Abilities

Storyteller’s Nous

Once per encounter, after telling an intriguing story for at least 15s, ending, “BUT THAT’S ANOTHER STORY…” you will leave your audience wanting more. Those about to execute you will be more inclined to keep you alive; those who were ready to ask you to leave the premises might entertain your company for a little longer (at GM discretion, but this effect will generally last about 30s). You must explain this effect at the start of any adventure you play.

The Sting in the Tale

Stories have the power to send a shiver down the spine. Once per encounter, after 30s of telling a tale of terror, you may cast an arcable MASS FEAR which you must take yourself by cowering. Your story is so frightening that anything else seems benign by comparison.

Kindness Carried Forwards

Once per adventure, you may spend 30s telling a sad story to call upon the God-Mother to perform an act of kindness towards a person in need (this person may be yourself). At base, this boon is likely to be reasonably trivial – equivalent to allowing a starving person to instantly find food to survive – but at the discretion of the GM.

Kindness pays forward, so the boon will be stronger if you have been kinder throughout the adventure and similarly will be weaker if you have been cruel (at GM discretion).

Level 2 Abilities

Power of the Bard

Once per encounter, by recounting grand tales of a person’s exploits, you can empower them to fight to their fullest. After 10s of telling their story within their hearing, they become STRENGTHENED and IMMUNE WEAKEN while you continue telling their story. If for any reason you stop telling their story, the effect dissipates for the remainder of the encounter, even if you begin again.

This is no ordinary piece of junk!

(Once per encounter) Choose an object of some description (phys-repped by a larp-safe throwing weapon). After 30s holding the object in the air and telling a story about it, you may throw the object with the call, “DOMINATE: GO GET IT!” to one person within hearing range. They will find themselves compelled to chase after the object; the effect ends once they retrieve it or after 30s. You must explain this effect at the start of any adventure you play.

No, no, no, you're telling it wrong

Once per encounter, by talking over someone else's conversation for 15 seconds you may call JUST HEAR ME OUT during which you should try and explain things better in your own words.

Blessed Weapon

  • Armour (Fabled Mail of Invisibility): Once per encounter, you may call DISAPPEARING as your armour perfectly conceals you within your surroundings. You may persist in this state for as long as you remain perfectly still and make no noise; if you move, make a noise, or are touched by any entity, you must call REAPPEARING. Be aware that entities seeing you disappear may search the area you occupied when disappearing, instantly blowing your cover.
  • Weapon (Fabled Vigilant Blade): Your weapon has the illusion of sentience and speaks to you, alerting you to danger. Once per encounter, your sword may alert you to a surprise attack, allowing you to treat one BACKSTAB you did not see coming as if you did. In addition, any attempt to DISARM or SHATTER you will cause the weapon to jump to your off-hand instead of falling to the ground (this does not work if you are already holding something in your off-hand).
  • Item: N/A

Divine Aura

The defeat of an adventurer is a significant event within the story. Whenever you or one of your allies is reduced to 0 hits, that person may call WEAKEN against the entity that removed their last hit, while falling to the floor.

The death of an adventurer is a highly significant event within the story. In addition to the above effect, any adventurer to reach the end of their death count may regain consciousness for 60 seconds upon receiving attention from their allies. They cannot be healed or otherwise saved from their fate during this grace period (except by means that would save any other dead person), and they may use no skills – they are merely given the opportunity to say their final farewells, make their dying wish, reveal a dark secret, whatever. In essence, this is a narrative effect rather than a hard mechanical one.

Zosimos the Curious

Level 1 Miracles

Don't You Want To Know?

You can inflame the curiosity of others. As long as you are explaining something or telling a story you may call Just Hear Me Out as everyone hangs onto your words.


By mixing together any two potions you can create an explosion as something goes wrong, you yourself are left looking frazzled but unharmed in the centre. The size of the explosion depends on the cheapest potion used. Class D MASS DOUBLE STRIKEDOWN, Class C MASS QUAD STRIKEDOWN, Class B MASS DOUBLE REND and Class A MASS QUINT REND.

Object of Fascination

By holding up an object which intrigues you and gazing at it you can share your fascination with another. You may call MESMERISE at a target as both you and they become fascinated by it. As a note this miracle does require an object which you find genuinely interesting such as a puzzle box or strange crystal.

"Look at that!"

By describing something you can see in an interesting way, you may call an unarcable MASS LOOK BEHIND YOU. Yes, you must also look.

Level 2 Miracles

Curiosity Kills Other Cats

Once per encounter after indulging your curiosity puts you in harms way you may take an irresistible FEAR of the imminent danger and gain a 15 second AGILITY.

Share the Memory

By meditating with a willing individual you may share a single memory with them or vice versa. Both parties will relive the memory once with perfect clarity and can re-examine the scene with all their senses, this includes mana sense, touch of divinity etc.

Divine Aura: The Curious Question

Once per adventure you may preface a question with the words “JUST OUT OF CURIOSITY” the target of the question will find themselves thoughtlessly answering the question before they can think better of it. They will in retrospect realise what they have done however.

The Yielding Breath

Level 1 Miracles

All Flesh Must Dance

It is only right that all things should move; stillness is abhorrent. With 10 seconds of dance, you may call DOMINATE “Dance until you hurt” against a target capable of dancing. They must follow this instruction for 30s or until they take damage. You must brief these rules at the start of any adventure.

Let It Flow

All things must move, and all things must be flow: water, blood, life… Once per encounter you may dance around an unconscious body which is not bleeding out for 5 seconds to continue its bleeding (inform the target that they should (re)commence their death count) and receive a HEAL 4 to yourself. You should brief that you are capable of doing this at the start of any adventure.

Level 2 Miracles

To Dance is to Live

Your vitality becomes pure motion, showing you what true life should be. With twenty seconds of dance, you may reduce your maximum body hits by 4 for the duration of the encounter (4 armour hits if inorganic), gaining a DODGE for each hit lost.

If your maximum body hits become zero as a result of this, firstly you have made some very poor choices somewhere along the line, secondly call MASS SHATTER. Your body and possessions are reduced to dust and blow away in the wind, which will make it very difficult to be revived.

Can't Stop Dancing

So long as you have been dancing for 10 seconds prior, you may initiate a dance so complicated that the human mind can barely follow it. For the next 20 seconds, so long as you keep dancing, you may call DODGE to ANY melee blow which hits you. The complexity of the dance means that you cannot use any other abilities during this time (including calling damage).

Divine Aura

The power of the Yielding Breath keeps you moving. Everyone in the party gains one RESIST each encounter to effects which would halt your movement (STRIKEDOWN, ENTANGLE, etc)

Special Cases

The Favour of Mr Branch, The Splintered Man

Priests of the Splintered Man do not lose access to their powers. However, on the morning following Oblitus Mundi they each find a piece of mirror embedded within them and know that if this should be removed then they will lose access to their powers permanently.

Level 1


5 Seconds - Your soul mingles with those around you, leading them to be more likely to listen to your words (you gain a call of JUST HEAR ME OUT). The downside to this is that you yourself desire to work towards a peaceful resolution with those around you, and will be thrown by a choice to initiate violence following the use of this miracle.


10 Seconds - Your soul mingles with those around you, allowing you to give weight to your words. Gain 1 use of LOOK BEHIND YOU.

Level 2

Identity Theft

10 Seconds - You take the appearance and mannerisms of someone within the encounter. The full effect lasts an encounter, after which mannerisms disappear and appearance becomes less striking (you still don't look like yourself but probably wouldn't be mistaken for the original), the longer you maintain the stolen appearance the vaguer and more disconcerting it becomes. The target must be alive and nearby, but need not be conscious or willing. In order to restore your own appearance, it is necessary to target this miracle upon yourself, your former appearance will not naturally return.

Belief Enhancement

10 Seconds - By modifying your own beliefs you may influence the beliefs of others. Each casting of this miracle links your soul to another, allowing your beliefs to mingle and merge. At this point you may change your own beliefs in order to inflict this belief on your targets. The target's soul will resist this assault, and the belief will last for a few hours at most. For you, the change is permanent and no amount of evidence will change your new belief. Beliefs must be about either yourself or groups (not about specific individuals).

Blessed Weapon

  • Armour: N/A
  • Weapon: Gain one use of TREPANING Triple per encounter, the following rules must be explained at the beginning of any adventure on which you play. If you were not expecting the blow (or were unresistant) then you take 3 points of damage and a single ongoing psychological effect is removed from you (if you are suffering multiple psychological effects then the target player gets to choose which is removed), if you were expecting the blow then you take a single point of damage and no other effects.
  • Talisman: A mirror which can be used to steal a person's face. If a target looks into the mirror for 5 seconds, their face takes up residence within, replacing any previous faces. Someone looking at the mirror may notice a reflection that is not quite their own. For the purposes of Identity Theft the face within the mirror is present for the character holding the mirror. The target may have dreams regarding the actions of people who have held the mirror while their face was inside. The target doesn't appear any different while their face is stolen, but supernatural effects which target an identity may behave differently at the GMs discretion.


The health of one member of the party is the health of the entire party. Party members travelling with you do not have a death count. Instead, if a party member is on 0 hits and would otherwise be bleeding out then every 15 seconds they should call PARTY SINGLE (if multiple auras are present, this is extended by 10 seconds for every additional aura). Only at the point that every member of the party is down do they die. Should a downed party member be executed while under the effect of this aura they should call PARTY ZERO REND, instead of taking the execution. Additionally, if travelling with someone devoted of the Tender (Priest, Divinely Favoured, or blessed) then the party will receive a HEAL ONE at the end of every encounter.

The divine aura of The Splintered Man allows you to enter and exit the Lost Places via a mirror (at both ends) once per an adventure, you may take as many people as you wish while doing this so long as they can maintain physical contact with you.

The Favour of the Thunderer

The priests of the Thunderer do not lose access to their powers. However, Thunderstorms tend to stick around permanently after being commanded by a priest of the Thunderer.

Level 1 Miracles

Lightning Shield

5 Seconds - Target gains a single resist against a call delivered by weapon (either melee or ranged). This cannot be stacked.


5 Seconds - You may make a demand of the weather and it will obey. In practice this may be used to protect a group from extreme weather or impress a village with your command of rain. However, in more extreme weather it can become a potent weapon. This does require the current weather to support your command, so ordering a cloud with patchy clouds to rain will work, but telling a perfectly clear sky to rain won't. Equally, ordering light clouds to strike someone with lightning will not work, while ordering a thunderstorm to do the same will. Thunderstorms are, in fact, especially keen to do your bidding.

Level 2 Miracles

Lightning Bolt

After twenty seconds of gathering power by holding a hand above your head, you can throw a lightning bolt for a DOUBLE STRIKEDOWN.


After 10 seconds of gathering power by placing both hands on your hips or stomach and breathing in, you may bellow for one of two effects. Either you may call a MASS ZERO STRIKEDOWN, or you may shout a single sentence which can be heard over any natural noise and across many miles of distance.

Divine Favour

Once per encounter, upon being disarmed or having your weapon shattered, you can immediately manifest a copy of your weapon out of lightning. This is IMMUNE to shatter, but immediately dissipates if it is DISARMED.

The Dreaming Ocean

Priests of the Dreaming Ocean lose access to their powers, no priest with access to their powers can be found.

The Dreaming Ocean grants abilities that do not follow the standard Miracle Model. Whenever the divine favour background grants a level one miracle, you may select a Level One Dream, and the same for Level 2.

Level One Dreams

Dreams of the Ocean

Four times per adventure you may either unleash the tides of the dreaming ocean into the mind of yourself or another willing participant. The dreaming ocean flows and eddies around those who worship it, and can lap up upon those nearby them. The dreaming ocean will grant visions and benefits constructed from the dreams of the local tides of the dreaming ocean - anyone who was sleeping within fifty miles of the priest the last time they slept. This might be informative, if people had particularly strong dreams of a specific subject, and normally it will provide a small mechanical benefit. For reasons that have not yet been determined by priests of the Ocean, the dreams of Wayfinders do not seem to flow within it.

Example: The local villagers have a story of the terrible Wyrm-beast and its freezing and fetid breath. After sleeping in the vicinity of the village, you could invoke this ability to gain a DODGE against the Wyrm's breath (in exception to the normal rules about dodging ranged attacks), forewarned as you are.

Edge of Slumber

Those assailing the favoured character occasionally find sleep boiling over them. Once per encounter, the character may call BLIND 5 at a target within five metres of them.

Level Two Dreams

Flood of Experience

Twice per adventure, you may open your mind to the dreaming ocean, and allow knowledge to flow in. For the duration of an encounter, you can gain access to any level 2 skill known by anyone who was sleeping within 50 miles of the priest last time they slept. In a city, this will reasonably provide access to most level 2 skills. In a frozen, empty wasteland, you are more likely to be restricted to skills the rest of your party possess.

This can provide access to spells, but you will need mana to cast them. You can gain access to one use of a miracle by imitating the divine favour skill, but it will take twice as long to use as if you were not favoured by the god in question. For reasons that have not yet been determined by priests of the Ocean, the dreams of Wayfinders do not seem to flow within it.

Shared Consciousness

This replaces the Divine Aura skill.

The dreams of you and those around you are somewhat linked - you may find one dreams bleeding into one another and some shared elements.

Once per adventure, through careful ritual preparation before the priest goes to sleep, this may be heavily enhanced. This allows all those sleeping at the time to have a shared vision akin to the Dreams of the Ocean skill, inspired by one or more of those participating, and will always have a mechanical benefit attached.

Favour of Xavier Octavio Sarmandastra, the Pivot of the World

Priests of the Pivot of the World lose access to their powers, no priest with access to their powers can be found.

Level 1 Miracles

No, it's like this

10s. Specify a standard call, target gains a RESIST against it. This cannot be stacked with itself.

Doubting Reality

10s. Look out, it's a dog! Call LOOK BEHIND YOU.

Level 2 Miracles

I've Read About This!

30s. You're sure you read about a situation just like this in a story book once… Gain one piece of definite information pertaining to this encounter (GM discretion). In Xavier's personal library, a book contrived to reach this situation now exists.

Wouldn't You Agree?

30s. The force of your words makes your words true. Utter the phrase “WOULDN'T YOU AGREE THAT” and a short sentence that follows it and for next 5 minutes nobody that heard you can articulate a reason to disagree. You must brief these additional rules at the beginning of any adventure you play on.

Blessed Weapon

  • Item - A book which seems to be a magical autobiography. Sometimes is says things that you yourself were unaware of.
  • Weapon - Mace. Gain the “Use Mace” skill.
  • Armour - N/A

Divine Aura

Twice per an adventure you may call a time freeze, and replace a MASS call with another standard call for all members of the party.

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