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Epic Trees

Epic trees are those which can be accessed as a result of in character actions during a linear. When you have met the pre-reqs of an epic tree the skills on the tree will become available to buy like any other skill. These will usually consist of one or two level three and four skills, although more skills and higher/lower level skills are possible. Full details for each tree will be provided once specific trees have been accessed. General details and prereqs for some of the available epic trees are provided below, to give an idea of what sort of things are possible.

GMs are encouraged to create new epic trees, please submit these in the feedbackform so that the Larpo can review them.

  • Alchemical themed epic trees: You have understood the foundations of Alchemy and have purified your blood to bring forth its full power.
  • Divine themed epic trees: You have lost the favour of the gods. You have had a positive encounter with a God of Acryn. You have had a positive encounter with a Foreign God.
  • Fighting themed epic trees: You have fought alone against massively superior numbers and held your own.
  • Magic themed epic trees: You have additional insight into the foundations of magic. You have gained insight into lost lores.
  • Flux themed epic trees: You have become somewhat affected by the flux.

Arcane Epic Trees

Arcane Flux Insight

You have magically granted insight into some aspects of the Flux. You have no power to shape it or change what it has wrought, but a greater capacity to observe, understand and study it, and at the greatest level of this understanding, temporarily bind its creations to existence.

Prerequisite - A potent being intricately linked to the power of magic has granted you what insight it can into the Flux.

Level 3 - Map the Borders

You are aware of the consensus around you, and can sense where it becomes flux. While in the consensus you will be able to see a glowing line the consensus ends and will be aware immediately if the consensus you are in changes size (either by destabilisation or other means). You will also be aware if the rules and nature of the established consensus in an area differs from the “default” - not necessarily how, but you'll have a feeling that something is awry.

You receive this skill for free on gaining access to this Epic Tree

Level 4 - Unveiling

You can do two things with this skill, while in the consensus: Have your armour rend apart and fall from you to see all objects made of flux as rent through with tiny fractures. OR Deal yourself a point of damage to have all wayfinders nearby appear to you as being covered in cuts and gashes.

Level 5 - Bound to Reality

You may stop a flux object from fading in the consensus, at the cost of having a spell of your choice being bound up and unusable for the duration of this occurrence.

Level 5 - Devour the Immaterial

Once per encounter you may eat a part of a shaped flux creation to get a flash of the being that created it. This can be used at a location where some form of destabilisation has been used to find who caused it, by devouring some of the flux matter there.

Arcane Curse

Curse of Power - You have a connection to a Dragon, it is attempting to hurt you through the link but in exchange you have found a way to draw upon its power. You may no longer cast beyond your protomana limit in the usual way. Instead, when you have used all your proto-mana you gain access to an additional 2 proto-mana. If you use any of these you will enter the next encounter with no access to proto-mana and with 1 less maximum body hit (these effects will go away at the end of the encounter). You may do this more than once in an encounter but the effects stack (so the second time you use this ability you will have 2 encounters without access to proto-mana with your maximum body hits reduced by 2). If there are less encounters left in the adventure than encounters you would be affected by the curse then the remainder will be carried over to the beginning of your next adventure. Should your maximum body hits reach 0 you will die, but the consequences of using this power only kick in at the end of the encounter (retiring by reducing your maximum body hits to a negative value is legitimate). Should you die between activating this ability and the end of the last encounter you are facing penalties then your essence is consumed by a dragon, this overrides all other abilities which might save you.

Level 3

Draconic Insight - You may use the protomana generated by the link to cast secondary rite spells.

Level 4

Draconic Influence - You may use your standard proto-mana to cast secondary rite spells. If you do this then your maximum body hits in the next encounter are reduced by 1 (this stacks with the effects of over-casting).

Draconic Power - When overcasting you gain 4 proto-mana rather than 2.

Level 5

Acceptance of Fate - You may open yourself up to the full brunt of the curse in order to make a permanent claim to some of the power at the other end of the connection. When you buy this skill please speak to the Larpo in order to discuss the exact repercussions. Between yourself and the Larpo a pre-defined set of benefits and drawbacks can be prepared. You will then be able to gain the full benefits and consequences at any point your character choose.

Lost Magic

You have re-learnt a lost lore of magic, gaining unheard of abilities.

Level 3

Lost Lore

You have gained insight into a lost lore of magic beyond the five commonly known. You have the ability to include this lore in your ritual abilities, and have an insight into the workings of this magic.

Lost Spell

You have learnt a lost spell (Basic). This can only be cast using a mana crystal.

Level 4

Protomana experience

You can use your protomana to cast spells of the lost lore.

Greater Lost Spell

You know an additional lost spell, chosen from the two greater lost spells of the lore (or an additional basic if your wish).

Rite of Unification

  • Fusion: (Casting: a circle formed by bringing your hands together, as if in prayer). You can temporarily fuse an item with yourself, it becoming an extension of your person. You need access to an item of at least standard quality to do this. By fusing it to yourself, you gain the ability to:
    • Use it without penalty.
    • Gain immunity to disarm (with that weapon)
    • Gain 1 call from the weapon Talent 1 ability for it, if a weapon.
    • Gain the ability to RESIST strikedown twice in the encounter if a shield
    • Gain +2 hits if it’s a suit of armour.
  • Absorption: (Casting: A circle formed by your index fingers and thumbs pressed against the item being absorbed for a few seconds). You can fuse unresisting organic matter to yourself or a willing subject, or fuse inorganic matter to a suit of armour. The former will call a HEAL 4, the latter a RENEW 6.
  • Unification of Earth & Sky: (Casting: A circle formed on the ground about a meter in radius. Due to what happens next this is commonly done by sitting down and placing your feet together). You may briefly blur the boundaries of up and down. Without other prior preparation, this causes everything in the encounter to float a few feet off the ground for 30 seconds, capable only of gradually drifting themselves (move at a slow walk only), and too disorientated to do more than flail at one another for halves. You may be able to use this to bring an end to violence with talking if you can be heard over the screams. When the effect ends, or you choose to end it, everyone in the encounter is subjected to a STRIKEDOWN.
  • Unification of Earth and Self: (Casting: A circle formed from your thumbs and index fingers placed on the ground). A giant arm forms out of the ground, which you can control in place of your own arm for up to twenty seconds, moving it along any contiguous piece of similar terrain. You can instead make a violent strike with the arm, which instantly dissipates it, and calls DOUBLE STRIKEDOWN.

Rite of Refinement

  • Master's Touch: You bind protomana into an object and in doing so perfect it. In doing so you bind a small part of yourself into the object. The object becomes indefinably more like a perfect ideal of itself and -though it will not change in appearance- all who see it will be struck by the way it seems to grate on the mundane world. Mechanically, as long as the protomana remains bound in the object it has the appropriate set of master crafted properties added to it (if the item is already mastercrafted it becomes immune to shatter if a weapon or shield, provides a single resist to any call if armour). If the object is Shattered the effect ends with an blast of arcane power (the wielder should call a mass single strikedown). If the Mage bleeds out the effect ends. If done with raw Mana the effect lasts for one encounter. The mage can only maintain one of these items at a time.
  • Light before Shadows: Once per encounter you may refine your visage by bringing your empty hands to your face for 10 seconds as you craft it, becoming an ideal of beauty in an imperfect world. Mortals and all but the most powerful of supernatural entities will be awed by your presence; struck dumb and unable to speak before a being who transcends the crude imperfections of reality. Firstly, you can call a Mass blind 10 as the eyes of all around you are blighted by your majesty. Secondly, you may use the call 'You dare not strike me'; as long as you take no action that would harm another, and move slowly and purposefully, none will dare strike you lest they mar your glory for the rest of the encounter. The moment you take any violent action, wield a weapon, or move rapidly the effect ends. If you are struck by an entity capable of overcoming this effect, then you will additionally take a REND as you are horrified by your perfection being marred by another.
  • Avatar of Form: At the cost of a protomana you may refine the very nature of an individual, making them more than they are or could ever be; an ideal of themselves in form and ability. The effect is unnerving for the recipient of the spell and they will feel as if they are residing in an alien body and the world around them will seem repellent, almost contemptible. If someone is subject to repeated uses of this spell during an adventure the GM may start making them addicted to its effects. Mechanically, this enhances the recipient's class bonus for the duration of the encounter the spell is used in:
    • Warriors get an free use of determination during the encounter.
    • Skirmishers get an extra use of agility.
    • Mages may use protomana to case secondary rite spells.
    • Priests get an additional use of each of their divine favour miracles.
    • Journeymen double the uses of their skill focus.
    • Wayfinders become strengthened in the consensus or weakened in the flux. If the wayfinder has the skill “Will of the Consensus” they instead gain +1 damage to all calls in the consensus.
  • The Shortest Path: With five minutes meditation you may craft your own thoughts into an ideal plan, a perfect strategy, the most parsimonious way to solve a problem with the resources at hand. At the climax of the spell you receive a flash of impossible inspiration as every probability and variation falls seamlessly into place. To comprehend such perfection is literally mind-blowing and for the next encounter you will not have the strength of will to use magic in combat (though may do so out of combat if not distracted). To do this more than once an adventure will irrevocably destroy your mind. Mechanically you may state a single aim, which must be no longer than a sentence, to the GM. The response is always at GM discretion but should tell you the most direct way to achieve your objective with the resources at hand. E.g. A Mage could use this spell with the aim 'to win the battle of Bosworth field' they could then describe to a General the ideal strategy to use…though if victory is actually impossible this spell can't change that.

Rite of Manipulation

The Rite of Manipulation (also occasionally refered to as the Rite of Dominion or the Rite of Primacy) weaves magic with words. Specifically, in order to cast a spell, you must first (loudly) declare what you are about to do to the target.

Special Calls

This rite makes use of some special calls. You must inform the players and monsters of these special rules at the beginning of any adventure in which you play.

  • DOMINATE - the target must obey the command you give them directly after using this call. It must be short and must have a definite success criteria (i.e. 'walk in a circle' will work, not 'walk in circles'), and must not be directly suicidal (i.e. Telling them to kneel down before you is fine, telling them to cut their own throat or not defend themselves is not). They must attempt to complete this task to the best of their ability until they succeed or until 30 seconds have passed, at which point the effect ends. If you attempt to call damage at them the effect also ends.
  • ENRAGE - the target must attack the nearest thing to them until they take damage.

* Shroud of Passions - With 10 seconds of concentration you reach inside yourself and excise one of your own emotions hurling it out into surrounding area like an infectious miasma. Every sentient being in the encounter begins to feel that emotion with incredible intensity. Conversely, you cease to feel that emotion for the rest of adventure (meaning you can only use this spell once per emotion per adventure). This never has an effect in combat when the need to survive dampens emotions but out of combat may affect the way people behave, though the spell is not precise enough to predict how the effect manifests, or to dictate who or what the emotion is directed at(ie its a roleplay effect). Only once the effect ends at the end of the encounter will its victims become aware that they were subject to some sort of unnatural effect.

  • Spark of Hate - With a moments concentration you may take a fraction of your hatred for the victim of this spell and hurl it into their mind. This allows you call ENRAGE (they will attack the nearest person to them until they take damage) on them. Having given up some of your hatred for them you count as WEAKENED if you chose to attack them after this.
  • Supreme Command - You focus your will, twisting your targets way of thinking until you next command seems utterly logical to them. You may call DOMINATE and a short command at your target. Doing so takes a heavy toll on your own mind however and every time you use this spell FEAR and REND calls affect you for 2 seconds longer for the rest of the adventure, you can reset this penalty by not using this spell for an entire encounter.
  • Unbound Will - Once per adventure you may, with 60 seconds of uninterrupted concentration, transfer your mind into a vessel capable of holding a consciousness. If that vessel already has a consciousness within the spell will fail (i.e. transferring your mind into a dead body is fine but doing so into someone still bleeding out is not possible) but if not, your own mind leaps into the new vessel permanently, leaving your old body a mindless husk. Your physical abilities may be altered by your new form but GMs should always balance any with benefit with some downside, so that the overall effect is positive but with drawbacks.

Alchemical Epic Trees

Path of Transformation

Level 4

Body Alteration

The alchemist has become adept at tinkering with their body and each adventure may choose to manifest a different body alteration taken from the following list.

Claws: You’ve got claws. These should ideally be represented by claw physreps, but at a pinch short daggers will do. These do a base damage of SINGLE THROUGH. They can also be used to deliver a poison you manifest within your body if using the Journeyman class ability “Alchemist”, this will always count as hitting flesh. Tail: You are immune to Strikedown. Carapace: You have four points of armour, representing a tough carapace that grows over your skin. This will heal like flesh but count as armour for the purposes of poison. Wings: You cannot fly, but can sufficiently glide to survive falling from any height and to assist in navigating obstacles. Appearance: The alchemist can if they wish change their physical appearance to something else for the adventure such that they will not be recognized.

Advanced Mix potion

You know how to mix one of the advanced transformation potions. These count as class A potions for the purposes of determining how many you can create per an adventure.

Level 5

Transformation of the Soul

On purchasing this skill, you gain a fundamental understanding of an aspect of the metaphysic, which we would ask you only share in character until it’s common knowledge.

You have reached the pinnacle of the alchemists art and understand the very nature of the soul. Using this skill in conjunction with Alchemical Manipulation allows you to effect transformation on your own soul and those of others.

You can actively see peoples souls and interact with them in a physical manner if you wish. This will greatly with the creation of artifact potions which attempt to alter the soul.

Once per an adventure, you gain the ability to create a new consciousness. This requires a body to hold it if it’s going to be much use - a consciousness created outside a body will quickly dissipate. The created consciousness will initially be well disposed towards you, but your actions are likely to shape how it reacts to you in the long term.

Transformation of Reality

Reality around the alchemist becomes somewhat mutable and bends to their whim. Once per adventure they may transform one consensus item of about weapon size into another item or raw material of similar size. The quality of the created item depends on their crafter skill and will still use a creation slot from the adventure.

Alternatively the alchemist can just use this to transmute some worthless stuff into gold coins giving them an additional 40 Riel income an adventure if they don't use this ability any other way.

Transformation Potions

Doppelganger Potion

To complete this potion a drop of blood taken from someone needs to be added. When drunk the potion will then transform the drinker into an exact replica of the person the blood was taken from. This will last for a day but can be made to last indefinitely if the alchemist has the Transformation of the Soul Skill.

Petrification Poison

When this poison contacts flesh it will start a transformation of the victims flesh which is left untreated will eventually turn the victim into a living statue of a material of the alchemists choice. The victims soul will remain trapped in this statue until released by some other means. This is about as difficult as limb drop to treat or reverse once applied.


  • Lv1 - Withdrawal: You occasionally struggle to remember whether you are yourself or the person you are talking to. Indulgence: You are confident that the people around you are simply manifestations of your own psyche.
  • Lv2 - Withdrawal: You are unable to see how negative consequences are related to your actions. Indulgence: You are confident in the righteousness of your own actions, and may use JUST HEAR ME OUT when ever you are trying to explain yourself.
  • lv3
    • Doppelganger - Withdrawal: You have completely identifying with another person. Ask the GM who this is. You will treat their concerns and desires as if they were your own. Indulgence: You continue to identify with your target, however you know that they are but a shadowy reflection of yourself. You gain 3 resists. Following the resist you must immediately call the resisted call at the person you are currently identifying with.
    • Petrification - Withdrawal: You no longer see yourself as a living being, so much as a tool to be used. Your bones are brittle. All WOUNDs last until the end of the encounter. Indulgence: You feel alive, and known you are the only thing in the local area that really matters. You body is strong and you gain 6 points of natural armour.

Battle Alchemist

You have developed a fighting style and some associated tricks which make effective use of alchemy in combat. Unlocked by making excessive use of offensive alchemy over the course of an adventure.

Level 2 - Potion Pitching

You can throw potions at someone and still get the benefit of them (if they hit) as the potion splits open. This only works for potions which deliver their effect via a standard call (the potion-bottle replaces the melee weapon or thrown weapon you could have used to deliver the effect). Any 'MASS' that no longer makes sense should be removed from the call you make. Any effects that do not take the form of a call have no effect: call ZERO.

Advanced Application makes no difference to use of this skill. The target of this skill counts as having drunk a potion of the type used for the purposes of addiction.

Level 3 - Blast Sliding

Through frequent exposure to alchemical explosions you have become used to rolling with the blast and keeping harm to yourself minimal, instead using the force to propel yourself out of harm’s way. Once per encounter you can throw a potion which carries a MASS or BLAST call to your feet, making the appropriate call, and immediately moving 5 metres away in the opposite direction to that in which the potion was thrown. You do not take the effect yourself if the potion had a BLAST call, and whilst moving you may not call damage and must call DODGE to any blow that hits you, and otherwise undodgeable effects are delayed until you have finished moving.

Level 3 - Emergency Administration

You have prepared a contraption which is capable of automatically administering a potion to you in an emergency, when you may be unable to yourself. You may set one potion in its standard form to be administered in this manner. The first time in an encounter you hit 0 hits, this potion is consumed and its effect takes place as though it had been drunk 5 seconds later. This occurs even if you are healed in the meantime. The contraption may be reset with a new potion (or disabled) with a few minutes of work outside of combat.

Level 4 - Blast Chaining

Pre-Req: Blast Sliding

You have further practiced the art of propelling yourself with explosions. When you use Blast Sliding, after completing your move 5 meters away you may throw down another potion with a MASS or BLAST call, make the appropriate call and continue moving another 5 meters in the same direction whilst still dodging and delaying effects. You may repeat this as many times as you have available potions. After some number of times at GM discretion, you may be propelled far enough away to be effectively removed from the current encounter.

In addition, you may use Blast Sliding a second time per encounter.

Level 4 - Controlled Explosion

You know how to carefully detonate explosive alchemy to focus the blast in a particular direction. Upon throwing a potion carrying a MASS or BLAST call to your feet, you may instead call the appropriate damage or effect as an ARCED call.

Level 5 - Double Dose

Between adventures, you may prepare double-dose potions by combining two identical potions in their standard form. These potions combine two doses into a single, more space-efficient form which counts as a single potion for the purposes of carrying capacity. This requires a specially-designed container which needs careful handling, so a double-dose potion functions as a single standard potion when used by anybody without the Double Dose skill, or when used with the skills Potion Pitching, Blast Sliding or Advanced Application.

With this skill you may use double-dose potions to their full effectiveness. To do this use the potion as normal, both doses must be used together and apply quickly one after another. Upon using a double-dose potion, you should make the appropriate call followed by the same call one second later. For example, upon throwing a double-dose Grenado to your feet you should call MASS SINGLE STRIKEDOWN followed by MASS SINGLE STRIKEDOWN again one second later (if thrown at a target, you should call BLAST SINGLE, followed by BLAST SINGLE again one second later on the same target), or after feeding someone a double-dose Restoration of the Flesh you should call HEAL 4 at them, and then HEAL 4 again after one second. If that same person instead grabs your double-dose Restoration of the Flesh and drinks it themself without having this skill, they only take a single HEAL 4.

Divine Epic Trees

Personal Power

Something has happened to you which makes you more fundamentally defined. You have gained an Epithet which, while people do not immediately know it upon meeting with you, will tend to be indelibly associated with you once someone has heard it. You seems to gain some measure of power from this.

You may not acquire Divine Favour backgrounds after acquiring the Personal Power Epic Tree. Divine Favour you already have will continue to function.

Following Oblitus Mundi, this epic tree can no longer be acquired. All Young Gods with this tree will feel compressed and agitated. Something is wrong and their power no longer works as it did before.

Level 3 - Personal Aura

Anyone travelling with you who knows your epithet and believes it to be accurate gains the following benefit:

  • Rowan Darrish - The first time in each encounter that the PC drops to zero hits they will receive a HEAL ZERO such that they are stable, but unconscious.
  • Eric Luckner - So long as you are fighting alongside citizens of Acryn, you will start each encounter with an additional 2 armour hits which are lost before any others (which cannot be repaired), as if the blow was deflected by an invisible wall of force.
  • Vanessa - Each member of the party gains 1 RESIST to a REND or STRIKEDOWN once per encounter.
  • Mark Carter - Each member of the party gains 1 ranged STRIKEDOWN per an encounter, which may only be used when they are under an offensive duration effect against a target who is attacking them. You may use this even if you would not normally be able to use skills or abilities (e.g. while Rended). This simulates ice forming beneath the feet of the attacker during a period you are having difficulty defending yourself. Examples of offensive duration effects include: Wound, Rend, Blind, Entangle, but do not include Weaken.
  • Leaf - The health of one member of the party is the health of the entire party. Party members travelling with you do not have a death count. Instead, every 15 seconds that they are on zero hits they should call PARTY SINGLE. Only at the point that every member of the party is down do they die. Should a downed party member be executed while under the effect of this aura they should call PARTY ZERO REND, instead of taking the execution. Additionally, if travelling with someone devoted of the Tender (Priest, Divinely Favoured, or blessed) then the party will receive a HEAL ONE at the end of every encounter.
  • Jimmy Hoskins - Your allies are bolstered against any entity seeking to devour their souls. After 60s have passed on a death count a layer of shimmering blue fire coats their bodies and they merely count as being at -3 hits for the purposes of reviving them. After a further 2 minutes pass they count as being recently dead for the purposes of reviving them, and will remain in this state for several days.
  • Francesco Graves - Up to once per an encounter, anyone protected by this aura may call a REND at the point they feel someone has violated a deal with them.
  • Xavier - Twice per an adventure Xavier may call a time freeze, and replace a MASS call with another standard call for all members of the party who believe his epithet. Party members who don't believe his epithet are effected as normal.
  • Armand Cargan-Graves - Gain 2 dodges per an encounter against an opponent of one of the following groups, you must choose the group at the beginning of the adventure (GM may agree other groups but they must as or more restrictive, and be a group with entrenched power). Valid groups: Nobles, Guild Members, Priests.
  • Felicity Morning - Every member of the party gains 1 RESIST per encounter to mind-altering effects (DOMINATE, FEAR, MESMERISE, ENRAGE).
  • Hugh - Gain 1 ranged strikedown per encounter. You will never drown or bleed out in the ocean (instead being washed up on one hit on some deserted island).
  • Senta - Your allies’ fighting spirits are enhanced. Your party may call +1 damage on 1 blow per encounter for each level of this skill you possess. This stacks with STRENGTHEN. Alternatively, they may call resist weaken once in the encounter.

Level 3 - Reflection of Thyself

In the presence of 8 or more people who know your epithet you gain the benefit listed below. Once per an adventure you may achieve a minor effect related to your purview (see lv4 miracle for purviews).

  • Rowan Darrish - You gain a powerful presence which can be used one of two ways. Once per an encounter you may either: use an Arced Fear or outside combat use the phrase “Cower before me” to force a person to take the cower part of the fear effect until you allow them to stand, until you have left them alone for 15 seconds, or until combat starts (this can be resisted as per a standard fear). You must explain these additional rules at the beggining of the Larp.
  • Eric Luckner - Your martial abilities are enhanced and you may shrug off blows which strike your forearms as per the Gauntlet Use skill in the Standard Bearer combat path as well as using the Rally ability once per adventure.
  • Vanessa - Twice per an adventure you may call PARTY STAND FIRM. For the next ten seconds the party may ignore ALL damage and effect calls.
  • Mark Carter - Twice per an encounter you may call DISAPPEARING. You have 5 seconds to move to another location before you must call APPEARING. You may choose to appear earlier. You cannot be attacked or have any effect targeted at you during this time. You may ONLY use this ability to move to the location of someone who is under attack.
  • Leaf - Once per an encounter you may share your soul with another. The effect of this is that for the rest of the encounter you may choose to be immune to any damage and effects that they direct at you. In return, you are unable to harm them or use any ability against them that they do not consent to.
  • Jimmy Hoskins - Once per an encounter you may manifest spectral entities of devouring, calling an ARCED DOUBLE and becoming strengthened.
  • Francesco Graves - Once per an encounter you may make the most basic deal a God can make, power in exchange for trust. You offer your power to a target who is within arms reach, and if the target can bring themselves to trust you an amulet will form in your hand. The effect will last until the end of the encounter or until you give the amulet back. While the effect is ongoing the target is STRENGTHENED, immune to WEAKEN, and gains one use of HEAL 6 (on themselves) and 2 uses of STRIKEDOWN. While you hold the amulet, the target does not count as resisting against you for any abilities which require an unresisting target.
  • Xavier - Once per an encounter you may choose to take a call directed at you as any other standard call.
  • Armand Cargan-Graves - Twice per an adventure, when opposed by a priest of one of the gods listed below, you may provide your party with a Gaze of the Gods. This will only benefit Priests or those who are Divinely Favoured, but WILL benefit those who would not normally have a Gaze of the Gods. Gods which trigger this effect are: The Warrior, The Tender, The Leader, The Builder, The Traitor, The Lord of the Rock, Silent Expectation, and any god whose cult has become embedded in the power structures of their culture (i.e., pretty much any ascended Serradic or Valyddy god, but explicitly not The Thunderer, The Jubilant Mask, or The Destroyer).
  • Felicity Morning - Each encounter, until you choose to strike, or until 60s after the first attempt to strike you, call IMMUNE to all offensive calls.
  • Hugh - Once per an adventure you may make use of a single wave.
  • Senta - Twice per encounter you may make any weapon call you are able to make as a MASS (or arced if you wish) call, your weapon glowing with fire as you do so.

Level 4 - Miracle

The changes you have undergone seem to have given you the ability to enact fairly impressive changes on the surrounding environment. Once per an adventure, with 15 seconds role play, you may perform a miracle which relates to your purview (listed below). This miracle has the following limits: it may not permanently alter the flux, a minimum of 3 people who know your epithet must be present, the miracle cannot affect peoples knowledge or beliefs. The miracle will usually be more impressive/far-reaching with more people who know your epithet present. You may tell the GM what you are intending, but the exact effects will be determined by the GM.

As of Oblitus Mundi, use of a Personal Power Miracle will retire your character but will have a much wider reaching effect. The effect will still be achieved, but it will generate Stasis with you at the centre.

  • Rowan Darrish: Good intentions with poor decisions. Aquisition of power. Torture & death.
  • Eric Luckner: The defence of Acryn and its people.
  • Vanessa: The Safety and Support of Companions.
  • Mark Carter: The Guidance and Safety of his flock.
  • Leaf: Personality and identity.
  • Jimmy Hoskins: Consumption and Rebirth.
  • Francesco Graves: Deals, Bargains, Judgement, and Adjudication.
  • Xavier: The border between Reality and Fiction.
  • Armand Cargan-Graves: The overthrow of entrenched power structures.
  • Felicity Morning: Self-preservation and Rationality.
  • Hugh: Washing away the old.
  • Senta: Fighting, honour, self improvement, and destroying those who would do harm to those you hold dear.

Level 5 - Soul Pact

You may bless your followers with ability to use your power for certain abilities. They will gain access to your favour tree. As they spend points in the background you gain additional benefits:

1-3 points: +2 Body Hits

4-6 points: HEAL 4 at the end of every encounter

7+ points: MASS HEAL FULL twice per adventure

As more souls are tied to you, you will also be under the roleplaying effect of desiring that power. You will feel strongly attached to those links and be fierce to defend them.

High Priest of a Young God

Level 3 - Touch of Divinity

You are infused with some of the power of your god. When acting in support of your god’s purview, people and things around you will be affected by this - a Tender priest who works a field will get slightly better results than a lay person, and soldiers will snap off salutes all the more smartly when a leader priest calls them to attention. Once per adventure you can attempt to channel slightly more of this power to achieve a minor boon within your god’s purview, such as a warrior priest blessing a weapon to strike true against a terrible beast, or a builder priest marshalling a team to put up a fortification in hours. This should have a mechanical effect at GM discretion, roughly on the level of granting the effects of a blessed weapon to 2-3 members of the party for an encounter. However, if your god does not approve of the miracle you attempt to call in, it is likely to fail.

You can also sense the flow of divine power, and by concentrating on someone will be able to tell if they are a priest. If you encounter someone with Personal Power, or who is a god, you will be able to tell without concentration.

Level 3 - Congregation

Congregations for the churches of new gods work (mechanically) in the same way to standard congregations, but represent slightly different things. Rather than representing your part of a wider group of worshippers, this represents the total size of your cult, and any references to your individual standing inside the church instead relate to the total power and resources your church can support. Details of the Holy Crusader equivalents can be found on the Divine Favour page.

The standard rules for congregations are provided below:

You have a congregation to which you regularly preach. Tithes and donations provide you with an additional 9R between adventures. In terms of mechanic, this congregation is a small resource, but does not count towards the total number of resources you may have. You may choose to invest money in your congregation to upgrade it, at which point it does count towards your total number of resources. You should use the table below for upgrading your congregation. Upgrading you congregation follows the usual upgrade rules. Upgrading the congregation does not cost any skill points.

Name Level Type Cost Rules
Small Congregation1NANATithes and donations provide you with an additional 9R between adventures.
Medium Congregation3NA136RTithes and donations provide you with an additional 18R between adventures. Once per adventure, you can call on your congregation to achieve a small appropriate task off-screen, such as tailing a suspect or distracting a unit of guards.
Small Church4NA320RTithes and donations provide you with an additional 27R between adventures. You have a reasonable standing in your church and some sway over your congregation. You can call on them once per adventure to achieve reasonable off-screen tasks (searching for a piece of information, staging a protest or riot). You have the resources to bless items, weapons, and armour as per the Holy Crusader “Blessed Weapon” skill (one per adventure).
Large Church5NA520RTithes and donations provide you with an additional 36R between adventures. You have a good standing in your church and great sway over your congregation. You can call on them once per adventure to achieve reasonable off-screen tasks (searching for a piece of information, staging a protest or riot). You have the resources to bless items, weapons, and armour as per the Holy Crusader “Blessed Weapon” skill (one per adventure). If you have the church backing skill it now extends to Superior Weapons. Additionaly: You may hold a special extended ceremony to lay a permanent blessing upon an individual who fights for your church as a champion, this is a BIG DEAL, and is likely to end badly for you if your champion ever violates the strictures of the church or does something which the Church seniors disagree with. This is the same ceremony conducted on Level 4 Holy Crusaders, although the exact effects are likely to be different.
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Level 5 - Miracle

Pre-req: Touch of Divinity

Once per an adventure, with 15 seconds role play, you can pull down a great chunk of your god’s power to achieve something potent within their purview once per adventure. As long as the miracle falls within your god’s purview, it will come to pass, even if your god does not approve of the precise decision taken - though this can have consequences down the line.

This miracle has the following limits: it may not permanently alter the flux and the miracle cannot affect peoples knowledge or beliefs. The miracle will usually be more impressive/far-reaching with more worshippers of the god present. You may tell the GM what you are intending, but the exact effects will be determined by the GM.

You may also use this as a retirement option, creating something related to your God's purview and infusing your very being into it. The thing created (an item, weapon, building, area, etc) will be a potent example of your god's power.

Stealing Power from the Gods

You have spent a full adventure as an excommunicant. You will never be able to gain an epic tree based around favour of a god while having this Epic tree.

Level 1 - Competent thief

Your miracles take the usual casting time, rather than double.

If you use this ability, priests in the area will tend to become aware of it through portents and dreams.

Level 3 - Blasphemy

Whenever you call down the Gaze of the Gods, you must call an unarcable MASS FEAR. When you call down the gaze of the gods you count as if you had been chanting for 15 seconds. Any loyal priest of the gods of Acryn will be aware, on this occurring in their vicinity, that something is badly wrong.

You may call IMMUNE to FEAR while your Gaze of the Gods is up. You may start your Gaze of the Gods as a reaction to a FEAR call (and call IMMUNE).

If you do not have access to Gaze of the Gods, then you instead gain the ability to reuse a Divine Favour miracle that you have already cast during the encounter. Loyal priests will become aware of this as per above.

You may no longer buy the skill Divine Majesty1).

Level 4 - Divine Corruption

  • Leader: Depending on your personal beliefs (pick one when you take this skill):
    • Any ally who considers you their leader gains double the normal effect of your divine aura. Others get nothing.
    • Any ally who refuses to accept leadership gains double the normal effect of your divine aura. Others get nothing.
  • Warrior: You gain 2 uses of the FEAR call per an encounter.
  • Builder: Twice per an encounter you may DODGE a call made with a melee weapon against you, and make the call back at the originator.
  • Tender: You gain one use of MASS DOUBLE MONSTERS per encounter. You HEAL 2 for each monster caught in this.
  • Traitor: You gain a pool of healing per encounter that you can use on yourself while conscious. This pool contains 2 point for each other party member.
  • Other: You may call immune to miracles of your god which you know how to cast.

Level 5 - Ultimate Corruption

Your corruption has reached its apex. Depending on the original source of your miracles, you gain one of the abilities listed below:

  • Leader: Once per an encounter, you may call DOMINATE at an intelligent creature. The target must obey the command you give them directly after using this call. It must be short and must have a definite success criteria (i.e. 'walk in a circle' will work, not 'walk in circles'), and must not be directly suicidal (i.e. Telling them to kneel down before you is fine, telling them to cut their own throat or not defend themselves is not). They must attempt to complete this task to the best of their ability until they succeed or until 30 seconds have passed, at which point the effect ends. If you attempt to call damage at them the effect also ends. You must brief this ability at the beginning of any adventure in which you play.
  • Warrior: Once per an encounter you may call an unarcable MASS WEAKEN, gaining the benefits of a STRENGTHEN when you do.
  • Builder: Twice per encounter, you may call a SHATTER against a weapon that strikes you. Additionally, the first time your armour is reduced to zero hits during an encounter you must call an unarcable MASS DISARM.
  • Tender or Traitor: You may drain the life from living foes. As long as you keep an arm pointed towards a living target, you may deal them a SINGLE every five seconds. The first time you drop a target to 0 hits with this ability in an encounter, you immediately HEAL FULL.
  • Other: You are STRENGTHENED when in combat against Priests, the Divinely Favoured, or Holy Animals of your God. You gain the ability to sense another's connection to your god.

The True Face of the Tender

You have come to know the Tender more intimately than most.

Level 3 - Particularly Favoured

Your particular insight into the true nature of the Tender allows you to draw more strongly on her power. You may pick one of your Divine Favour Miracles (Level 3 or lower) and use them an additional time per an encounter.

Level 4 - Power of a name

When calling down the gaze of the gods, you may call upon the name “Allyssa”, you will count as if you had been chanting for 20 seconds. The Church is uncertain if this is blasphemous or not.

Level 5 - Never far

(You may only take this skill if you do not have the skill Embodiment from this tree)

Your empathy for others has transcended physical limits. By sharing some of your blood with another you are capable of forming a bond that transcends distance. You can freely share your own health with someone connected to you in this way (e.g. take 2 points of damage to call a HEAL 2).

Once per an adventure this bond can also be used to treat more potent or long-term conditions (physical, mental, spiritual) by employing your bond to co-operate on forcing any malign influences out and repairing any damage. This MUST be done during an adventure so that the GM can put together an encounter phys-repping the spiritual nature of the treatment. The GM should also feel free to inflict elements of condition on others involved in the treatment if the attempt fails.

Level 5 - Embodiment

(You may only take this skill if you do not have the skill Never Far from this tree 2))

Following the healing of the Tender from her wounds, it has become possible for those with a particularly strong understanding of her to call her down into their bodies.

Once per adventure you may, with 30 seconds chanting whilst under the Gaze of the Gods, call down the Tender into your body. When you do so you are under the following effects. It is probably wise to call TIME FREEZE and explain what is going on.

  • Take a HEAL FULL
  • Take a RENEW FULL
  • Gain the effects of Master of Beasts against all biological non-sentient foes
  • Gain the effects of Healing Touch
  • Call the effects of Healing Wave (PARTY HEAL 3) every 10 seconds without needing to chant.
  • Your Divine Aura changes to make your allies IMMUNE to REND.
  • You do not need to chant in order to cast miracles (although the cast time remains the same)
  • If you are reduced to 0 hits, all these effects end (you are no longer possessed by the Tender)

When you use this ability you must check the following with the GM: if your goals in this encounter are goals the Tender agrees with, then you may continue to phys-rep your body although should roleplay the Tender rather than your character; if the Tender is likely to have different goals, then the GM will take over your character. This can of course be used to specifically get the GM to roleplay the Tender, if people need to speak with her. Your character will not be aware of things which happen while possessed.

GM Guidelines: For the most part the Tender will support anything which benefits Acryn, shows compassion, and care for all creatures. Of specific note, she will tend to support action against Tuirrean and support those working to heal people. Recently, she will be hesitant to either support or condemn action against the Traitor.

The True Face of the Leader

You have come to know the Leader more intimately than most.

Level 3 - Particularly Favoured

Your particular insight into the true nature of the Leader allows you to draw more strongly on his power. You may pick one of your Divine Favour Miracles (Level 3 or lower) and use them an additional time per an encounter.

Level 4 - Power of a name

When calling down the gaze of the gods, you may call upon the name “Marian”, you will count as if you had been chanting for 20 seconds. Most of the Church is certain that this is Heresy.

Level 5 - Embodiment

Recently there have been a number of changes with the Leader. His brief incarnation within the world. His very soft stance on Serradis. The presence of Serradic Priests of the Leader. Following these changes it has become possible for those with a particularly strong understanding of him to call him down into their bodies.

Once per adventure you may with 30 seconds chanting whilst the gaze of the Gods Is up call down the leader into your body. When you do so you are under the following effects. Probably best to call a time freeze and explain what is going on.

  • Take a HEAL FULL
  • Take a RENEW FULL
  • Gain the effects of Hear Me
  • Gain the effects of Cease your Deceptions
  • Gain the effects of Unending Fervour without the need to chant, it will still drop when you do.
  • Your Divine aura changes to make your allies STRENGTHENED and Immune to FEAR.
  • You do not need to chant in order to cast miracles (although the cast time remains the same).
  • If you are reduced to 0 hits, all these effects end (you are no longer possessed by the Leader).

When you use this ability you must check the following with the GM: if your goals in this encounter are goals the Leader agrees with, then you may continue to phys-rep your body although should roleplay the Leader rather than your character; if the Leader is likely to have different goals, then the GM will take over your character. This can of course be used to specifically get the GM to roleplay the Leader, if people need to speak with them. Your character will not be aware of things which happen while possessed.

GM Guidelines: For the most part the Leader will support anything which benefits Acryn, strong leaders (regardless of morality), and decisive action. Of specific note, they will not tend to support the Council of Acryn (although may support individual councillors) and will tend to support those of the Salic bloodline. Recently, they also support Acryn's co-operation or unification with the Serradic Empire.

The True Face of the Warrior

You have come to know the Warrior more intimately than most.

Level 3 - Particularly Favoured

Your particular insight into the true nature of the Warrior allows you to draw more strongly on her power. You may pick one of your Divine Favour Miracles (Level 3 or lower) and use them an additional time per an encounter.

Level 4 - Power of a name

When calling down the gaze of the gods, you may call upon the name “Senta”, you will count as if you had been chanting for 20 seconds. The Church is uncertain if this is blasphemous or not.

Level 5 - Passion

You have found a passion for encouraging others to greater heights. When fighting in an encouraging manner (calling damage at least 1 rank lower than you could currently call, not landing blows while your opponent is being affected by an effect call, and roleplaying encouragement or tuition) you may call a dodge every 10 seconds.

While fighting in this manner you feel great joy in the freedom that you body offers you and your appearance changes slightly (your hair becomes fire and your eyes glint with fire).

Those you defeat in this manner will intuitively understand that you were holding back, their reactions to this will be their own but it is not uncommon for lifelong competitions to result (both friendly and less so).

Following the use of this ability your body will feel stiff and weak. An alchemist who examines you during this time will observe unusual effects, they should talk to a GM.

The True Face of the Traitor

You have come to know the Traitor more intimately than most.

Level 3 - Particularly Favoured

Your particular insight into the true nature of the Traitor allows you to draw more strongly on her power. You may pick one of your Divine Favour Miracles (Level 3 or lower) and use them an additional time per an encounter.

Level 4 - Power of a name

When calling down the gaze of the gods, you may call upon the name “Abraxis”, you will count as if you had been chanting for 20 seconds. The Church is uncertain if this is blasphemous or not.

Level 5 - Cold Heart of Reason

(You may only take this skill if you do not have the skill Embodiment from this tree)

You can, at any time, completely turn off your emotions in order to do what you know what must be done. You will feel the full brunt of these emotions once you have stopped using this ability. While using this ability your right hand feels warm and slick with blood. During this time you will be immune to emotional influences: Fear, Enrage, or similar (and can do this in response to an attempt to influence your emotions).

You can also use this ability to enhance the reason of others, with 30 seconds of proselytising you may dampen the emotions of a small group of people willing to listen to your words. They will not inherently be convinced by your words, but will find their immediate emotional responses lessened giving them the chance to consider your words on their rational merit.

Level 5 - Embodiment

(You may only take this skill if you do not have the skill Cold Heart of Reason from this tree 3))

Following the healing of the Traitor from her wounds, it has become possible for those with a particularly strong understanding of her to call her down into their bodies.

Once per adventure you may, with 30 seconds chanting whilst under the Gaze of the Gods, call down the Traitor into your body. When you do so you are under the following effects. It is probably wise to call TIME FREEZE and explain what is going on.

  • Take a HEAL FULL, secreting your previous hit count away by the effect of Playing Dead.
  • Take a RENEW FULL
  • Anyone you consider an ally (specify them) gains 5 uses of RESIST to ANY call.
  • Gain use of Between Blinks once every 30 seconds without the need to chant (although the cast time remains the same)
  • Freely activate the effects of Hardened for any duration provided it has been 10s since you last used an offensive ability.
  • If you are reduced to 0 hits and have none secreted using Playing Dead, all these effects end (you are no longer possessed by the Traitor)
  • You may choose to end this effect early. If you do so, you lose all the effects and nobody in the encounter but you will be able to recall what happened from the moment just before you called the Traitor down.

When you use this ability you must check the following with the GM: if your goals in this encounter are goals the Traitor agrees with, then you may continue to phys-rep your body although should roleplay the Tender rather than your character; if the Traitor is likely to have different goals, then the GM will take over your character. This can of course be used to specifically get the GM to roleplay the Traitor, if people need to speak with her. Your character will not be aware of things which happen while possessed.

GM Guidelines: For the most part the Traitor will support anything which is for the good of Acryn and its survival. Of specific note, she will tend to support action against Tuirrean, against foreign gods or against superpowered agents. She will tend to oppose the Monarchy or non-ascended young gods, and be distrustful of those of Salic descent. Recently, she will be hesitant to either support or condemn action against the Tender.

Companion of Aetheyta

Level 3 - Dinner Guests

Your mealtimes have taken on a slightly curious turn. It has become common for you to meet strangers who start to talk to you out of nowhere, often giving you bits of information absolutely integral to what you are currently doing. Following these meetings you will often feel like there is someone hovering over your shoulder for several days.

You should make the GM aware of this ability at the beginning of the larp, as well as reminding them at the beginning of a food encounter.

Level 3 - A Traveller at Heart

You have the knowledge of an exceptionally well travelled individual, certainly an individual more well travelled than yourself. You have a basic knowledge of customs, traditions, cultures, and legends for essentially any place which can be named. This knowledge isn't something you have access to all the time, but seems to flow into you when you need to know something about a place or population.

Level 4 - Coming Over

Once per an adventure you may enter the place that Aetheyta is. This takes a small amount of concentration and you can't remember what happens there at all - although you usually return content (and fully healed). You will usually, but not always, return in the same place you started.

You may also, if you wish, take guests with you. This takes five seconds of concentration and requires physical contact. The GM will adjudicate what fallout you receive from bringing uninvited guests into the presence of Aetheyta (as a guideline loss of 1 maximum body hit for each uninvited guest for the next two encounters, but imagination is encouraged).

You may also, if you wish, enter and not return.

Usurper of a God

You have usurped the power of your god. You have stolen their epithet and are stealing their powers. You are a god, and appear as such to those with Touch of Divinity. Upon gaining this tree, you will immediately be an Excommunicant and Damned of the god you are usurping.

In order to use skills from this tree during an adventure, you face at the start a psychic combat (7 hits, calling SINGLEs) against the will of your god. If you win, you may use these skills. If you lose, you may not.

In order to access additional powers on this tree you must do something metaphysically significant to usurp your god. For each skill, you must do something new. Worthy heresies include:

  • Seizing control or authority over the god's followers (e.g. using a Miracle to control their divine creatures)
  • Metaphysically claiming their raw power (e.g. reaching the top tier of Stealing Power From The Gods)
  • Taking dominion over their creation or domain

Level 4 - Nope (Usurping the Power)

Once per encounter you may call “YOU SHALL NOT USE THE POWER OF <insert usurped god name here>” at someone. They will be unable to call down the power of that god and cannot use miracles of that god for the remainder of the encounter. You should explain this additional call at the start of any adventure you play on with access to this tree.

Level 4 - I Am (Usurping the Name)

Once per adventure you may usurp the name and power of the god you are usurping. All around you will know your name and epithet (declare “I AM <name>, <epithet>”, e.g. “I AM MARIAN TERREC THE LEADER”) and for the duration of the encounter you gain a major bonus depending on the god you are usurping, and the ability to perform a(n additional) minor miracle as per Touch of Divinity:

  • Leader - Gain the effect of HEAR ME and call YOU DARE NOT STRIKE ME every 15s.
  • Splintered Man - Every 15s you may use a reflecting DODGE - ignore the effect of a call and call it right back at the source.

Level 4 - Follow Me (Usurping the Followers)

Once per encounter, you may call “FOLLOW ME” to a follower of the god you are usurping. They must respond “YES” or “NO”. If they respond “YES” they are excommunicated by their god but can channel miracles through you instead for no penalty, and you are STRENGTHENED for the encounter. If they respond “NO”, you are WEAKENED for the encounter and suffer an immediate ENRAGE.

A follower in the presence of their (new) god may once per encounter substitute the phrase “BY YOUR LEAVE” while looking at their god in place of the usual chanting component of a Divine Favour miracle.

Additionally, once per encounter you may call any non-sentient creatures or beings directly associated with the god you are usurping to follow you. They will willingly follow your orders. You should explain this using a TIME FREEZE. You should explain both the base FOLLOW ME and the TIME FREEZE version of this call at the start of any adventure you play on, and the BY YOUR LEAVE call to anyone who follows you.

Level 4 - Miracle

Existing Priests gain another use of Miracle (up to 2 total) powered by their own divinity. Non-Priests gain a use of Miracle powered by their own divinity:

Once per an adventure, with 15 seconds role play, you can pull down a great chunk of the usurped god's power to achieve something potent within their purview once per adventure. As long as the miracle falls within that god’s purview, it will come to pass.

This miracle has the following limits: it may not permanently alter the flux and the miracle cannot affect peoples knowledge or beliefs. The miracle will usually be more impressive/far-reaching with more worshippers of yourself or the god you are usurping present. You may tell the GM what you are intending, but the exact effects will be determined by the GM.

Level 5 - Becoming

(Prereqs: At least 3 points spent in this tree) Your power rivals that of the god you are usurping. After 3 consecutive successes (including before you bought this skill) to use this tree, you may at any point attempt to wrestle the god for their divine place. Winning or losing this will have MAJOR effects at LARPO discretion and both will retire your character.

Inspirational Story

The Tyrant King, in another history a proud and potent god, now nothing but a fiction. His power has become a story. However, his was the power of a god, and that story is powerful. A story equal in power to a god who never was.

Level 3


The stories of the Tyrant King have always emphasised his strong will and focus to do only what he believes is right. Once per an encounter, you may shrug off an effect which would force you to act against your will (either through physical or mental manipulation). This takes a certain amount of focus and you will take the effects of a rend instead of the intended effect. However, for the rest of the encounter you may call IMMUNE to any similar effect from the same source.

Level 4


A story should be shared, and those who have been inspired by a story will often aim to share that inspiration with others. 6 times per an adventure you may draw a direct comparison between another character and one of the stories you have shared with them. Doing so provides them +1 damage for the duration of the encounter. This stacks with Strengthen but does not stack with other sources of +1 damage. Your 6 uses of this ability could be with 6 other people all at once or the same person 6 times, or any other variant, so long as you have already shared a story of the Tyrant King and are drawing a parallel between them and it.

Level 5

The Truth is Stranger than Fiction

Once per an adventure, with 15 seconds role play, you can attempt a feat focused on personal achievement and overcoming great obstacles. By doing so you can reach into the very fiction of the Tyrant King, achieving things which are normally the domain of stories. You should describe what you are trying to do to the GM, who will give you feedback or mechanical buffs as appropriate. The power level of Priest Miracles should be used as a guideline as to what can be achieved with this skill, and the miracle limits also apply.

You may also use this as a retirement option. What you can achieve when used in this way can be substantially more far reaching. In addition to this, any character (PC or NPC) who was present for your use of the ability gains access to this Epic Tree.

Wayfinder/Flux Epic Trees

Understanding of Impossible Geometries

Your mind has been warped by the influence of the Dragon Carleon. The geometry that you mind can now comprehend is not a geometry which belongs in the world. However, as a Wayfinder you are quite capable of forcing this geometry on the world whether the world likes it or not.

If you have this epic tree, you are linked to Carleon. For 1 encounter per adventure (encounter number chosen in advance by the GM, or determined randomly), you will either be given a task to complete by Carleon, which must be done to the best of your ability, or you will be extremely suggestible.

Each of these abilities requires you to warp the terrain as you travel into impossible shapes which are painful for others to look at. If other wayfinders oppose you in your vision of perfection, then this should be resolved by a psychic combat (3 hits, singles, +1 hit for each of Choose the Path, Flux Shaping (+1 per skill), Master Shaper (+1 for having the insight, no extra per skill), +1 hit for each skill from this tree. Wayfinders with “More Flux than Mortal” call DOUBLE) between all interested parties. If you lose the combat, you cannot impose the true geometry, and cannot use skills from this tree.

In the event that you end up inside Carleon, or in a space with unusual geometry, this will have effects at GM discretion (which will generally be a lessening of any penalties imposed by the geometry)

Level 3 - The Shortest Distance Between Two Points is Defined by Seven Mutually Perpendicular Lines

You can see much quicker ways to travel than those who use standard geometry. You will generally move through the flux faster than most wayfinders (though still much slower than “More Flux than Mortal”), and if you are running away from someone in the flux you will normally be able to get away (unless they also have this skill, or some other way of slowing you down). If you are being chased and it has been at least 10 seconds since you recieved damage, then you may call DISAPPEARING as you vanish off into the distance (you cannot re-enter this encounter and will rejoin the adventure in discussion with the gm). This does not help any of the rest of your party. You monster.

Level 4 - Visual Glitch

For one encounter per adventure, your barrier reconfigures into an impossible shape, at once drawing in and repulsing the eye. Whenever someone strikes your barrier, you call BLIND 3 against the attacker. This ability stops once you start repairing your barrier.

When sharing your barrier it acts as something of a translater, allowing the sharee to more easily understand the geometries you produce.

Using this ability in combination with the Diamond Barrier retirement option will have CONSEQUENCES at GM discretion.

Level 5 - Left

The spaces you weave are so perfect, yet they still seem to confuse those with lesser understandings.

Twice per encounter when in flux, you may call “LEFT” on a target who is in motion. That target must immediately turn left 90 degrees and continue moving in that direction until they reach an obstacle (or OC unsafe terrain). They can otherwise fight normally while under this effect. You must leave at least 10 seconds between LEFT calls.

You must explain these additional rules at the beginning of any adventure in which you are playing.

The Canvas of Creation

In order to acquire this tree, a wayfinder must have had a metaphysically important experience with two of the following types of area:

  • Dragon
  • Lost Place
  • Pure potential
  • Stasis

If you have the Divine Favour of The Splintered Man, then a metaphysical experience in the Lost Places cannot count towards your requirements for acquiring The Canvas of Creation (regardless of which order you picked these up in).

Level 4 - Feel the Weave

You can feel the very nature of the space around you, whatever form that is, with all its little inconsistencies. Often this ability will give you no more information that you would get with your standard Wayfinder abilities, but you can potentially discover much more. Results you are likely to get back are

  • Strictly Self Defined (Consensus)
  • Strictly Defined, Outside Influence Shaping (Lost Spaces)
  • Loosely Self Defined (Unstabilised Flux)
  • Loosely Self Defined, Outside Influence Shaping (Stabilised Flux)
  • Loosely Self Defined, Altered (Flux which has had the “Make History” ability used upon it)
  • Undefined, Outside Influence Shaping (Draconic Space)
  • Undefined (The space at the epicentre of A Night to Remember)

As a result of this ability you can also see a trick, a way of interacting with the world which is different to normal but which could benefit yourself and those around you. You may retire using this ability in order to massively affect your surroundings in the Flux. This will give you a large effect allowing you to define the world around you at the cost of your existence.

Traveller of the Lost Places

Level 3 - Falling off the face of the world

You are capable of finding your way into (and back from) the lost spaces, which are now the realm of the Splintered Man. To use this ability you must be standing at the edge of the consensus and then step off, you will need to overcome the resistance of the Splintered Man before entering his realm (unless you have his divine favour), you will find yourself in a lost space which was once connected to the patch of consensus you just left.

You may take any number of people with you, so long as they can maintain physical contact with you.

Twice per an adventure you may place your hand into the lost places and sift what you find there, pulling out a relatively common item which was lost in the upheaval. In general this version of the skill is used to replace a lost standard weapon in an emergency, but can also be used in other ways at GM discretion (for example, sifting for books which were lost in the area), although anything too specific will require a journey into the lost places.

Level 4 - The Shattered Barrier of Reality

Your understanding of the Lost Places is substantial. You are aware that during the upheaval the Lost Places weren't just lost, they were broken. That the world you walk through is shattered and fractured. You can tell how stable any individual Lost Place is. You can also use these fractures to push through into the swirling potential that is all around you, not quite the flux but when pulled through the broken reality you occupy it is close enough to make use of your powers.

This is incredibly taxing, every encounter where you make use of your Wayfinder abilities (beyond the two free uses gained when moving between Lost Places) will reduce your maximum body hits by 1 for the rest of the adventure. If you go an encounter without using any wayfinder abilities at all (including the 2 free uses gained when moving between lost spaces) then you will recover a single maximum body hit (up to your usual maximum). Once out of the Lost spaces, your maximum body hits will recover at a rate of 1 per an encounter, regardless of Wayfinder ability usage. This reduction of body hits represents hundreds of tiny cuts opening up on you as you push yourself against the sharp edges of a broken reality.

If you have the divine favour of the Splintered Man, then you do not suffer reduce body hits when using this ability.

Level 5 - The Lost World

Pre-Req: Permanent Stabilisation

When permanently stabilising a patch of flux, you may instead pull through a Lost Place. While you have no direct control of which Lost Place is pulled through, it will be one from the approximate location that you are using the ability.

If using this ability, the permanent stabilisation has no long term effects upon you (either good or bad). However, the Splintered Man will attempt to resist the theft of part of his world (use of this skill will generate a combat encounter).

It is also possible to use this ability in a Lost Space, to return to the world with the Lost Space in tow. You will not have direct control over where the Lost Space arrives, but it will be close to its original position. Using the ability in this way will still result in a combat encounter as the Splintered Man resists your theft.

If you have the Divine Favour of the Splintered Man, then you will get the opportunity to explain what you are doing to a facet of the Splintered Man, if successful you will get the lost space and no combat, if you are unsuccessful you will lose your Divine Favour and will need to fight for the lost space as usual.

Wayfinder Geography

Prerequisites: being a Wayfinder and ANY of

  • having experienced the use of the retirement ability of “World Diving”
  • having studied an anomaly who has shaped the world around them to obey their own rules (or similar)
  • having significantly pushed the bounds of what is possibly using World Shaping

Level 3 - Resonance

Your connection to the flux has grown stronger. You are now able to gently enforce your will upon already formed elements of the flux. Once per encounter you may call JUST HEAR ME OUT against a group of intelligent flux creations or YOU DARE NOT STRIKE ME against a single unintelligent flux creature.

Level 4 - Landshaping

Pre-req: Flux Shaping - Landscaping.

While in the flux you may make small changes to the pre-existing landscape. For every 10 seconds you have both hands on the ground you may call an ENTANGLE on a target in the encounter. If there was preexisting vegetation then this may be targeted at any limb, otherwise it is limited to a target's legs.

Level 5 - World Diving

Pre-req: Flux Shaping - World shaping.

Once per an adventure you may merge your will with the flux. While in this state you are WEAKENED and lose access to your inertial barrier. In exchange you gain access to the following calls every 5 seconds you have one of your palms outstretched: SINGLE STRIKEDOWN, ZERO REND, ZERO ENTANGLE, DOUBLE. This represents fast and massive changes to the world around you.

This may also be used as a retirement ability. When used this way your will permanently enters the land around you. When used as a retirement ability it does not matter if you are in the flux or consensus. You become immaterial (you can neither take damage and effects, nor deliver damage and effects except as outlined below). You gain access to the special calls which this ability normally provides, although the damage is increased by +1. Changes you make to the area you have inhabited are permanent and can be extremely wide ranging, including changes to the rules that given that area (although changes incompatible with adjoining land could cause yours to become disconnected).

Unusually Skillful Epic Trees

Merciful Fighter

You are legendary/notorious both for allowing defeated foes to live and your exquisite skill at non-lethal takedowns.

Prerequisite: Place yourself in serious danger to save the life of a foe.

Level 3 - Nonlethal Training

If you do not already possess the Bounty Hunter background, you can now purchase skills from the Bounty Hunter background. You must purchase these skills before you can purchase the level 4+ skills from this Epic Tree.

Level 4 Respected Adversary

Twice per Adventure you can declare that a foe you have spared will acknowledge you as a respected adversary. It's up to the personality of the foe to determine exactly how this pans out, but it should result in some sort of cooperation from the defeated party, whether that be information, assistance or a promise not to take further part in the conflict. N.B. This doesn't work on PCs

Level 5 Subdual Supremacy

Through rigorous training you have learned to perfectly combine your methods with your compassion. You may call HEAL 0 after damaging an opponent by any means.

Lone Defender before the Tempest

For fighting against massively superior odds and holding your own.

Level 3 - Defence of the Fallen

Twice per an adventure, when defending a comrade who has fallen (been reduced to zero hits), you gain access to either an additional use of determination (if a Fighter) or a special use of agility (if a Skirmisher). The special use of agility lasts for 10 seconds and does NOT require you to be in motion. Every other class gains access to a SELF HEAL 8.

Level 3 - Cutting a Swath

Once per adventure you may transform one of your regular standard calls into an ARCED call.

Level 4 - Second Wind

Twice per an adventure, after using a determination or agility, you benefit from either a Strengthen or an immunity to one effect call of your choice.

If you are not a fighter or a skirmisher, you may benefit from this STRENGTHEN or immunity when taking a HEAL to the effect of 8 or higher.

Level 4 - Shield Bash / Shoulder Barge

You know people and how they fall. Once per an encounter when fighting more than one opponent you may call an ARCED STRIKEDOWN (the arc should be no more than 45 degrees).

Colossus of Battle

You have engaged in single combat with a massively superior opponent and made a good showing. Either gaining their respect, holding their attention while others performed their mission, or simply putting on an impressive display for those lucky enough to have seen it.

Level 3 - Don't know when to stay down

Once per an adventure, when in a duel with a single opponent, you gain access to a single use of Determination. You gain this even if you would not normally have access to this ability.

Level 4 - Demonstration of Superiority

You have access to a pool of 5 Disarms per an encounter. You may only use this pool on a single opponent (even if that opponent is no longer available to you). If anyone calls damage on this opponent while they are retrieving their weapon, you lose access to the pool of disarms.

Should your opponent be immune to disarm you may use your remaining pool to call a single shatter.

Level 4 - Stay Down!

Once per an encounter, you may call a ranged ZERO REND at an opponent who you have knocked to the ground using the call “STAY DOWN! ZERO REND”. You may not call damage or other effects against this target until the REND effect has finished.

While there is no guidance on how an NPC should react to this, your tone is particularly intimidating and you appear capable of following through with any threat. You should inform the everyone of these additional rules at the beginning of a larp in which you are playing.

Level 5 - For what do we fight?

Twice per an adventure you gain the benefits of this skill.

The reason you fight defines how you fight. Below are 3 sets of descriptions, each giving you a different benefit. Choose the description which most closely describes why your character fights in each category. You will gain three benefits in each encounter you use this skill (one from each category). This can change over time, as your character develops, but is fixed for any individual adventure.

  • For Yourself: +1 Dodge
  • For Others: +3 Hits
  • With Joy: Gain 2 uses of REND by weapon.
  • Calmly: Gain 2 uses of ranged ENTANGLE (left or right leg) against an opponent within weapons reach.
  • With Rage: Gain 3 uses of WOUND 10 by weapon.
  • Ideals: You gain a benefit from others who support your ideals, for every ally who verbally supports your ideals (within your hearing) in an encounter, you gain an additional use of one of your Weapon Talent 1 calls.
  • Tangible Outcomes: You gain a benefit from the knowledge that there will be a direct tangible benefit to your fight (for someone who fight for themselves this may be knowing your opponents have something valuable on them, while someone who fights for others might benefit from the knowledge that they will be able to free some prisoners once their guard is defeated). When fighting with an appropriate tangible benefit foreseeable at the end of the fight, you an additional 3 resists which can be used against any standard weapon call.

Brain Surgeon

Must have the Surgery skill and have performed a meaningful procedure on a patient's head.

Level 3 - Diagnosis

You know what the human brain looks like (and have a vague idea of how it works). By cracking open a skull and looking at a brain (this is not feasible during combat) you can tell a number of things about the entity which uses the brain.

  • Whether or not this brain is currently functioning as a human brain (e.g., a living consensus human), and a rough idea of the capabilities of the owner (class and level).
  • Whether or not this brain was once capable of functioning as a human brain (e.g., a dead consensus human), and a rough idea of the capabilities of the owner (class and level).
  • Whether the brain was never capable of functioning as a human brain (e.g., flux human, magical construct, animal, or other non-human).

There are some situations where this skill may be mislead (for example, a flux construct created by a brain surgeon wayfinder will likely have a fully functioning human brain, or at least will appear that way to visual inspection).

Level 4 - Emergency Trepanation

Your familiarity with the human brain allows you to make some emergency adjustments should it start misbehaving.

A target can only be under the effects of one emergency trepanation per an adventure. After the procedure they have their maximum body hits reduced by 1, but gain 1 resist per encounter to FEAR. Alternatively, this can be used to resist some other kind of mental influence, the mechanics of which shall be determined by the GM.

This can be applied between encounters for no additional effect or can be applied in an emergency on either a willing target or a target that has not seen you coming by calling TREPANING TRIPLE, the following rules must be explained at the beginning of any adventure on which you play. If you were not expecting the blow (or were unresistant) then you take 3 points of damage and a single ongoing psychological effect is removed from you (if you are suffering multiple psychological effects then the target player gets to choose which is removed), if you were expecting the blow then you take a single point of damage and no other effects.

Level 5 - Mental Optimisation

Once per Adventure you can perform a complex surgical procedure that will allow your patient's brain to more rapidly adapt to adversity.

This permanently reduces the duration of FEAR, REND or BLIND calls by 2 seconds. This procedure cannot be applied a second time to the same character for the same benefit (i.e., you can reduce a characters REND, FEAR, and BLIND times by 2 seconds each, but not FEAR by 6).

Smith of Legend

Some craftsmen are masters and their works are the talk of cities. Some truly great craftsmen however transcend history to become the creators of artifacts of legend and though their names may be forgotten their works ensure that their genius will echo through the ages.

Each of these skills may be used on only one item. You may choose to use all skills on a single item, or you may choose to apply each skill to a different item. If you lose an item or produce an item more fitting for one of these skills, you may move the benefit over to the new item. The exception to this is Forged Destiny, which may only be used once ever.

Level 3

Perfected Edge

Pre-Req: crafter 3

Some merely sharpen a blade, but a master knows that the perfect edge must be intrinsic to the weapon, created at the moment of its forging.

Once the weapon is created its razor edge cuts light into rainbows it is so sharp, and any person foolish enough to attempt to test their own edge against it will find their own weapon wanting.

Mechanically, the item you forge with this skill provides the following benefit: Once per an encounter you may ignore an effect call made against the item with a melee strike, instead calling SHATTER aginst the weapon delivering the strike.

Tempered for Eternity

Pre-Req: crafter 3

Against the ravages of age the works of lesser smiths rust or rot away. The item created with this skill is inured to the ravages of time and will endure where other works are found wanting.

The item created with this skill becomes permanently IMMUNE to SHATTER, and will survive virtually anything,from being hurled into a volcano to being eaten by a tyrant lizard. Nothing short of ritual magic can destroy it permanently.

Armour made using this skill may have one of the locations below selected as ignoring damage, the location still takes effect calls as normal. Amour locations are: Left Arm, Left Leg, Right Arm, Right Leg, Front Torso, Back Torso.

Level 4

Maker's Mark

Pre-Req: Master crafter

You are a master of your art, your skills the stuff of legend. A weapon baring your mark is a thing of beauty and terror. Admired by those who see it and feared by those it is turned against.

When held aloft above the head of its wielder, the weapon created with this skill may strike people dumb with its beauty or fill the wielder's enemies with terror. Once per encounter the wielder may call a MASS FEAR, as long as they hold the item aloft for all to see for 5 seconds (during which time they can do nothing else and preferably catching the light in a dramatic way). Those who see it will cower or flee before it as the situation dictates.

If the item is armour, then a dramatic pose may be used instead of holding the item aloft.

The Riddle of Steel

Pre-Req: Master crafter

The master smith knows that steel is only as strong as the flesh that wields it. A truly great item must be wielded by its true owner, created for them and only them. In their hands it will have no rival.

With this skill the smith chooses a person (which may be themselves), when that person wields the item this skill is applied to they gain a DODGE and three times per encounter they may call +1 damage, which stacks with STRENGTHEN but not other sources of +1.

If the item is not a combat item, the GM may choose another effect for the item to provide.

Level 5

Forged Destiny

A true artist has within them a single work of such transcendent, flawless perfection that it may never again by recreated. Once, and once ever, the master smith may forge such a thing: a weapon of destiny, created with a purpose and named toward that end.

As they pull it from the forge, the smith names their weapon and in so doing gives it purpose. All who see the weapon will know it for what it is and rumour of it will spread gradually throughout the known world. In their naming of their creation the smith gives it a destiny, one which it will achieve (though how it does so is GM dependant). For example, a smith who named their weapon 'Kingslayer' could set upon the it the destiny of killing the King, with the knowledge that somehow that would come to pass.

In creating this masterpiece, the Smith's legend is overshadowed by their own creation. They gain a roleplay effect which drives them to complete the items destiny as quickly and directly as they can manage. Once completed, the Smith will pass into legend, either dieing or fading into obscurity as appropriate.

When the wielder is involved in an action that directly supports the items destiny, they should inform the GM who in turn should provide some mechanical benefit to their actions.

Organisational Ties

You have managed to gain a connection to some group or faction. Unlike most epic trees, you must have done something sufficient to benefit the organisation before taking each additional level. When you have done something for your group or faction, the GM will confirm what levels that action has made available to you (so you could save the head of the Wayfinder's Guild from a fatal poisoning on your first adventure, and unlock all available levels). Levels 1-3 are identical to the background of the same name (so if you already had level 1-3 in the background and gained this epic tree for the same organisation, you would only need to purchase Lv4). In the event you do something to sever your connection with your organisation (for example, getting thrown out after a failed coup) you will lose access to the benefits provided by these skills but will find opponent organisations keen to recruit you (and keener the more power you had in your old organisation).

Level 1 - Affiliation

You have an affiliation with a group or organisation. You might be a paying member, an employee, a relation, or similar. Other members of the organisation will tend to react well to you. In addition, you gain ONE of the following benefits (decide when buying this skill) that represents your exact relationship with the organisation (chosen at purchase):

  • Loaned up to 2 pieces of standard equipment per adventure
  • Organisation will investigate a question and provide an answer for you (assuming it is something they can reasonably answer and would trust you with)
  • Provide you with a small wage (9 Riel per adventure)

Level 2 - Reputed

You are a notable member of your affiliated organisation. Most members will react well to you, and very low ranking members may even take orders from you. In addition, you gain one of the benefits from Affiliation. You can choose to take the same benefit you already have, and in which case you get either a second question, 18r per adventure, 4 standard items or 2 standard items and a superior item.

Level 3 - Backing

You are very well known and respected in your organisation. This might be because you are a senior member, because you are one of their best fighters, or even just because you have a reputation as making problems go away. Most members will know your name and respect you. Most members who are not reasonably senior in their own right will either take orders from you or at least respect and consider any opinions you may have. You may choose one of the following additional benefits relating to you relationship with the organisation (chosen at purchase):

  • Once per an adventure you may use the power of your organisation to resolve an issue (that is appropriate to them). This may be making some legal problems go away, staging some sort of distraction, arranging a meeting with someone important, or anything else appropriate to your organisation.
  • A payment of 9r per adventure (will stack with anything from Affiliation and Reputed)
  • Loan of a Superior item or use of up to 18r worth of provisions (e.g., alchemy) which may be used in defence of your organisations interests but otherwise returned.

Level 4 - The Very Best

You have reached the top (or very near) of whatever path you have been following in your organisation. You have one of the following advantages (chosen at purchase):

  • Champion: You are one of the better (or at least, most renowned) fighters in your group. You can expect significant cooperation from them, and can borrow as much superior equipment from them as you like, and one Master-Crafted item at any one time. All but the most senior combatants within the organisation will follow your orders without question.
  • Leader: You are sufficiently advanced within the organisation to play a part in running it. You will have access to their accumulated knowledge (including secret knowledge). If your organisation takes contracts, you will be able to cherry pick yours, with others accepting what is left. You may deploy the resources of the organisation at will (within reason).
  • Worker: You are senior in your field and will have some subordinates who will perform simple services for you. While you do not have the power and sway of a leader, you a well rewarded for your role in the organisation, taking an additional 18r per an adventure.

Oracular Vision

You have gained visions of possible futures from some source. With some concentration, you can see what may come to pass. The future is not set, so none of your predictions are ever guaranteed.

Since the events of Oblitus Mundi, seeing the future has become harder as your sight of what is to come becomes cloudier and cloudier. Your predictions are becoming spottier and it takes great effort to be able to see what happens next. Whenever you use a power from this tree, take a BLIND 30 from the effort it takes.

Level 2 - I knew you were going to do that

Gain 1 dodge per encounter, which may be used against ranged weapon attacks (but not magic)

Level 3 - Shape of things to come

You can cast your mind out and catch a glimpse of a possible future. Twice per adventure, you may ask the GM two questions about the future, which must be limited to the adventure, and to things your character would reasonably find out or experience during the adventure. “Will we be attacked by clawfiends?” is a reasonable question. “What is Duke Graves' secret fetish?” is probably not. The answers will reflect what your character could know, not necessarily the truth (for example, if you are investigating a murder, and someone has been framed for it, you may glimpse a time when you believe that the framed person actually did it, rather than a time after you discovered the framing.). You must brief the GM about this at the beginning of the adventure.

Using this to ask about events that will occur in the flux is likely to be particularly unreliable.

Level 4 - Prior Preparation and Planning

At the height of your power you can go into a trance and see through time as if it were another room. Your mind is not really up to dealing with the influx of information though, and you generally remember little of what you saw when using the full force of your power. However, while in your trance you will occasionally have made plans and preparations which are beneficial for your future self. Once per an adventure you may call a TIME FREEZE and describe to the GM the preparations your past self made which have only now become relevant. These preparations must have been achievable by you alone, but allowances should be made for your ability to perfectly see through time while making the preparations.

For example: You are fighting within a warehouse only a short walk from your home. You could have come here, easily slipping past the guards who are now giving you so much trouble, and set up some traps which will trigger just when you need them. Or, you purchased 3 mana crystals from the College of the Stars while you were still in Acryn, now 100 miles from the nearest source of mana and slowly suffocating to death in a trapped burial chamber, you discover the exact amount of mana you need to escape secreted within your shoe. Maybe you hired some mercenaries, gave them details of where you currently are, and told them to start shooting once you looked to be in trouble.

Perfection of Form

Level 4 - Perfect Visage

You are exceptionally, almost painfully, beautiful. Once per encounter you may either call MESMERISE as others are entranced by your visage OR call a REND against the first person who strikes you.

Level 4 - Perfect Motion

Your every motion is the epitome of grace. Once per encounter you may either gain an extra DODGE OR make a single call you could make via melee blow against anyone within weapons range as you strike perfectly (you do not need to actually strike for this).

Level 5 - Perfect Thought

There is no room in your mind for fear or doubt. You are IMMUNE to FEAR and have 2 RESISTs to other mind affecting calls per encounter.

Level 5 - Perfect Intent

Your will translates perfectly into action you gain an extra Determination as you allow nothing to stand in your path.

Arena Fighter

Having received special training, you are particularly skilled in the art of fighting for entertainment.

Level 2 - It's Showtime!

You know how to fight for an audience and are in your element when doing so. In any encounter where you have an audience spectating, you gain a DODGE.

Level 3 - I'm Calling You Out!

Gain 1 use of I'LL BE YOUR OPPONENT per encounter.

Level 4 - Special Move

You've learned how to deliver a particularly devastating move that is especially impressive. When you purchase this skill, name your move IC (e.g. RAINBOW EXCELLENCE STOMP). With a few moments of appropriate grandstanding and telegraphing your blow, you may call QUAD STRIKEDOWN once per encounter and should (where practical) shout the name of your move (e.g. RAINBOW EXCELLENCE STOMP QUAD STRIKEDOWN)

Level 5 - The Audience of Generations

An arena fighter is never truly alone, not when the eyes and passions of generation after generation of arena fighter is upon them. Once per adventure, you may summon forth that power of generations to give yourself an audience. This gives you the effect of It's Showtime!, 3 additional uses of Special Move and provides you with an additional use of DETERMINATION during that encounter.

The eyes of generations are also upon any other Arena Fighter when you summon them forth, and thus anyone with skills from this tree benefits from these bonuses too.

Expert Sailor

Level 2 - Expert Sailor

You have mastered all the skills of seamanship and are an asset to any crew. You have exceptionally sure footing and on any sort of marine vessel you receive 1 DODGE and 2 RESIST STRIKEDOWNs.

If you have Survivalist skills then you are always considered to be in suitable terrain whilst on a vessel, irrespective of the prevailing conditions.

Level 3 - Ocean Traveller

Either from personal experience or the tales of grizzled deckhands you have learned much of the ports of the world. You are aware of basic etiquette and unusual local customs in any coastal city and know of a welcoming tavern where foreigners won't be hassled.

Level 3 - Sea Lore

You gain the Journeyman Knowledge skill in one of: The Weather, Perils of the Ocean, Marine Trade or Legends of the Sea.

Level 4 - Scourge of the Waves

Your name is familiar to most who sail the seas either as a fearsome corsair or merciless pirate hunter. You gain contacts with either Pirates or the Merchant Navy and gain one FEAR call per encounter which can be used against members of the other group.

Secret Agent

This tree can be earned by successfully completing a covert mission, either without leaving any witnesses or with any survivors likely to ascribe you a fearsome reputation.

Level 3 - Tradecraft

You've mastered the basic abilities of the spy such as tailing marks, breaking and entering and losing pursuit.

If you already possess the Larceny skill then this additionally grants Journeyman Knowledge: Espionage

Level 3 - Intelligence Gathering

Given reasonable opportunity to do some reconnaissance on a foe you can discern their strengths and weaknesses. This might be stealthily observing their camp for a time or asking around the local population for accounts of their deeds. Three times per Adventure you can ask the GM a question like 'What sort of offensive abilities will they have?', 'Is there anything they seem especially vulnerable to?' or 'Are there any attacks which won't work on them?'

Level 4 - Perilous Prisoner

You are adept at making the most of captivity. Once Per Adventure when you find yourselves in enemy hands you may either: A) Discover some plausible method of escape for yourself and any allies. or B) Induce your foes to discuss their plans in front of you.

Level 4 - Daredevil

Whether through skill or good fortune you're capable of surviving incredible dangers to succeed in your mission. Once per Encounter you may trigger either an Agility or a Determination to survive dangers from an inanimate source. For example you might use an Agility to navigate past a deadly trap or a Determination to emerge unscathed after plummeting over a waterfall.

Level 5 - Living Legend

Even if your true identity remains a mystery, your deeds are well known to your enemies, attributed to a nom de guerre of your choice . Specify 3 influential groups such as 'The Serradic Empire', 'The True Council', 'The Wayfinder's Guild'. Once Per Encounter if you identify yourself to members of this group and threaten imminent violence you may call either a MASS FEAR or YOU DARE NOT STRIKE ME.

Whenever you successfully complete an espionage mission against a new group you may add it to the list of enemies who fear your reputation.

Other Epic Trees

Guardian of Dreams

Level 3 - Edge of Slumber

Those assailing the favoured character occasionally find sleep boiling over them. Once per encounter, the character may call BLIND 5 at a target within five metres of them.

Level 3 - I see your Dreams

You see the echos of the dreams of others hanging around them. Once per an encounter you can use this power to either ask the GM for a hint as to what the target dreamed of last night (only a hint) or you can call LOOK BEHIND YOU as you cause them to see hints of their dreams from the corners of their eyes.

Level 4 - Shared Consciousness

The dreams of you and those around you are somewhat linked - you may find one dreams bleeding into one another and some shared elements.

Once per adventure, through careful ritual preparation before the priest goes to sleep, this may be heavily enhanced. This allows all those sleeping at the time to have a shared vision akin to the Dreams of the Ocean skill, inspired by one or more of those participating, and will always have a mechanical benefit attached.

Level 5 - Dream Walker

Once per an adventure you can take a willing group physically into the Dreaming Ocean, shaping the dreams you walk through. You may only enter and exit through someone who is dreaming.

Once per an encounter you may call DISAPPEARING, followed by APPEARING 5 seconds later, during this time you may reposition yourself within the encounter. This represents you stepping outside the waking world briefly.

You may also use this ability to retire, taking a permanent role as a defender of the Dreaming Ocean. While doing this you may shape a powerful dream which will be shared by a great many people, potentially motivating them to great actions.

Favour Transcending Death

You have met -and impressed, bribed or maybe if you're something truly special, threatened- a powerful entity. They might have been a god, some sort of flux aberration, or even a Dragon. Somehow you have impressed them sufficiently that they want to keep you around, and have placed a mark upon you to ensure that they will be able to bring you back, should you find yourself with an unfortunate case of being dead.

Pre-Req: an entity capable of returning you to life has the inclination to do so

Level 3 - Mark of the Soul

You may, in a circumstance where you have died, elect to take your benefactor up on their offer and be returned to life. You may do this once ever.
News of your arrangement will tend to get around as a result of visions, people with special senses, or straight up rumour. PCs may assume that they have heard about your special favour if they wish (specifically, a pc may elect to know that you will be brought back upon death, it is unlikely that they will know the cause unless the larpo has ruled otherwise).
Depending on the entity that is bringing you back, it may be obvious that you have returned from death (equally there may be no indication at all).

Level 4 - Circumstance Best Avoided

You have a slight connection to the entity that is keeping you around, just enough that in an emergency you can beg/pray/bargain (depending on the nature of the entity).
Once per an adventure, while you are on your death count, you may fully heal yourself. In your dying desperation you have struck a bargain with your benefactor, although you will only realise the full scope of the bargain once you have time to stop and think (OC you will inform the GM that you have used this ability and they will tell you the bargain that was struck). Not keeping up your end of the bargain, even if it was agreed in dying desperation, is likely to have serious and negative repercussions.

Shadow Symbiote

Level 2 - Feast of Fear

Once per an encounter, when someone else in the encounter is feared or visibly role playing as afraid, you may spend 5 seconds reveling in it and then take either a strengthen or a heal 6.

Level 3 - Pool of shadows

Your blood is now black shadow and by letting it spill you may engulf an area in darkness. This requires dealing yourself a double and undertaking 30 seconds of roleplaying. For the rest of the encounter you may once every 20 seconds call an entangle upon anyone struck down as the shadows reach up to grasp their fallen form.

Level 4 - Shadow Treason

With a gesture you call upon someone's shadow and is rises up placing its hands over its owner's eyes. Once per encounter you may call a blind 10 at range.

Level 5 - Shadow Replacement

You may consume the shadow of a willing or unresisting person. You may then replace their shadow with yourself appearing identical to that consumed. In this state you act as a normal shadow, see and hear what they hear, but are unable to use any skill or ability which isn't from this epic tree. You may physically manifest at will and will also be forced to in any situation in which the person would cast no shadow, i.e. total darkness or total light. Afterwards the person’s shadow is permanently destroyed. If you retire using this power you are able to permanently become someone's shadow surviving even total darkness/illumination and following around your target for the rest of their lives.


Level 3 - Gate Knowledge

You have some natural affinity with the Dragon Gates. You have a sense of where the other end (or ends) of a Dragon Gate are located and how to activate them. You can keep them open longer or close them faster. Should you ever find a disconnected Dragon Gate, you could certainly reconnect it to the network. You may use this as a justification for doing other things related to the Dragon Gates.

Level 4 - Enter the Domain of Triskelion

Once per an encounter you may call DISAPPEARING. You then have five seconds to relocate yourself in the encounter before calling APPEARING. You have travelled through a hole in the world, you are unaware of anything which has happened in those five seconds. Nothing can affect you during this time.

Level 4 - Pass through the Domain of Triskelion

Once per an encounter you may call one of your melee weapon calls as a ranged attack against anyone in the encounter (as you attack them through a hole in the world) or may call a SHATTER instead of taking a melee attack against you as the weapon partially passes through a hole in the world.

Level 4 - Placed within the Domain of Triskelion

You may store up to three items which you can easily carry within a hole in the world. This space is unique to you and you do not believe others with your power would be able to access your space. You may never have more than three items, but can switch them at will. (Examples include, swords, marbles of great cosmic power, decapitated heads, but not suits of armour or corpses). The objects placed within are within Triskelions domain, it is possible (at GM discretion) for items to be interfered with by Triskelion or her denizens, but this should be rare and have an opportunity for recovery with the adventure.

Level 5 - Hole in the World

Once per an adventure you may open a giant hole in the world. Mechanically, this relocates the entire encounter to within Triskelion. The consequences of this are at GM discretion, but are likely to raise the stakes considerably, and make running away a really, really bad idea. The user can move the encounter out again at their discretion once at least a minute has passed.

Alternatively, you may call upon the power of the Dragon Gate network, forming a new Dragon Gate at the expense of your life.

Bestial Protector

You have a creature to which you have a personal bond, which seeks to protect you. Examples given are for an especially large clawfiend because of past events.

Level 2 - Claw-Fiend Bodyguard

You have a large claw-fiend watching you from afar, ready to remove you from danger. Once per adventure you may call on this to get removed to a safe place where you can heal and rest (getting healed by 1 if you're bleeding out). This power is only usable outside of urban areas.

Level 3 - The Protection of the Pack

In addition, once per adventure you may use this ability on someone else, under the same restrictions as above.

Totem Spirit (Animal)

You have aligned yourself with one specific type of creature and gain some special powers because of this. For example, someone with the Totem Spirit (Clawfiend) Epic Tree would be able to turn into a clawfiend, but not a wolf.

Level 2 - Channel Spirit

You are able to transform your body into that of your Totem. Mechanically there are 2 types of transformation, regular and good. You can always perform a regular transformation and gain the effects listed in the Channel Spirit skill (listed below). When using this type of transformation you do NOT get any of the benefits listed in the other skills. If you have bought additional skills in this epic tree, then 4 times per an adventure you may perform a good transformation and gain the effects from all bought skills in the tree.

You may transform as a reaction to being reduced to 0 hits, but not later in your death count.

Regular transformation:

  • You lose the ability to use language when transformed, instead communicating in the hisses/barks/etc appropriate to your current form. This impacts skills which require communicating your intent to others but not skills that just require chanting or similar.
  • Your weapons are transformed into a size and shape appropriate to your new form (either paired daggers or single 42in sword) which you can wield as if you had the appropriate use weapon skill. You keep the damage and effects you can deliver from you normal primary weapon.
  • You take Disarm and Shatter as Wound 5 and Wound 30 respectively.

Level 3 - Power of the Beast

The strength of your Totem animal flows through you and you gain the following abilities:

If representing your animal form with pairs daggers:

  • THROUGH is appended to your standard damage
  • You take the effect of a HEAL 6 when you first transform
  • You gain 3xDodge
  • You gain 3xRend

If representing your animal form with 42in sword:

  • You are strengthened
  • You take the effect of a HEAL 6 when you first transform

Level 4 - Beastial Home

You are more comfortable in the natural terrain of your totem animal. This gives you a dodge when in this terrain even if you have not transformed. When transformed and in your natural terrain You gain 3 RANGED ENTANGLES per an encounter.

If your Totem is a predator and you are in your natural terrain then you may call FEAR against a non-sentient animal every 20 seconds.

If your Totem is Prey and you are in your natural terrain then you gain 2 uses of Agility, which may be used exclusively to flee from non-sentient animal predators.

You gain the ability to talk fluently to other members of your Totem's species, although many human concepts may be untranslatable.

Level 5 - Summon the Pack

You are able to summon others of your kind to aid you in battle. You gain 3 uses of Disappearing/Appearing which represent your enemies losing track of you in the midst of your summoned allies. You have 5 seconds to relocate yourself in the battle while using this ability.

You gain 1 uses of Backstab20.

You may use this skill as a retirement ability. You may decide if you are choosing to use the retirement ability each time you are dropped to 0 hits, regardless of if you have transformations left. When using this as a retirement ability, many of your summoned pack are particularly strong. This gives you 6 uses of ONE of the following abilities:

  • Fully revive on being dropped to 0 hits (call DISAPPEARING, relocate yourself in the encounter, and then call APPEARING. This represents a new pack member. You gain all of your hits, armour, and per-encounter abilities back).
  • Remove a party member from the encounter, tell them that one of your pack members has removed them from the encounter and that they gain a heal 1. Each member of the party removed from the encounter this way gains the Beastial Protector Epic Tree.

Once the encounter is over it will become apparent that one of the first pack members to be killed was actually you, you will have a few minutes to monologue but cannot be saved by any means. Your pack will forever protect this area from threat (as defined by you) in memory of your sacrifice.


Through a combination of unusual alchemy known to the Brotherhood of the Closed Eye of Acryn and training in their techniques for hunting down dangerous magic users you have mastered the skills need to hunt down dangerous arcane foes. The power of the Divine is never affected by the skills in this tree.

Level 3 - Witch Smeller

You have studied long and hard to be able to detect the tell-tale hints that someone is a magic user. By spending a few minutes observing them you can use subtle clues (i.e. ink stains on the fingers of a scribing mage) to determine what rites of magic they can use and what level of spell they are likely to be able to cast (as long as its a rite you've previously seen in action). With observation you can generally tell what the effect of a ritual will be (though you won't understand how it works) and you will be able to tell which item on a mages person is their implement.

Level 3 - Spell Resistance

The strange alchemies coursing through your veins make you particularly resistant to the ravages of the arcane. As long as you make an effort to get out the way of direct magical attacks you can generally brush off their effects. Mechanically you can burn a two dodges (or if in heavy armour two resists) to call a RESIST against a spell targeted at you. Once you take this skill you find enacting change within the world to be harder in minor ways: fires become difficult to light, trees harder to chop down etc. GMs can use this to annoy you.

Level 4 - Mage Hunter

You have trained in battle strategies to maximize your and your allies chances against those wielding the forces of magic. Whenever you are fighting against a mage in an encounter you and your allies gain a DODGE as long as you roleplay shouting commands to those you are trying to help.

Level 4 - Your Staff is Broken

The unique properties of your blood are anathema to magic. Once per encounter you may smear it on your weapon to gain the SHATTER IMPLEMENT call. A mages implement struck with this call will break as usual (and with the requisite explosion if filled with mana) but cannot be instantly reformed by the mage with the retrieve implement ability. The implement won't function as normal for a full day. Out of combat this can also be used to destroy arcane artifacts.

Level 5 - Mental Fortress

You have honed you mind against the insidious influences of magics that seek to affect your thoughts. You are immune to FEAR calls caused by spells and any similar call that relies upon influencing your mind (such as 'You dare not strike me' or Fault of Temperance). Likewise illusions or any magic that seeks to conceal the truth from you will fail to trick you for more than a few minutes.

You may push this defence of the mind outwards to become a defence of the body, this is a retirement option.
When faced with a truly terrible arcane threat you may focus your training and will and stand against even the mightiest of sorceries. For one encounter you may call IMMUNE to all magical or wayfinder calls as you evade all abilities used upon you or simply shake off the effects as they ravage your body. During the encounter you will slowly find your body seizing up. At the end of the your body will continue its transformation, turning you into what will appear to be a marble statue of yourself. The area around you will be stabilised and casting magic will take twice its usual cost.

Burning Soul

Something about the protection that your body usually affords upon the soul housed within it has been damaged. You can extend your will beyond the confines of your mortal flesh (although not very far). Doing this is agonising as you feel your very self being torn away. However, doing this allows you access to abilities rarely heard of outside of stories and fables.

Level 2 - Ethereal Presence

Your soul is a manifest part of you that may be honed into a weapon. When you move a spectral outline of your soul made manifest moves with you like an aura. This allows you to both perceive spiritual entities and interact with them directly. Mechanically this means you can attack and make calls against non corporeal entities (though any physical damage is capped at a single and they may be immune to standard combat calls).

Level 3 - Inflame the Soul

You focus the power that burns within your soul and your spirit is set aflame. Spectral fire wreathes you and you will shine like a beacon to spiritual entities. For the rest of the encounter you are immune to all FEAR calls from supernatural beings. You may also call RESIST to the first supernatural effect call (be it from magic or a power of a monster) that is used against you, though this instantly ends the effects of this ability.

Using this ability burns your very soul and it is agonising. Hence you take a 30 second REND when activating this ability. Repeated use of this ability will scar your soul in a way obvious to spiritual beings and may have other effects.

Level 5 - Shatter The Threshold

Your ability to push your essence beyond its body is complete. Once per an adventure you may step free of your body completely. You are a towering column of green flame, and incredibly impressive (if appropriate, call a time freeze to explain what has just happened). While in this form you may slowly pass through solid objects (although curiously not people) and are immune to any physical damage calls. Unfortunately you also cannot use any of your combat abilities on a physical target. You have no death count in this form, cannot be healed by any means, and may not use your magical resists. You have 2 uses of MASS FEAR. You may call COWER BEFORE ME, which will result in most intelligent beings giving you 30 seconds to monologue before overcoming their terror of you (please explain these additional rules at the start of any adventure you play). Being in this form is incredibly dangerous, as your soul is being consumed every second you are outside your body, please take a point of body damage for every 10 seconds you are in this form.

This skill may also be used as a retirement option.

As you step free of your mortal flesh and make the decision to give up your life, your soul fills with untapped power becoming a physical thing, even as it is torn apart around you.

The fire wreathing your soul reaches a howling crescendo. For the next minute, you are immune to ALL effect calls (and take all damage as singles). Your new form starts on full hits and allows you to use your full abilities against physical and spiritual enemies equally (you may wish to time freeze and brief the GM as monster immunities may not be applicable to your calls anymore). At the point where you reduce any target to 0 body hits, you can choose to envelop them and have both your own soul and their form and spirit consumed and destroyed utterly.

If you run out of hits, or the minute runs out, your soul flares one last time and is burnt away by the power unleashed.

Forged by Hierachy

You (and two others) have reforged yourselves as paragons of hierarchy. You can instinctively recognise others with this epic tree and have a powerful desire to make them submit to your will. Formally recognising another character who has this epic tree as your superior or better will have permanent consequences for both yourself and them.

Level 3 - Kneel Before Me

Once per an encounter you may call “Kneel Before Me” at a target within 5 meters, forcing the target to their knees for 5 seconds. You must describe these additional rules at the beginning of any adventure in which you are intending to play.

Level 3 - Ensnare Minion

Your words have the power to captivate and ensnare. This happens over an extended period of time, and generally speaking will not work during the course of an adventure or on individuals with a strong sense of self. It will only work on PCs with if the character is willing to submit to you AND the player wishes for the ability to work. You are assumed to have developed a small cult, which can be used once per an adventure to achieve one of the following effects: provide you with general rumours within the city on a single topic, provide non-combat aid such as distractions, sending messages, or running simple errands.

Level 4 - Contacts

Choose two groups from the factions list (other than the wayfinder's guild and council). The Character has connections and influence with these groups. Examples would include: Engineers guild, Circle of the Broken Wing, House Terrec, College of the Stars, etc.

Level 4 - Effective Minions

Your words have captured the hearts and minds of those who serve you. Once per an adventure, you may use a few to engage in a low-combat task: distracting armed guards, providing some armed backup, etc. If this minion is represented in the encounter they will have stats of: 5+2, singles. You may use your minions twice per an adventure for uses covered by Ensnare Minion.

Level 5 - Personal champion

Your minions train themselves to be better able to serve you. Once per an adventure you may call upon one of your champions to step forward and fight for you, this replaces the equivalent use from Effective Minions. The champion will have the following stats: 8+4, Singles, 3xWeapon Calls.


You have somehow managed to restore your existence to something akin to your distant ancestors, you are stronger and the world seems to bend (if only slightly) to your will. You appear larger than life and more powerful than before.

When you gain this epic tree the Larpo will dicuss what your archetype is, the thing which defines your character and their interaction with the world. This will affect the way the following skills and abilities work.

Examples of Archetypes:

  • Logan Tomes / Harlon Quirk - Redemption
  • Gidner Waycox - Learning
  • Ragnar Thane - Ascention

Level 2 - Aura

You are recognisably good at your archetype. NPCs who do things related to your archetype will respond positively to you, and you will almost always be able to track down a friendly NPC in town or village by demonstrating your archetype. When you are attempting to do something related to your archetype you are more likely to succeed.

Once per an adventure, you may put your full power to achieving something immense that relates to your archetype. If your archetype related to building you would be able to single handedly carve a fortress out of a mountain over a few hours. If your archetype related to redemption, then (after destroying their dark lord) you would be able to convince the dark lords minions to renounce their evil ways and attempt to lead good lives.

Once ever, you may also use this ability in one of the ways listed below (retirement options):

  • You may choose to over exert yourself, making a permanent and substantial change to the way the world works. You will fade away shortly after, having used this ability nothing will prevent you fading away.
  • You may choose to postpone the natural course of your death. In the event you have died, you may choose to see your final task through. In discussion with the GM, you will define what this is (must be achievable within the larp, and should usually be the purpose of the larp). Once the task has been achieved you will fade away. If the task has not been achieved when the adventure ends you will fade away. While under this effect you will not bleed out and cannot be executed. Having used this ability, no other ability which could save your life or resurrect you will work.

Level 3 - Archetypal Armament

Reality bends around items you wield. You may treat any LARP safe weapon physrep as a type of weapon you have a use skill in. If you intend to use a weapon of greater than 48“ length one handed, you will have to convince the LARPO that you can safely fight with it first.

If you have no use weapons skills, you can fight with any LARP safe weapon physrep.

Level 4 - Special Move

Choose an option from a list of calls provided below - you gain these calls per encounter whatever weapon you are wielding. These are so intrinsically part of your fighting style that you can use them even if you've been completely disarmed - if you are carrying no weapons (including weapons in scabbards) you can make these calls against targets up to five metres away.

Call No per Encounter
Wound 53
Blind 52
Blast Single1

Retirement: With your special move defined, you may retire by making a declaration of intent, knowing that this will likely be your last action as a Primal. You can declare something that you intend to happen in the reasonably short term. As long as you turn your personal power towards it, the world's passage towards this result will be smoothed and it is likely to come to pass, unless individuals of great potency or significant adverse events get in your way.

Mechanically, as long as you are pushing the party towards your goal, and doing your best to achieve it, you and your party gain the following benefits for up to three encounters (anything beyond that and you've probably declared too far in advance).

HEAL and RENEW FULL at the start of each encounter AND the point you make the declaration.

  • Warriors get an free use of determination once during the effect
  • Skirmishers get two extra uses of agility over the course of the effect.
  • Mages may use protomana to case secondary rite spells.
  • Priests get an additional use of each of their divine favour miracles.
  • Journeymen double the uses of their skill focus.
  • Wayfinders become strengthened in the consensus or weakened in the flux. If they are in the Flux, the wayfinder may treat it as if it has been additionally destabilised by a “Shake Reality's Fetters” If the wayfinder has the skill “Will of the Consensus” they instead gain +1 damage to all calls in the consensus.

Your special move is enhanced, gaining twice as many uses per encounter.


Through birth, disaster, or inadvisable levels of meddling with powers that man was not meant to know you are a Dragonborn, a race entirely different from that of humans. You are around eight-feet tall, covered in silvery scales with pupiless eyes that gleam like black opals. Most distinctly, you have four arms and no primary sexual characteristics. You are inherently magical and mana sense will always reveal traces of magic about you. Biologically you are entirely different from a human and GMs may chose to have you respond in completely different ways to effects you encounter. Equipment designed to fit humans will not fit you unless adapted by a skilled crafter.

This tree represents the process of adapting to your form and the benefits/downsides that come with it.

Level 2 - Inhuman Vitality

You are larger and more imposing than even the biggest human and you are of a species that does not age or change with the passage of time. Because of this you are more durable than a human, but damage to your body is less easy to undo through traditional means.

Your base body hits are 11 rather than 5, however any HEAL X call applied to you is capped at 2, this applies to all sources of healing that are not arcane in nature except for determination. You may however consume a mana crystal for a HEAL 16.

Level 3 - The Right to Rule

You will endure while a hundred generations of mortals are born and die. They are specks of dust in the river of time and of barely any consequence to a being such as you. You are are immune to FEAR calls or the 'you dare not strike me' call that originate from mortal targets.

However, should a being (supernatural or otherwise) succeed in FEARing you or in any way impinging upon your control over yourself you will be overcome with a terrible rage and will do everything in your power to destroy them, ignoring all other targets until you do so.

Level 4 - The Gift of Mudra

The primordial forces of magic flow differently through your kind than they do through humans. When you buy this skill you may chose either to have an additional protomana or to gain a single RESIST to arcane magic per encounter.

However, your nature denies the power of the divine. There are no Dragonborn gods and members of your race traditionally deny the primacy of any but themselves. No divine power (not cast by yourself) can benefit you, though they can still harm you.

Level 5 - Vitruvian Glory

You have mastered the use of your inhuman physique to become as the legendary Dragonborn of old. Your four arms are now perfectly coordinated for use in combat or sorcery. Mechanically if casting magic you do not need to roleplay using components, the assumption being that your second set of arms is doing that while your other set remains free to fight. Similarly you don’t need to roleplay drinking potions, though you should make clear verbally that you are doing so.

You may also (as long as a GM rules it safe to do so) treat all sized weapons as equivalent to sub-36 inch weapons and wield in them in one hand (including great weapons). This represents them being wielded in two of your four arms.

Hive of the Perfect Form

You long to be with those of your own kind, separation is challenging. Your appearance is that of a polished silver statue, an appearance which even extends to the cloths you wear and the items you hold.

Level 3

Begone the flesh

The last vestiges of your flesh are finally relinquished. All of your body hits are replaced with armour hits. Armour you wear becomes part of you, allowing you to gain the hits from the armour even if you don’t have the appropriate use armour skill. However, you do NOT gain the ability to repair the armour. As your armour is part of you, you may ignore the THROUGH part of a damage call. You become immune to most natural poisons and diseases, although magical effects may still influence you.

The downside is that you are now immune to HEAL, and must instead be restored using the RENEW call. If you have first aid and medic skills you may substitute RENEW for HEAL when working on other members of the Hive.

Level 4

Hive Mind

For one encounter you may make use of the full abilities of one other member of your hive (living or dead). During this encounter you will not have access to your own abilities. You will not gain any knowledge of where the hive member gained these abilities.

The Fair Folk

You have bonded yourself to a reality which was never meant to be, attempting to become people who should never have existed. You do not belong, you stand separate from reality.

Any entity which has the ability to distinguish that something does not belong or is a threat to the consensus, will you see you as such.

In any encounter where you use an active ability you gain the following roleplay effect: you are greater and more powerful than others, your desires are more important than others, yours is the right to control and influence reality itself.

Level 2


This is the same skill as the first part of the Diplomat background, and may be purchased once as a pre-req for both the Diplomacy background and the Fair Folk epic tree.

You have a basic understanding of the channels of power, and can usually find out who you need to speak to to address an issue in a new area.

Level 3

Fairer than Thou

The fact that you are of a nobler breed is impossible to ignore. Those who care about such things may react differently to you. For one encounter per an adventure you may freely use the call YOU DARE NOT STRIKE ME against non-sentient creatures. When using this ability the target will not attack you, but you will also be unable to use offensive abilities against them for the rest of the encounter. You must brief this ability at the beginning of any adventure in which you play.

Level 4

Speak with the Weight of Ages

You words have great weight, it is difficult to deny your desires. Once per an encounter you may call DOMINATE. The target must obey the command you give them directly after using this call. It must be short and must have a definite success criteria (i.e. 'walk in a circle' will work, not 'walk in circles'), and must not be directly suicidal (i.e. Telling them to kneel down before you is fine, telling them to cut their own throat or not defend themselves is not). They must attempt to complete this task to the best of their ability until they succeed or until 30 seconds have passed, at which point the effect ends. If you attempt to call damage at them the effect also ends. You must brief this ability at the beginning of any adventure in which you play.

Overseer of Bargains

You are authority, and it is in your nature to oversee bargains. When 2 people are making a deal, you may use your power to make that deal truly binding. You must inform a GM at the time you use this power. It is the wording, not the intent, of the deal which matters (and the GM will decide if the bargain has been broken, and by which party). When you are using the ability you may choose ONE of the following effects for if someone violates the deal:

  • 30 second rend
  • A large visible mark upon their face
  • Their death count is reduced to 30 seconds

If you are one of the people who has made the bargain, then the effect applies equally to you and the other person, and you will have no special ability to escape the effects of breaking the bargain. Someone who has been affected by the bargain will be immediately aware that it is somehow binding. The only way to end the effects of a broken bargain is to kill the one who oversaw the deal (i.e., you).

Additionally, your Fairer than Thou ability now extends to sentient creatures.

Level 5

Home Away from Home

The reality you should have lived in was destroyed before this world even began. You can infuse certain natural features with elements of the reality you should have lived in: large natural mounds, very old trees, certain hills, etc.

Once per an adventure you may infuse your true reality into a natural feature. This creates a small bud of your true reality. There are two main ways this can be used:

  • By creating a small and contained reality within a discrete feature (such as a tree or mound) you can create a long lasting bubble of reality full of nascent creatures like yourself. You may enter this reality with a short period of concentration, bringing as many guests with you as you wish. The nascent creatures within the bubble will have experiences as if they had been living in the natural feature for a while, and may be able to provide you with information if they feel so inclined.
  • By creating a larger and fuzzier reality you can freely step in and out of the world that is. However, a reality created like this will not last for more than a few minutes. While in existence you may freely use the calls DISAPPEARING and APPEARING. However, you cannot see or hear what is happening in the mundane world while you are in your true reality.

You may also use this ability to retire. When doing so you must choose a discrete natural feature to become the entrance to your new reality. The reality created will be much larger, around the size of a city. The creatures formed within this reality will be more potent and intelligent than those normally created. Once the reality has finished forming (at the end of the encounter) you will be unable to leave it, taking your place as its natural ruler. While the reality is still forming your subjects will be free to fight on your behalf, and your authority will give you greater power over those who stand against you. You gain the following additional abilities to represent your own increased abilities and the support of your subjects:

  • DOMINATE once every 30 seconds.
  • One use of either MASS QUINT STRIKEDOWN MONSTERS or MASS DOUBLE REND MONSTERS (as your subjects go for killing shots or debilitating shots)
  • Three uses of ARCED DOUBLE STRIKEDOWN or ARCED REND (these arcs must contain no more than three monsters)
  • 4x REND, 4x DISARM, & 4xWEAKEN (as your subjects make shots which aid in your combat)

Guardian of the Forest

You have become part of the forest, and feel drawn to places where the trees grow thickly. You are covered in bark, with green shoots protruding from your body. You have a difficult relationship with axes, beavers, and fire.

Level 2 - Protective Canopy

You are perfectly at home in wooded areas. You are easily able to perform simple survival tasks like building shelter, finding food, avoiding dangers. You will never suffer penalties related to exhaustion or movement while in a forest. Additionally, you gain a dodge while in wooded terrain.

Level 3 - The Bending Bough

If you do not have any source of resists or dodges, you gain 2 resists to either Strikedown, Rend, or Wound per encounter. If you already have a source of resists or dodges, then once per an encounter you may additionally reflect the call back at your opponent when using a resist or dodge.

Level 4 - Whispers from the Earth

Once per adventure, while travelling over fertile ground, you may put down temporary roots to discern a nugget of information about those who recently passed over it, or about a recent occurrence in the area. This requires about 30 seconds of appropriate roleplay.

Note to GMs, if this ability is used in the flux, then information about the time before it was most recently stabilised will be consistent with the general themes of this area of flux, but not actually correct.

Level 5 - Questing Vines

Once per encounter, you may call ENTANGLE ALL LIMBS by melee weapon.

Epic Tree

Level 3 - I am tree

With some concentration you may alter your body in one of the following ways (transitioning from any state to any other takes about 30 seconds).

  • Put down roots: you become immune to strikedown, but must move at a slow walking pace as your roots tie you to the ground.
  • Grow your trunk: your increased size gives you an additional body hit per a rank of tough you have, but you lose any dodges or resists you may have.
  • Grow your branches: Your increased reach allows you to strike where you otherwise would not. To represent this, you may use a weapon one size larger than your current weapon (knife becomes 36in sword, 36in weapon becomes any size 1 handed weapon, long 1 handed weapon becomes polearm). With greater reach comes loss of dexterity and you take wound calls for twice the duration and cannot pick up disarmed weapons on your own.

Level 4 - Echoes from the Earth

Once per adventure, while travelling over fertile ground, you may put down temporary roots to discern information about the area and its history. This requires about 30 seconds of appropriate roleplay.

Note to GMs, if this ability is used in the flux, then information about the time before it was most recently stabilised will be consistent with the general themes of this area of flux, but not actually correct.

Level 5 - One with the Forest

By reaching your roots into the earth you have found that you can commune with other trees nearby. Generally speaking this is of very little use, as your average tree is not capable of holding a conversation. However, you have found that by concentrating you can move your own consciousness from tree to tree.

Once per an encounter you may announce “This tree has become dormant”, you do not need to take any call targeting you from this point forwards. You may then put your hand up to indicate you have gone OC, walk to the location of another tree and call APPEARING as that tree comes to life.

Once per an adventure you may manipulate your body, growing your roots across the area at the expense of your trunk. After 30s of doing this you may call APPEARING and DISAPPEARING at will for the rest of the encounter as your roots erupt from the ground to do battle.

You may also use this as a retirement ability. The instant you use the ability this way a forest will emerge around you. You may not use the APPEARING/DISAPPEARING calls as before, but when one of your trees has been cut down (reduced to 0 hits) you may begin using one of your other trees to continue the battle. This new tree will have full hits and all of your encounter abilities refreshed.

Servant of Tuireann

You have agreed to act as an agent of the Dragon Tuireann. In exchange you have been offered substantial power. This power continues to be offered while you please Tuireann. If you do not perform an act which pleases Tuireann during an adventure, then you lose access to these abilities during your next adventure. If you go 2 sequential adventures without pleasing Tuireann then you will fall under a potent curse: your maximum hits are halved as is your death count. Performing an act which pleases Tuireann will restore its full favour.

If you die (reach the end of your death count) your body disappears in a burst of vines as you are physically taken by Tuireann.

Things that please Tuireann:

  • The destruction of the world
  • The forceful submission of the will
  • The freedom of the Dragons
  • The return of the Ancient Forest.
  • The destruction of servants of The Tender and The Traitor

Level 3 - Vines of Tuireann

Some of the vines of the great forest now inhabit your body, reminding you of your servitude but also providing you with some aditional abilities.

Once per an encounter you may call ENTANGLE by melee blow, as vines shoot from your weapon and wrap around your opponent.

Once per an adventure you may call PUPPETEER by placing both hands upon the ground for 15 seconds, as vines travel through the ground and force your opponent to move their body to your desires.

Level 3 - Forest's Dominion

If you are able to cast ritual magic, then rituals which call upon the Ancient Forest and have goals pleasing to Tuireann count as using 1 mana more than you have used (although at least 1 mana crystal must have been used).

Level 4 - Visions of Tuireann

You have an inherent connection to the will of Tuireann. When you encounter something that Tuireann has a strong opinion on you are likely to sense that opinion. At GM discretion, you may recieve dreams from Tuireann giving you specific goals. Finally, you may meditate to recieve visions on a subject of your choice. There is no guarentee that these visions will be useful. Asking for too many visions may anger Tuireann and result in curses (if you annoy the GM with too many visions, you've annoyed Tuireann).

Level 5 - The Ancient Forest

So long as you are on the same continent as Acryn (or within Tuireann), you may call upon the power of the Ancient Forest.

Twice per an encounter you may call a ranged STRIKEDOWN as roots tear from the ground.

Once per an adventure you may remake a small patch of the Ancient Forest. You may call a ranged entangle against one of an opponent's legs every 20 seconds.

You may also choose to retire using this ability, in which case the patch of Forest is much larger, and you may call SINGLE ENTANGLE every 10 seconds to represent the increased potency of the forest, although you will become nothing but vines shortly after the encounter ends.


Note: Skills from this tree that modify your Death Count cannot be used in tandem with effects that remove your Death Count. At the beginning of any adventure where such an effect may be placed upon you (e.g. Divine Aura of the Splintered Man), you must choose whether to take that effect or to be able to use the Lich powers. This decision applies for the entirety of that adventure.

Level 3 - Conversations With Dead People

Once per encounter you may ask a single question to anything that has died. If a soul is present, the soul will answer with 10 words or less under an obligation to answer honestly (they will be aware that they are under this obligation). If a soul is not present, the GM will provide a sense of what the answer would have been.

Level 4 - Necrotic Lifeline

The first time during an adventure that you reach 30 seconds on your Death Count, you immediately take a HEAL FULL and gain the following effects for the rest of the adventure:

  • The ability to deal a WEAKEN and receive yourself a STRENGTHEN.
  • Gain 1 use of FEAR per encounter.
  • Your Death Count is reduced by 30 seconds.

Level 5 - Arisen Lich

Having previously used Necrotic Lifeline, you may when conscious choose to reduce your Death Count by a further 15 seconds to gain the following effects for the rest of the adventure:

  • The ability to take a HEAL FULL every time you deal an EXECUTE
  • +1 damage from your weapon
  • 4 uses of REND per encounter
  • 1 use of MASS FEAR per encounter

These effects are in addition to those gained from Necrotic Lifeline.

You may choose to use this ability a second time, reducing your Death Count by a further 15 seconds and surrendering your body to undeath in exchange for the following effects:

  • 1 use of MASS FEAR every 30 seconds
  • 4 more uses of REND
  • 5 more uses of the ability to give a WEAKEN and gain a STRENGTHEN
  • Take REND as HEAL 2.
  • The ability to call “RAISE ZOMBIE” on any dead being. This being take a HEAL FULL and is bound to serve its master until the end of the encounter at which point it will return to 0 hits.

At the end of the encounter, your character will retire: either into the sweet embrace of permanent death or by becoming a horrifying monster…

Walked on the Otherside

You have journeyed through the cracks that separate this reality from what lies on the Otherside and survived. You are able to see the energy pouring through active cracks, but will be unable to locate them if dormant (as all except the Portal to the Otherside is at the end of Dissonance.

If you have access to this Epic Tree, you will be able to get through to the Otherside (given a method through) without risking seriously ill effects on yourself.

Level 3

See the Cracks

Your experiences have allowed you to see faint cracks in Consensus where the world has been reforged. Once per adventure, you may spend 5 minutes of roleplaying to search for these cracks and can use them to find your way back to any connected section of Consensus by following them.

For those who are not Wayfinders, this ability may allow you to attempt to discern whether or not you are in Consensus. Be aware: the information you are given is at GM discretion: cracks are more common in built up areas such as cities, and less frequent in the countryside.

Level 4

Whispers from the Cracks

Once per adventure, you will be able to take 10 minutes to listen to the whisperings of the souls stuck in the Otherside. Listening to them carefully, you will be able to glean some information of importance that someone who has been observing the situation for a while longer than you might be aware of. What you overhear is at GM discretion.

Level 5

Open Up the Cracks

Once per adventure, in the Consensus, having found a crack, you will be able to ritually break it open to transport yourself and up to 9 other people with you along the cracks. You will be able to choose where (in a connected section of Consensus, within 1 mile) you are aiming to come out, and will be transported in that direction (likely, out of the current encounter).

Alternatively, you may use this ability to retire by penetrating through a crack directly into the Otherside, forming a permanent connection between this world and the Otherside, through which Draconic entities may flow and anyone may attempt to travel.

This retirement ability will not re-open all the cracks across the city by itself, but will create a large point of connection between the two worlds.

Children of the Night

If you have the following epic tree (even if you have yet to purchase any abilities from it) you have the following effects: Elongated canines and a thirst for human blood which remains manageable so long as you are on more than 2 hit points. You have gained a discomfort about being alone, this discomfort grows over time, rising to a full blown panic attack around the 8 hour mark, you have never yet tried to stay alone longer than this.

Level 3

Blood of Life

You may execute (in 5 seconds rather than the usual 10) a humanoid character who has blood. You must roleplay biting down on their neck to use this ability. Once per an adventure you may interrupt your own death count with a HEAL 1. For every character you have executed prior to using this ability, the HEAL increases by 2 hits (e.g., if you have drained the blood of 3 people then once before the end of the adventure you may interrupt your death count with a HEAL 7).

At home in the shadows

For encounters taking place at night (or in otherwise darkened locations) you gain access to the Flanking ability and gain a dodge.

Level 4

Gaze of the Night

You gain 1 use of MESMERISE per encounter. You may only use this against a humanoid target who is looking at you. You must maintain eye contact while using the ability (you may not choose to look away until the mesmerise has been broken).

Level 5

Master of the Night

Your power over the blood of others increases. Having used your Gaze of the Night ability on someone, you may break eye contact in order to roleplay biting their neck (but may not otherwise stop this roleplay unless the victims mesmerise is broken first). If you reach 10 seconds you may call zero poison. From this point on, once per an encounter you may call DOMINATE on this target followed by a specific, non-suicidal, and completed command. The victim is then required to perform this action for 30 seconds or until completed. You must brief these extra rules at the beginning of an adventure on which you are playing.

Should the victim manage to cure their poisoning (a weak metaphysical effect) then they will become immune to DOMINATE from you, regardless of the source of your DOMINATE.

Mechanical Transformation

For some reason (usually inadvisable experimentation), you body is transforming into a mechanical form. There are a number of special rules for this Epic Tree:

  • You must buy all skills at a level before the next level is opened up.
  • You must find a distinct mechanical artefact to add to yourself before you are able to buy your next skill.
  • Any adventure where you have not found an artefact to add to yourself will result in failures (pick a random one from the list below), you will gain one failure for every adventure since you last added an artefact to yourself.

Level 3


Once per an adventure, when reduced to 0 hits, you gain a HEAL FULL (or RENEW FULL if applicable) which you may use before the end of your death count. If you are a Fighter, you instead gain an additional determination with the usual rules.


You gain 2 additional uses per an encounter of a WEAPON TALENT 1 call that you can already use. If you have no WEAPON TALENT 1 calls, then you instead gain 2 uses of STRIKEDOWN per an encounter. Unresisted uses of SHATTER against your weapons or limbs will additionally inflict a WOUND 15 on you.

Level 4


Once per an encounter you may call DISAPPEARING, spend 10 seconds relocating yourself within the encounter, then call APPEARING. You have leaped or flown yourself across the encounter. If you are caught in a MASS/PARTY/EVERYONE call while relocating yourself you must immediately appear where you are and take all of the following: the effect you were caught in, a REND and a STRIKEDOWN4).


You lose 5 body hits, but gain 10 armour hits as your body is converted to metal.

Level 5


Your transformation into a mechanical entity is complete. You are no longer at risk of failure (except at GM discretion). Any remaining body hits are converted to armour hits (one to one). Once per an adventure you may activate your body's full capabilities and using your limbs at range for the duration of the encounter (any melee calls you could make can now be made at range and you may make your standard damage call every 5 seconds, functionally you suffer a WOUND 5 everytime you use this ability).


Roll a d6 for every adventure you have gone without adding a new mechanism to yourself, you gain each of these faults for this adventure.

  1. Your balance is broken, take a strikedown in addition to every unresisted melee effect you take.
  2. The connections between your components are weakening, on any occasion you take a WOUND or DISARM the affected limb falls off and needs 10 seconds of work (and at least one working arm) to reattach.
  3. You can no longer differentiate peoples voices. All voices sound exactly the same.
  4. Pick an emotion, you are unable to feel this emotion for the duration of the adventure.
  5. Your have become unstable, at 15, 30, and 45 seconds during your deathcount, call MASS QUAD REND.
  6. Roll twice, keep both faults.

Other Quirks of Note

Some things don't quite fall under the purview of epic trees, but are conditions your character can end up under due to in-game events.

Seat on the True Council

You have attained a seat on the True Council, and are one of the most influential figures in the city's underworld. Seats on the Council are for life - obtaining one requires the removal of another in the position.

Council Member

You are one of the 30 members of Acryn's council. This can either be an elected or appointed position, depending on how you got it. This gives you considerable influence with the city's elite, and comes with some additional tangible benefits:

  • You have a magical identifying seal, produced using the rite of scribing. This is exceedingly difficult to forge (without access to high-level scribing rituals). Your face is also likely to be known, and this may colour how some people react to you.
  • You have access to up to date information on the city's overall status, and some secrets not known to the common man (i.e. the wages of foreign espionage, levels in the stockpiles, etc.). Ask a GM if you feel it would be appropriate for you to be able to gain access to a certain piece of information.
  • You have a 1/4 discount on upgrading or purchasing resources.

Faction Head

You are the head (or very near the top) of one of the factions in the city. This will give a benefit depending on the organisation in question.

Master of Trade

A title given to someone who is trusted to act on behalf of the city of Acryn in matters of trade. They will hold great sway among merchant organisations. While they have this quirk they gain the benefit of two additional contacts (must be merchant organisations) and council contacts. They gain an additional income of 30 Riel. Once per an adventure they can make a “poor” trade deal on behalf of the city of Acryn on the understanding that it is in the long-term interests of Acryn (essentially either using this as a substantial bribe or acquiring much needed resources at GM discretion).


You have lost the favour of, or turned aside from the god that you once served. Until you do something about this, all miracles will take twice as long to invoke.

Truly Favoured

You have somehow gained the personal attention of your god (this is extremely rare). While you have this attention you gain an additional use of Gaze of the Gods per an adventure (or gain a single use of it if divinely favoured rather than a priest). Your god is more likely to notice things which you do which they do not approve of (please inform the GMs of anything you feel may count). Additionally, there is a greater risk of becoming an excommunicant if you do anything which really annoys your god.


You have committed a crime against a god of such truly appalling magnitude that they have turned their gaze upon you in wrath. Any priest of the God who attempts to use the power of the God to aid you will instantly be excommunicated. Furthermore, any priest of that God who attempts to fight you will instantly gain the gaze of the gods for that encounter and gain a free use of the intercession skill even if they don't possess it normally. Creatures and beings directly associated with the God will attack you on sight and will be STRENGTHENED when they do so. This quirk can only be removed by the deity themselves or by receiving a blessing from a large church of that god.


For whatever reason normally Wizards your soul's connection to your body is no longer dependent on your body actually being alive, this eliminates the need for things like breathing, sleeping and eating. You can be reduced to 0 hits as normal and will fall over, but will not bleed out and will regenerate 1 hit at the end of the encounter.

You can be executed as normal (this representing the the destruction of your body to the point where it is simply no longer functional, leaving your soul tied to a lump of useless flesh… a horrible fate). On the down side, being no longer alive, your flesh will begin to rot unless you take steps to prevent it doing so and normal people will not respond well to you.

Your undeath has given you a hunger for that which all living things share: whether this is taste of human brains, the warmth of human blood, the beating of a heart, etc. You constantly feel a desire to acquire this and on any occasion that you are dropped to 0 hits and not revived within 30 seconds this desire becomes overwhelming and overpowering, you will need to do whatever you can to sate this hunger.

In any encounter where your hunger is activated (you spend 30 seconds or more on 0 hits) and you are unable to sate your hunger (or if your hunger is suppressed for any reason) then you maximum body hits are permanently reduced by 1 hit. In order to satisfy this condition, your sustenance must involve the death of another, whether this is earlier in the encounter or after you have arisen.

If your hunger has been changed to invalidate this requirement, then each time your hunger is activated you may choose to suppress your hunger with this and automatically permanently lose 1 body hit OR to disregard the suppression and be required to sate your hunger as normal.

For the purposes of the Fracturing Spell "Fault of Existence" you are weakly tied to reality.

Auras which affect dying also effect your hunger, although any timings are halved for you (e.g. under the standard Splintered Man aura you would call a PARTY SINGLE every 7 seconds and not suffer a hunger until the rest of the party was dead, while under He Who Devours Himself your hunger would not activate until 90 seconds had passed).

Right Hand of the Leader

The Leader trusts you and you known to have his trust. When encountering citizens of the Serradic Empire you are likely to be recognised and probably respected, this is more likely with citizens who have visited the Capital recently although people from further afield may still have heard of you and seen pictures.

When in the City of Serradis you have the capability to pull directly on your position to achieve things through official channels. For a general guide of what you can achieve with this see the Shadowy Network examples, although you can use this quirk as an excuse to meet with people in positions of power to attempt to convince them to do more.


A familiar is a small creature loyal to its master, capable of performing mundane functions at all times, for instance carrying objects for its master (dependent on the size of the Familiar). Familiars must be metaphysically distinguished in some way (usually divine or magical) - a divinely gifted bird may be a familiar, a pet dog may not be.

For one encounter per adventure, the familiar may be used for one of the following functions (determined at acquisition):

  • Combat Familiar - Your familiar aids you in battle. You have six calls of ranged SINGLE THROUGH as your Familiar aids you in battle.
  • Arcane Familiar - Your familiar aids you in your arcane arts and reduces the mana cost of a ritual by 1 OR may be used as a conduit to deliver a ritual effect, although the familiar must stay within 3 meters of the target for the full duration of the ritual in order to be used in this manner.
  • Soulbound Familiar - Your familiar is capable of scouting ahead and allowing you to see through its eyes. When being used in this way, the familiar may make small changes to the area before your arrival and in keeping with its size. For example, if you have a raven which has scouted ahead and watched traps being set, it can place small pebbles next to each trap so that you may avoid them on your arrival.

Familiars should generally not require physical representation (as this would deplete the Monster Party), but should this become necessary, their base stats are 3 hits doing HALF damage.

Most Wanted

A specified faction is actively searching for you and will seek to detain you / kill you / erase you from existence (delete as appropriate when assigning this quirk) on sight. At the start of any adventure you play on, you should inform the GMs of this fact.

Refused the Cup

For what ever reason you have not drunk from the Cup of Triskelion (see All in the Blood). As a result you:

  1. Gain the Lacking Primal Blood Quirk.
  2. In Dragon-Flux encounters the GM may stat a Triskelion themed monster who will be aiming to kill you specifically.
  3. Usage of a Dragon Gate results in the loss of 2 maximum hits for the duration of the adventure. Use of any abilities in the Gatekeeper epic tree result in a REND or FEAR as appropriate.

Cursed by the Cup

When you drank from the Cup of Triskelion (see All in the Blood) you felt a presence judge you. You understand that whatever criteria they were judging you on meant that you avoided an immediate punishment, but they continue to watch you. If you should ever perform an action that results in the injury or death of 10 or more citizens of Acryn (in a single encounter or debrief) this curse will activate. You will burst into flames and begin to take a single every second, this will continue until you are dead or until some means of stopping the flames is found (e.g., fully submerging in a bathtub for 30 seconds, a minor miracle, etc).

If this curse has activated but you survive then you gain the following long term effect: mechanically your hit points are reduced by 2 and your death count is halved. This represents the fact whenever you have been seriously injured (i.e. would have been on 2 hits) you burst into flames. The flames seem to be actively trying to kill you, they do not spread to other flammable materials nearby nor do they extinguish without healing being applied to you.

Lacking Primal Blood

You do not gain beneficial effects from alchemy. You cannot suffer addiction to alchemy. You may choose a proportion of your income to represent an 'energy pool' which you can use to purchase alchemy like effects (for example a paper golem may have paper talismans), these can only be activated by the character (they cannot be activated on behalf of the character). These still count as potions for the purpose of how many potions you can carry.

You may find that you are immune to some poisons and diseases which require a hereditary connection to the Primals to affect, usually if these are potent enough to have an immediate effect on someone they will still have some sort of effect on you in the short term (you do not call resist to poison).

1) if you already have it, it is replaced by Divine Corruption
2) , 3) if you already had it when this skill was added, you may choose to change to this
4) yes, your party tender priest may have just ruined your day
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