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Below is a list of NPCs who exist in the setting material and/or who have appeared in adventures. GMs should feel free to use NPCs listed here, should add more of their own, and should attempt to keep all pages updated with each NPCs appearance.


Acryn Civil Service

Acryn City Watch

College of the Stars

Peoples College of Acryn

  • Simon Holland (deceased) - Principal of the People's College of Acryn
  • Pat Hemmond - Head of Engineering, People's College of Acryn
  • Konstantia van Strice - Professor in the Dept of Engineering
  • Giulio Runes (deceased) - Head of Applied Magic, People's College of Acryn
  • Dolna - A brilliant alchemist of the Path of Dissolution

The Churches

  • Auln (disgraced) - Former First and Least of the Church of the Tender
  • Faria Carver (disgraced and imprisoned) - Former Leader of the Church of the Leader
  • Leana - Grand Master of the Church of the Warrior
  • Sister Patience- Priestess of the Tender who runs a hospital outside the city.
  • Brother Elior - Acolyte responsible for the maintenance of the sacred candles in the Church of the Founders.
  • Hierarch_Bastion - Inquisitor of the Leader Church

Wayfinders Guild

The Guilds

  • Isabella D'Strada - Head of the Spicer's Guild and member of the Council (deceased and corrupted by dragons, then deceased again)
  • Kythera Kassel- Guild-mistress of the influential Watchmakers' Guild
  • Fauntleroy le Marche - Master Patissier at the Honorable Guild of Patissiers and Confectioners
  • Knight Commander Julius Ravensfall - Commander of the Circle of the Broken Wing
  • Sarah - A wayfinder…thing that works for Julius Ravensfall
  • Felicia Jones - A member of the Clockmaker's Guild involved in the design and creation of the Unit series

The Nobility

The True Council


Metaphysical Entities of Note


The Founders


  • Seneschal - Ghostly Protector of the city of Atium.
  • Lucius - Formerly the Demiurge of the Magisterium and the first dragon born.
  • Dawn - Companion of Lucius



Born from a union between Saffron and the Dragon Mudra. These entities appear as large winged lizards, but are extremely intelligent and powerful. There is some evidence that patches of stasis are more likely to form around them.

  • Apep - Location unknown
  • Vritra - Near Margush, acting like a cat and being a general nuisance.
  • Luhng - not yet defined, GMs should feel free to define
  • Druk - In Valydd, trying to become a god (Fighter).
  • Zmeu - Atop the Peak of the World


Historical People of Note

Foreign Parts


  • The Markov Family - One of the industrial powerhouses of Caul and amongst the richest families on the continent.
  • Grigor Alexi - A ruthless venture capitalist


The Serradic Border

  • Mallina- Commander of the Steel Wall.
  • Callibass- Mad Mage living outside Junnes

Liaran refugees

  • Lord Azores- Considered the the most powerful individual in the city of Liarus
  • Corpsewalker - A mercenary Wounding Mage who appears able to possess the dead.

Across the Eastern Ocean


  • Truthseekers - Crimson-skinned secret hunters from the hidden realm


  • Saga - The current Primate of Shatu the Radiant Dawn
  • Sher - Saga's sister, now high priestess of Sinna the Shadow of Dusk
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