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Hailing from Lasra to the North of the desert, Sher is the current high priestess of Sinna the Shadow of Dusk. The former Primate of Shatu the Radiant Dawn, she took to following Sinna and trying to understand the truth behind him when his whispers escaped his bindings and reached her through her connection to his sister.

She made her way across the continent in search of the truth and to spread the word about Sinna, but the whispers of her god had been corrupted by the bindings upon him, and when she found herself in Acryn's Wizard Battle tournament was unable to properly convey her intentions. Eventually she retired to Dual Peak, North of Margush, a high up point from which she could try to understand Sinna better.

It was here that her sister Saga eventually caught up with her to try to free her from the influence of what she felt was an evil god. After failing to come to terms, Sher had a strong sense that the truth would be revealed at a high point during a total solar eclipse, and so kidnapped her sister and took her back to the mountain to reveal to her the truth. Pulled into the ritual space into which Sinna was bound, she and her cult joined adventurers in freeing Sinna and finally exposing the truth.

This done, she returned with her sister to Lasra to spread the truth about her god.


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