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Fiction set in the world of Memento Mundi

If you wish to put up your own fiction set in the world of Memento Mundi, then please include links to it below. These should be placed in the resources/fic namespace. Please include mention of any themes which others may wish to avoid (or find).

If your fic could be considered -adult- then please use the xfic namespace and include NSFW tag. Fic in this namespace will only be available to registered users.




  • The Latest Fashion - Armand is somehow convinced to try a new hairstyle. Author (artist?) Matilda
  • Astraeus - literally just a picture of Astraeus in armour. Author Matilda
  • Stupid Sexy Rampant - The Rampant wants to show off his new pants. He always picks the worst moments. Contains badly-drawn semi-naked Rampant. Author: Chaos


  • 01/04/17 - The City of Bleached Ivory - Adventurers investigate a rift in spacetime and get thrown into the distant future. Or should that be the distant past? April fools. - Chaos & Dan
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