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For The Leader

A filk of 'All For Laura' from Woman in White (until about 3:10 of the video)
Set before Alexander (Adam) enters the game.

In the darkness,
Look at what they’ve done,
Look at how they’ve murdered you…

In the water
They wash their bloodied hands,
Use their faith as their excuse

For the Traitor.
That is what they say.
For the Traitor.
They have betrayed me.
Close your eyes love,
I will hold your hand,
Together we can see this through.

An unmarked grave
Is not what you deserve
But it’s what they gave to you.

For the Traitor,
They made me say goodbye.
A goodbye that
Cost a whole a village.
They burnt it to the ground,
The ground where you now lay,
The ashy ground that holds no trace.

For the Traitor,
Did you have to die,
For them to win her grace?
For the Traitor.
How can this be?
Is there no-one who can see?

For the Leader.
I pledge my life,
To his worship,
To his majesty.
And every Traitor Priest
Will pay for what they’ve done,
I’ll find a way to make them burn.
For the Leader
Taught me something true,
Something that we all must learn.
Without Leaders, Acyrn will fall.
He will come to save us all.

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