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Builder Priest

Core Skills

Class Feature - Miracles and the Gaze of the Gods, Soul Pact

Through bringing the gaze of their gods upon themselves, priests can invoke miraculous powers that can both turn the tide of a battle or achieve great wonders outside one. In order to invoke miracles a priest requires some amount of divine attention. Four times per adventure, priests can gain the Gaze of their god, allowing them to work any number of miracles in an encounter. In addition to this, ranks of the divine favour skill allow priests to work a limited number of specific miracles in every encounter. In both cases, invoking material requires a certain duration of religious roleplaying (chanting, praying etc.) before the effect occurs. This does not hinder the priest in any way save the distraction of trying to chant while fighting.

You may buy any number of miracles at each level on the tree, but each costs a skill point. You must have at least one Miracle from a level before you buy a miracle from the next.

Additionally, you get the first level of Divine Aura for free.

Soul Pact

As of Oblitus Mundi, all priests and those with Divine Favour need to be blessed by either their god or a priest who has been blessed by their god in order to bind their soul to that source of power. This is a free feature of being a Priest or having a Divine Favour and metaphysically ties your soul to another being. You should note who has blessed you with this pact. Without this pact, you will be unable to use miracles of your god.

If you acquire multiple Soul Pacts for some reason, please note this to the LARPO who will provide you with additional effects.

Light Armour Swiftness

+1 dodge while in light armour.

Light Armour Training

Gain the listed amount of extra hits while in light armour.


Gain two extra body hits.

Blessed Regeneration

Once per adventure, when you fall over through falling to 0 body hits, you may stand up ten seconds later on full body hits as your god re-invigorates you.

Holy Fervour

Whenever you are reduced to 0 body hits, you may continue fighting for 5 seconds before falling unconscious. Ignore any additional damage you take during this time (effect calls still affect you).

Divine Favour

When you purchase this skill, you also gain any one Miracle skill you could purchase of this skill’s level or lower. In addition to being able to use that miracle while channeling the power of your god, you may always use it ONCE per encounter. You still need to perform the appropriate amount of religious roleplay.


Once per adventure, you may use any one miracle you know of level four of lower without preparation time.

Improved Divine Aura

Double the effect of your Divine Aura. In addition, you may invoke a miracle of up to level 2 once per adventure while not under the Gaze of the Gods. This is on top of the Level 1 miracle your initial aura granted you.

Touch of Divinity

You are infused with some of the power of your god. When acting in support of your god’s purview, people and things around you will be affected by this - a Tender priest who works a field will get slightly better results than a lay person, and soldiers will snap off salutes all the more smartly when a leader priest calls them to attention. Once per adventure you can attempt to channel slightly more of this power to achieve a minor boon within your god’s purview, such as a warrior priest blessing a weapon to strike true against a terrible beast, or a builder priest marshalling a team to put up a fortification in hours. This should have a mechanical effect at GM discretion, roughly on the level of granting the effects of a blessed weapon to 2-3 members of the party for an encounter. However, if your god does not approve of the miracle you attempt to call in, it is likely to fail.

You can also sense the flow of divine power, and by concentrating on someone will be able to tell if they are a priest. If you encounter someone with Personal Power, or who is a god, you will be able to tell without concentration.


Once per an adventure, with 15 seconds role play, you can pull down a great chunk of your god’s power to achieve something potent within their purview once per adventure. As long as the miracle falls within your god’s purview, it will come to pass, even if your god does not approve of the precise decision taken - though this can have consequences down the line.

This miracle has the following limits: it may not permanently alter the flux and the miracle cannot affect peoples knowledge or beliefs. The miracle will usually be more impressive/far-reaching with more worshippers of the god present. You may tell the GM what you are intending, but the exact effects will be determined by the GM.


You have a congregation to which you regularly preach. Tithes and donations provide you with an additional 9R between adventures. In terms of mechanic, this congregation is a small resource, but does not count towards the total number of resources you may have. You may choose to invest money in your congregation to upgrade it, at which point it does count towards your total number of resources. You should use the table below for upgrading your congregation. Upgrading you congregation follows the usual upgrade rules. Upgrading the congregation does not cost any skill points.

Name Level Type Cost Rules
Small Congregation1NANATithes and donations provide you with an additional 9R between adventures.
Medium Congregation3NA136RTithes and donations provide you with an additional 18R between adventures. Once per adventure, you can call on your congregation to achieve a small appropriate task off-screen, such as tailing a suspect or distracting a unit of guards.
Small Church4NA320RTithes and donations provide you with an additional 27R between adventures. You have a reasonable standing in your church and some sway over your congregation. You can call on them once per adventure to achieve reasonable off-screen tasks (searching for a piece of information, staging a protest or riot). You have the resources to bless items, weapons, and armour as per the Holy Crusader “Blessed Weapon” skill (one per adventure).
Large Church5NA520RTithes and donations provide you with an additional 36R between adventures. You have a good standing in your church and great sway over your congregation. You can call on them once per adventure to achieve reasonable off-screen tasks (searching for a piece of information, staging a protest or riot). You have the resources to bless items, weapons, and armour as per the Holy Crusader “Blessed Weapon” skill (one per adventure). If you have the church backing skill it now extends to Superior Weapons. Additionaly: You may hold a special extended ceremony to lay a permanent blessing upon an individual who fights for your church as a champion, this is a BIG DEAL, and is likely to end badly for you if your champion ever violates the strictures of the church or does something which the Church seniors disagree with. This is the same ceremony conducted on Level 4 Holy Crusaders, although the exact effects are likely to be different.

Church Backing

Your church views you as a valuable priest and member, and will provide you with any standard equipment you request (within reason). This also provides additional benefits in situations where the church’s influence could be useful.


You are one of the leaders of your church. This provides major influence within the city, and other effects at GM discretion.

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Builder Specific Skills

Divine Aura

The allies of the priest gain a minor benefit due to their devotion. In addition, your faith allows you to invoke any one level 1 Miracle you know once per adventure even when not under the Gaze of the Gods.

Your allies’ armour is hardened and fortified by your presence. Your party’s armour can be repaired up to one higher than its usual maximum for each rank of this skill you possess.

Divine Majesty

The priests aura further improves, granting the following effects in addition to the existing ones, and allowing them to invoke a miracle of up to level 4 once per adventure while not under the Gaze of the Gods.

Each member of the party can call RENEW 3 on themselves once per encounter at any time they're conscious.

Mace/Hammer skills

See Fighter for skill descriptions.

Crafter 1

The character can carry out field repairs to standard quality armour of all classes, and can fix shattered standard equipment with access to a smithy.

Crafter 2

As crafter one, but the character can repair superior equipment, and gains the ability to field repair standard weaponry and shields, and superior armour. In addition, the character can craft a single standard item between each adventure.

Crafter 3

As crafter one, but can repair master crafted equipment, and can field repair master-crafted armour, superior weaponry and shields. In addition, the character can now choose to craft EITHER two standard or one superior item between adventures.

Master Crafter

As crafter one, but the character can field repair any non-artifact weaponry or shields, field repair artifact armour and repair other artifact equipment in a smithy. In addition, the character can choose to manufacture EITHER one mastercrafted, two superior or four standard items between each adventure. Finally, the character can contribute to the creation of artifacts. Mastercrafted items you have created will give you full benefits of a master crafter item when you are using them (including both the ability to wield it and the buffs it would give if you had the skill), this benefit is not gain when using master crafted items produced by someone else or when someone else is using your master crafted items.


You know how to build most common types of building. When purchasing resources you pay only 75% of the cost to represent the purchase of materials and labour used to construct the resource yourself. You may construct resources for other characters, you pay 75% of the cost as usual and pass the resource to the other character in exchange for whatever arrangement has been worked out between your characters.


You know how to construct complex buildings or devices (such as siege weaponry). Mostly a between adventures thing. When purchasing resources you pay only 50% of the cost to represent the purchase of materials and labour used to construct the resource yourself. You may construct resources for other characters, you pay 50% of the cost as usual and pass the resource to the other character in exchange for whatever arrangement has been worked out between your characters.

Divine Inspiration

This skill may be used once per an adventure.

The priest focusses their mind on a practical problem. After a short period of meditation, the design of a solution will come to them.

For example, if the problem is needing a way to break through a city's walls, the solution may be a device for under-mining the walls, a balista, or even suction powered climbing gear depending on the exact situation and crafting capabilities of the priest / combat and crafting capabilities of the party in question.


Level 1


10 sec: You may RENEW 3 the suit of armour a target is wearing. THis may not take it above its normal maximum hits.

Concussive strike

20 sec: You may call MASS ZERO STRIKEDOWN the next time you connect with a melee weapon blow. This cannot be arced and does not affect you. Alternatively, used against a stationary object this can function as a SHATTER.

Level 2


10 sec: During the period that you are chanting, you are capable of completing 60 seconds of work. If you a conducting less than 60 seconds of work, it will still take 10 seconds to complete.

Cumbersome Tools

15 sec: You call the armour and tools of a target to turn against them. Call ENTANGLE [limb].


5 sec: You may reinforce a persons tools or armour. With a 5 second chant you may provide a target with two resists against a single call that you specify. For example, if providing a resist against strikedown, tell them “You gain 2 resists to strikedown”. You may not use this miracle for a second time against a target until they have used their resist (or until the encounter has ended when the resist is lost).

Builder's Gaze

5 sec: You gain a single insight into the workings of an item or mechanism (the level of insight is at GM discretion but should amount to something “useful”). If you are maintaining this miracle over an extended period of time, you may interact with anything around you as well as its creator would have been able to.

Level 3


20 sec: The priest may call MASS PARTY RENEW THREE. Larger constructions may be repaired either far more rapidly or from far worse damage than Remake (i.e. knitting back together a bridge over a chasm that has fallen in).


15 sec: You lay your hands upon a wounded ally, the ally gains all their lost hits back as armour hits for the encounter. If they are on zero hits when you cast this miracle then they will not need body hits for the rest of the encounter (though they will still fall unconscious if they run out of armour hits). Renews function on these armour hits as usual. At the end of the encounter their armour hits will disappear, if they have no body hits left then they will immediately start bleeding out.

Divine Forging

15 sec: You may point at a weapon or shield in your sight and reforge it with the power of the builder, that item will provide ALL the benefits of a master-crafted item for the duration of the encounter (including both the ability to wield it and the buffs it would give if you had the skill).


30 sec: As long as the priest is wearing armour that has remaining hits, they become invulnerable to all damage for ten seconds.

Level 4

A Poor Workman

10 seconds: For the next ten seconds, the target's armour (including natural armour) and weapons cease to function on their behalf. All damage to the target is dealt as THROUGH damage. If the target is fighting with crafted weapons, they can only call SINGLE and may make no effect calls. You can only use this on a target ONCE per encounter.

Call YOUR ARMS BETRAY YOU. You must explain these additional rules at the beginning of any adventure in which you play.


10 sec: You and those you are supporting may carry out 5 minutes of work during the 10 seconds you are using this miracle. If conducting less than 5 minutes work, it will still require the full 10 seconds to complete. You may use very inappropriate materials to carry out this work while using this miracle and still expect to succeed. For example, a Priest could use a gaze of the gods and this miracle to allow themselves and 4 other party members to construct a reasonably solid set of fortifications in only a few hours, using only glacial ice.


30 sec: You may imprison a single target. Call ENTANGLE ALL LIMBS. The exact nature of the imprisonment varies, but usually involves large blocks of earth rising to surround the target or catches the arms and legs of a target between rocks. Please explain the exact effect you use to the monsters at the beginning of each adventure you play on.

STRENGTHENED individuals or particularly strong monsters may instead take a REND from this effect.

Level 5


30 sec: The priest or target ally has their skin transmuted into living metal. For the rest of the encounter, all damage against that target is reduced to a single if it would be higher.

Alternatively, you may use this ability to retire. The caster creates a single item or construction (up to small city sized in magnitude), infusing themselves into it. The item/construction will have properties significantly above and beyond the norm. If a stationary structure is made, the area around it becomes stabilised.

Reforged Steel

20 sec: The priest can call MASS RENEW FULL PARTY. In addition, the party regain all expended weapon calls. The sheer power this uses causes the gaze of the gods to abate.

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