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Oblitus Mundi

Initial Brief

Terrible news has been delivered by agents operating within the Serradic Empire. The minor city of Armia, just west of Junnes, has been lost. The information retrieved from Acryn Agents suggests that the city has been lost to a single patch of “Pure Potential”, that there are several smaller patches located nearby, and that no method of accessing or fixing these patches has been possible so far.

The Council believes this to be the work of Frederick Dines and is the first stage of a plan many have long feared he was planning, a second Upheaval. Diplomats have been sent to Serradis to broker a deal giving Acryn access to Armia. However, the Council does not believe there is enough time to wait for their response and is preparing a response team to head out towards Armia immediately.

The Council is seeking anyone who has previously helped the city in resolving emergency incidents. It is their belief that due to the level of threat this incident represents that they cannot risk any potential skillset being unavailable should the need arise. Arrangements have been made to ship out interested parties to an encampment being setup near Armia, where appropriate responses can be locally organised.



Friday Night

  • The party from Acryn arrive to the camp through a number of horrible Flux creatures and fending off attacks from the followers of Frederick Dines. A few altercations occur in camp as they set themselves up proper, and they get a grasp of the situation: Dines has a large, impenetrable ritual going on nearby that needs to be found, there's scouting to be done of the surrounding area to find areas of pure potential which are being created by Dines, goods need transporting, and a whole manner of problems.
  • Serradic villagers, displaced from their village which has been destroyed by Pure Potential urge adventurers to go and seek their son. They find the boy and return him, and he explains he's seen a camp being constructed nearby, encouraging adventurers to go and locate and investigate it.
  • The Wayfinders' Guild explain that in order to facilitate long range communications they were coercing some anomalies into working for them but one has escaped. Adventurers locate the suffering anomaly and persuade the Guild to stop torturing it. Eyebrows are raised as to why the Guild are torturing anomalies after they promised not to.
  • Adventurers head to investigate the camp and find along with large watchtowers being erected that there is a large anomalous army being headed by an anomaly called The General which is working for Dines. They find plans to attack a town nearby the next day and return, warning the Serradics of this and the two nations decide to work together.
  • While the camp is being investigated, Dines himself turns up at the camp and angrily tells the Acrynites to go home and let him finish fixing the world in peace. He brings with him a crystal that makes everyone in the area forget their skills. When they refuse to leave, Dines brings down a Star from the sky, out of which a cloudy creature emerges and begins attacking the camp. Dines disappears during the melee.
  • At night, a Lasran stargazer takes some adventurers Stargazing and notes the stars falling from the sky, as well as one very large object which crashes nearby.

Saturday Morning

  • The heroes wake up to find there's a large ball of eyes sitting in the camp. They're not quite sure of what to do with it, but it's not Flux. Batts licks it and finds that he loses his ability to use magic. Everyone is rather concerned so Nobody uses Senta's shiny metallic surface as a mirror to push it into the Shattered Plane. This is a bad idea, and emissaries from the Shattered Plane show up to shout at the party and insist they come and retrieve it. All mirrors crack, and Senta is in great pain. The Alchemists try to stop the cracking, but are unable to produce a concoction that deals with the root problem.
  • Ishild and the Wake of Courage become alarmed when an explosion of mana and divine energy seems to be ripping a god from the world. A party rushes to the Serradic Temple of the Wake of Courage and there manage to prevent the god from being ripped from reality, entering the Shattered Plane in the process and removing the Eye. The Fourth Disciple is also prevented from transcending into a higher and more terrifying power.
  • The mages note a constant thrum of mana in the distance and investigate to find a large mana crystal had fallen from the sky overnight and a group of Dines's followers attempting to retrieve it. They stop the Dines cult and retrieve the crystal from themselves.
  • Around the same time, there's a huge explosion of mana from closer to Dines's fortress, and heroes rush out to investigate where they find the area flooded and the burning shipwreck of the Crimson Mother and the remains of a ritual. The Archmage's brain and the First Bow-Implement are both found here and Dines's followers attempt to take those and Mercy, the figurehead, away from the site. The heroes prevent them and take the goodies for themselves, fascinated by the Clockwork Brain and the Bow.
  • The Eye in the camp has begun creating a field of Stasis around it. There's much confusion and concern and experimentation with this. They put Mercy nearby it and then move her to create a moat around the camp as Lucian Graves shapes a wall around it.
  • The Serradics inform the party that they're ready to embark on the operation to save the nearby town from being attacked by the General and destroyed into Pure Potential. They work well with the Serradics and manage to thwart the General and prevent the town from being destroyed by Pure Potential.
  • While they're away, at the camp, further experimentation with the Eye occurs. It appears to create Stasis wherever it goes, and they use it to start trying to stabilise the wall that Lucian has made. Lucian and Nobody also work together to create a new Master Crafted ship for Mercy to stop her just flooding the area, and succeed. They take the ship out away from the camp so it's a sensible distance away and Nobody Stabilises the thing.

Saturday Afternoon

  • As lunch ends, an attempt is made on the life of Watch Captain Maria Addinell by an assassin who gets away. Maria is saved by the Man of Many Means, but the camp is called to defend an arriving caravan of siege weapons from things in the Flux. With the siege weapons installed, the camp is made safer. Ghostfire also arrives and is confused about how to save people, but then disappears off with Nobody for investigations.
  • Investigators head into the First Empire ruins found beneath the temple of the Wake of Courage and explore, finding a highly powerful binding artefact that could be used to stop Dines.
  • Experiments are made with catapulting the eye. It catapults.
  • Nobody is destroyed by Pure Potential and a projection of his spirit returns to camp to explain what he's discovered. Attempts are made to restore him but to no avail. In the process, Bartholomew creates a new empty human body and Leopold takes the opportunity to experiment by installing the Archamge's Clockwork Brain into it. By the Tender's resurrection power, the body comes to life and a humanoid golem capable of distinguishing Flux and Not Flux comes into existence.
  • Ownership and programming of the golem is contested by the camp. In the end, it settles to be referred to as Jade and responds to all.
  • Nice Lizard arrives at the camp. The camp is uncertain about Nice Lizard being there and attempt to kill her for the bounty. She runs away into the Flux, taking a curse with her.
  • A small Dragon Gate is discovered and a party head out to investigate it. They find that it is being attacked by Carlaeon and the party bitterly defend it. The gate opens and they realise it's a one way trip through the gate either way, but as Carlaeon won't let up, Alexander Everett kisses Armand goodbye and jumps through into Acryn where he informs the Council of what's going on.
  • The Eye is taken to a nearby patch of Pure Potential where it proceeds to eliminate the Pure Potential, creating an area filled with eyes in its place.
  • Growing concerns about the Pivot of the World send the Abnegator to inform those at the camp there is a way to reach the Pivot and deal with it. A bizarre quest sets forth bouncing through various realities created by Xavier as he shows the adventurers how much better the world could be. After facing off against Xavier's dog (now enormous and triple-headed) the party find Xavier and the Dragon-Slayer performing an enormous ritual. Senta sheathes the Dragon-Slayer but Xavier continues the ritual until pummelled into the ground. Stripped of the power of the Pivot of the World, Xavi pleads with the party to let him live and go in peace, but they brutally kill him. With the ritual broken, the Pivot of the World starts collapsing and the party are catapulted back to the camp.
  • Suddenly, Priests and Divinely Favoured of the Founders lose their divine power. Panic ensues. The Builder and the Tender appear in the Acryn camp, and Batts Marbeq takes the wounds of the Builder upon himself using Sin Eater to ensure the Builder survives. Vined beings attack the camp, coming for the Tender but are fended off. The Warrior is nowhere to be seen and Senta suddenly receives great power as she takes the mantle of the Warrior as her god has died.
  • The Traitor cloaks herself as a subordinate of the local Leader Priest and remains mostly undetected in the camp for the duration.

Saturday Night

  • After dinner, the Silent Expectation appears and implores the adventurers to assist with the Serradic Underworld which given her loss of power is about to become severely weak to draconic attack. A party of newer heroes heads out to deal with the problem, but they are betrayed by Ruby, the Fairy Godmother, who stabs the Silent Expectation in the back and unleashes Carlaeon upon the billions of undefended souls. They are consumed and the party escape with the souls of some Serradic Ascendant Heroes who grant them power (and are furious about the destruction of the Underworld).
  • About this time, the camp is attacked by a horde of Gleams. The defenders all but abandon camp in effort to hunt them down to their source and annihilate the Mother Of All Gleams.
  • Batts Marbeq sets plans in motion for after his death. He plans for a Batts Institute of Reasonable Magery and makes arrangements for this. As the end of his time draws near, he initiates a ritual with the gigamana crystal to impart all his knowledge and secrets to his crystal skull so it might survive and inform after his passing. He gives a farewell and is executed by Leopold before his deal with Carlaeon is broken. The Skull is created, and spends the evening compiling its information.
  • Carla Santos runs into the camp, terrified because her brother Charles and his friend Kyros (two of the wizards who caused the Upheaval) are up to some terrible plan. A party heads out to stop them in Triskelion, where they plan to conduct a ritual to sever Triskelion's bond of parenthood with humanity. The party try to stop them, but are distracted and too slow, and the bond is cut. Triskelion tells the party to GET OUT before turning and joining Carlaeon and Tuireann in hatred of humanity.
  • Amidst a feeling of defeat, the Oracle and Rampant rock up to the camp. The Oracle despairs while the Rampant encourages some recreational drug use (before being stabbed up by a number of the camp, turning into bees and flying away).

Sunday Morning

  • The next day, the Crystal Skull has completed and floats around the camp providing advice and helping the Acrynii plan.
  • Ruby ponders who she is, with the Nascent Soul having been awoken. She's not given terribly long, though, before Octavian, seething with rage over the Serradic Underworld, attacks her, and the rest of the camp join in. Ruby is killed for her crimes.
  • The entire camp begins to be suffering waves of forgetting, akin to Dines's crystal, every 5 minutes or so. Scouts report an enormous crystal appears to be the source of this and a party head out, complete with the binding artefact to deal with it.
  • Using a compass that unifies Dines's fortress to help find it, and the First Bow-Implement, the mages of the camp cast a powerful ritual to break into the fortress and a band of Silvio, Novice Sariel, Octavian and Armand confront Dines. They attempt to reason with him but he's convinced he's fixing the world. He sets a Carlaeonesque beast on them from the stars, and as they fight, Abec the Drake attacks them too. The ritual continues, and Prim cries out for help from the Traitor as to whether they should stop Dines or work with him. The Traitor thinks and eventually decides NO, and Prim puts all her effort into stopping Dines, sacrificing herself in the process using the powers granted by the Brotherhood of the Closed Eye.
  • The battle is tough, and Armand only just saves Octavian from death, while an unconscious Silvio and a static Prim are flung from the fortress back into camp. Silvio is healed, but Prim now exuding Stasis is put next to the other Stasis for safe-keeping.
  • Scouts report one last attack by a huge army of Frederick Dineses and in a desperate battle, Abec the drake is retrieved but the heroes split Dines from the rest of his army and throw all that they have at him until he screams “NO!” and, wounded, stops moving. The entire camp attack him, but find their swords cause no more damage, and start to find their swords no longer moving easily…
  • An ominous mist starts forming around Dines and the heroes start to run. Carla Santos shouts vengeance for her brother and charges into the Stasis and is obliterated, turning as static as Dines. Silvio is frozen in stasis plunging his sword into Dines's neck as he stays to finish the job, and the misty Stasis pours out across the area, with the heroes running from it, before it begins to slow down… for now.



With the camp consumed in Stasis, the Acrynii dust themselves off and take stock of the situation. Dines, Carla Santos, and Silvio are all statuesque in the middle, with Silvio plunging a sword into Dines. An enormous rock giant stands caught in the Stasis and as the heroes watch, Paige is seen breaking her way out, panicked but alive.

Bartholomew calls a gaze of the Tender and cures everyone of their wounds. Having the Tender herself not too far away rather helps.

Taking stock of the situation, plans begin to be drawn up. Octavian slips away toward Serradis, while most start packing up the Caravan and prepare to make the long trip back to Acryn, to determine on the way what the consequences for the world may be and how to deal with the gods having returned.

In Liarus, adventurers briefly stop to stock up on potion supplies. The last good reagants brought with them are used in creating some more potions by Elias, but the worst is confirmed: all new reagants are useless. The alchemists spend time carefully deliberating over how to move forward with this, and determine they're able to sift the bad reagants from the good ones, at a great cost to time and effort.

On the road back, a call for help from a village being attacked by bandits is heard, and Elias and Henrietta go to answer it, meeting up with some adventurers from Acryn who also heard the call, heading out before Dines was dealt with. They leave the main group to help (debrief in Status Mundi)

The main group returns to Acryn, but all is very much not well. The Wayfinders report that the Flux has encroached into the city past the expected markers: fields and woods that were Consensus before are now Flux, and its encroachment into the city is more erratic than before.

The sky is grey and stormy as they arrive, but then the stormy clouds are overshadowed by the smoke from the harbour. The Dragon Gate is lit up with activity, and the Acryn Navy are doing all they can to blockade the horrors that are emerging from it. Dark storm clouds, bristling with chains and lightning and blood, clawing their way into the world, devouring all that they can before they're beaten back. Triskelion is attacking.

The Wayfinders' Guild report heavy losses as groups sent out into the Flux are increasingly not returning, and those who return are heavily wounded and babble something about Dragons…

Over the next weeks

The Builder, acting on a dying request from Batts, honours the man who saved his life by taking his mortal injuries upon himself, and constructs a grand building for the new Batts Marbeq Institute of Reasonable Magery. Initially funded by the money claimed from his own bounty, the Institute begins as a modest affair with the crystal skeleton of Batts left as an ossuary in the entrance hall. Work begins on organising the Institute, and the Crystal Skull, an incredibly powerful magical artefact and knowledge source that maintains a bit of personality, takes up position as lecturer as the first classes are opened. 50R of Batts's bounty also makes its way to Leopold.

The Postal Corps receives a red-stamped letter from Prim and open it as a matter of priority. In it they note a kill order on Nice Lizard as a matter of grave importance, details on Prim's view of the whole incident and instructions to continue on should she not return. The Brotherhood similarly receives a recommendation that Leopold Street be given access to their deepest secrets, and the Leader Church finds themselves delivered dozens of beautifully tailored outfits for someone of Marian Terrec's build.

The Warrior returns to Acryn, ready to defend it against the fight to come. She explains what's happened to her followers. She refrains from use of Miracles but happily has a duel with anyone who wants one. She gets in touch with Leana for an initially awkward but quickly joyous reunion. Phillipe, however, cannot be found.

Elias collects accounts from everyone and anyone who was near Armia and collates them into a whole assortment of documents as a small archive with the intention of building on it as time passes. He manages to get information off pretty much everyone, including accounts from the Builder and Tender. In addition to the accounts, he manages to pick up a bloody black flag which makes the Tender look conflicted for a moment; some fragments of Starmetal that appeared to have fallen near the camp; a vial of glowing Gleam; and copies down the engravings and runes from the Dragon Slayer's sheath and the small dragon gate.

Bartholomew and Leopold discuss custody of Jade, since both of them had a hand in creating her. In the end, they decide to leave her with Leopold since he has a greater understanding of her clockwork brain, but on the understanding that Bartholomew can visit whenever he likes.

Leopold investigates Jade and her capabilities and discovers that she's certainly not ensouled and certainly not fully sentient, with time she can be programmed to follow complicated instructions. Using his surgical skills and understanding of the Alchemy of Motion, he's able to continue tinkering with Jade until she's finely tuned to obey instructions and make complex decisions. It requires frequent tuning, but he now has a clockwork-driven human minion.

Bartholomew returns to his village and is alarmed to discover that the Flux has somewhat encroached. He uses the Tender's power to help restore crops and keep the village alive, but its population has shrunk.

In the city, Emilio asks if he's going to get paid for any of this. The bounty for Dines is split between those who were present, and Emilio (who keeps noting how much work he had to do and how hard it was) is eventually slipped another 27R to keep him quiet.

Octavian heads to General Adraston in the Serradic Empire and gives a full debrief on what happened. The angry Serradics agree completely that Acryn adventurers are dangerous and that the entire nation should be absorbed into the Empire for their own good. Octavian, with great knowledge of Acryn, is appointed as Spymaster General in order to lay the groundwork within Acryn for the invasion, while Acryn itself is distracted by the declaration of war. He returns to Acryn and takes his seat in the East Empire Company under the guise of a promotion to one of the Company Managers. He makes contact with an ex-priest of the Silent Expectation for future discussions.

Lucian Graves fully debriefs the Wayfinders' Guild. He then uses his privilege as Councillor to investigate what Carla Santos told him about the nature of the world. Then, he orders a number of excursions to handle the new Flux and Dragon problems to sandbag any attempts to respond as he borrows the printing press of Alexander Everett and publishes the Wayfinders' Guild's deepest darkest secrets under his name. His is promptly sacked, and his estates frequently come under attack from angry Guild members before they're taken off by the Watch. It's not unmanageable, and independent Wayfinders thank him for what he's done. He also finds contact from an organisation referring to itself as “Aurora” saying that they can “do business”.

Nice, having run off into the Flux, finds herself connecting with Tuireann who she discovers now inhabits much of the Flux. Tuireann is very happy with this development and works with her to break the Arcane Arbiter's curse.

At the Council, which is in chaos, Armand and Samuel debrief what they saw and attempt to keep order and propose a way forward. Samuel wants to work to restore peace to Serradis and also pushes for plans to be put in place for future crises: vetting procedures to try and minimise unstable and untrustworthy elements being involved, as well as improved supply lines and military training. This is actioned and put to the test fairly promptly as the city remains under attack from Triskelion through the Dragon Gate. Both decry the Wayfinders' Guild and an investigation into their mysterious blacksite begins (aided by Lucian Graves's whistle-blowing). Armand urges caution with regards to Stasis but cites a vision he received from a Lasran Shadow God as hope of a way forward as a path between Stasis and Pure Potential. He urges people to not turn their backs on the gods in this time of crisis.

Armand also distributes what he knows about the situation and urges people to stick with the gods and forge a way through.

Saffron talks to her child, the Drake who was working with Dines, and explains that people (especially mages) who offer you shiny things can't necessarily be trusted and don't necessarily have your best interests at heart. The drake understands and is apologetic and follows Saffron around for a while as a way of apology before returning to explore the world.

Experiment Seventeen returns to the Archmage's hideout to find a number of Postal Workers boxing up his belongings. She shows them the bow and asks where the Archmage is and they explain that he attempted to take on Frederick Dines for the good of everyone but it appears he must have lost. They offer condolences, but also offer to continue the care he provided and offer the same research opportunities… if, of course, Sev wants that.

Henrietta Sawyer joins the East Empire Company, though as an Acryn citizen is left in the dark about some of its new functions. She is given full membership as she would have been able to have in the Wayfinders' Guild.


For the World


  • An enormous patch of Stasis now sits around Armia and the surrounding area near the Serradic border. None who have entered it have been able to emerge.
  • Suitably world-defining events will now cause Stasis to occur. Acryn Council has urged serious caution about engaging in such activities within the city.


  • New Alchemical reagants no longer work, while old ones continue to function. Due to the scarcity of finding potion reagants, the number of potions an individual can carry is halved, mixing slots are halved, and the cost of all potions is doubled until such time as a solution is found.

The Gods

  • The Gods have had their Divinity stripped by the ritual of the Pivot of the World. Old gods are finding themselves made mortal but other gods no longer exist. Their Divine Power is spread by gods blessing their followers and their followers blessing others. This blessing is a necessity to access divine power and is a free prerequisite of all Priest powers.
  • This blessing can easily be assumed acquired in downtime for gods easily accessible in Acryn. For other gods, it will have to be achieved on an adventure.
  • Any skills rendered useless by this change refund their XP (it can be put back after being blessed)

Ascended Young Gods

  • Ascended Young Gods have had their Divinity stripped by the ritual of the Pivot of the World and soon find themselves with the choice to regain mortality much like the Founders were forced to. Young Gods should make a choice as to whether they are appearing mortal once more and if so the character as statted before their Ascension will be playable for ONE (1) adventure either during or after which they will need to retire. Player Request adventures will not be accepted for characters returning in this capacity, nor will they be able to leverage their skills during debriefs to assist characters.
  • If you have an Ascended Young God you wish to return in this way, please contact the LARPO before playing them for additional briefing.

Young Gods

  • Unascended Young Gods find themselves feeling compressed, cramped and know that their power has been permanently altered in some way. They will no longer be able to ascend, and will need to re-bless their followers like all the other gods (assumed trivial if living in Acryn), but are not on a time limit.


  • Many Primals appear to have gone missing. Those who still remain feel weaker than they did, and appear less intrinsically awesome than they were before.

The Dragongates

  • The Dragongate network no longer works and horrible things like wrathful storm clouds are emerging from them and attacking whatever is nearby.


  • Is at war with Serradis
  • The Wayfinders' Guild has been caught experimenting on anomalies again, weakening their position on the Council.
  • The East Empire Company announces itself as “independent of national politics” and declares that the current war with Serradis is “unfortunate” and that they will do their best to continue trade “for better or for worse” but note that “prices for Serradic trips may increase due to current circumstances”.


  • Has lost its afterlife to the ravages of Carlaeon
  • Is at war with Acryn


  • The following information is now public:
    • Anomalies are sentient and think and feel.
    • Anomalies have been brutally tortured and experimented on by the Wayfinders' Guild
    • Wayfinders are proven to not have existed prior to the Upheaval, coming into existence as a universal response to the threat of complete obliteration.
    • Anomalies are proven to not have existed prior to the Upheaval and came into existence in a similar manner.
    • Particularly gifted Wayfinders are capable of resurrecting themselves in the Flux by casting their will out and creating a new existence for themselves that will be as convincing as the memories we have of Wayfinders created at the Upheaval but functionally did not exist before the Resurrection.
    • Triskelion has turned her back on humanity
    • A man called Frederick Dines attempted a second Upheaval but the ritual was interrupted.

For Characters


  • 100R from Acryn City Council as the Dines reward is split up
  • Anything left in the camp is now lost


  • Loses access to Warrior power from One Knife
  • Gains True Face of the Warrior Epic Tree


  • Has the torch containing Booker

Batts Marbeq

  • RIP
  • His floating Crystal Skull resides as lecturer in the Batts Marbeq Institute for Reasonable Magery


  • Inherits all of Batts's possessions:
    • Remains a torch that once contained Booker
    • A fragment of Mudra's tooth
    • A hunk of Starmetal
    • Mastercrafted manacles with no key
    • A wand which, if made implement, allows once per adventure the mage to spend a crystal mana to restore their protomana for the encounter.
    • An invitation to join the Batts Institute of Reasonable Magery
  • Maintains the Serradic Ascendant who is in her head. Three times per adventure you may choose to let the Serradic take control and become STRENGTHENed and gain 3 RESISTs to a specific appropriate call (discuss with Tom)


  • Maintains the Serradic Ascendant who is in his head. Three times per adventure you may choose to let the Serradic take control and become STRENGTHENed and gain 3 RESISTs to FEAR.


  • +27R


  • Has access to all ranks of Affiliation with the East Empire Company as the Wayfinder tree would provide for the Guild.


  • Is the owner of Jade, a human with a clockwork brain capable of distinguishing Flux and Not Flux and being programmed over a very long period of time.
  • +50R from Batts's bounty
  • Access to the next level of Brotherhood of Closed Eye affiliation
  • Has an understanding of Motion that is detailed and sufficient enough to maintain one soulless mechanical golem around at all times. For now, that is Jade. Once per adventure, you may use your Minion to perform an off-screen task for you, or may call upon them into an encounter (if it is feasible for them to get to you) in order to have an additional member of the party that will follow your orders (10 hits, SINGLEs)

Lucian Graves

  • Loses contacts and affiliation ranks with the Wayfinders' Guild. This XP can be refunded or immediately transferred elsewhere.
  • Receives a number of anonymous boxes of chocolate and bouquets.
  • Hated by the Wayfinders' Guild
  • Canvas of Creation Epic Tree

Nice Lizard

  • Most Wanted by the Postal Corps
  • -3 Mana
  • No longer cursed by the Arcane Arbiter


  • RIP.


  • Canvas of Creation Epic Tree
  • Spymaster General for Serradis in Acryn under the guise of Company Manager in the East Empire Company.


  • Having nearly died by being buried alive is likely to have a strong fear of this eventuality.


  • RIP.


  • RIP. Her God-daughter, Jade, moves into the care of Leopold Street.


  • Personal Power Epic Tree: The Warrior
  • Has both Senta's and Lynndis's memories
  • Has the Dragon Slayer, sheathed
  • Gain's Armand's effect from One Knife: You look like a young women with fiery red hair. Gain 3x 10 Second Agility. 5xSHATTER. +1 damage on all blows. THROUGH on all blows where you are not using another call.


  • May purchase Affiliation with the Postal Corps

Silvio Pastore

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