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Batts Marbeq (dead)

Short-order chef turned consumption mage. A relatively slim man who appears to be in his late thirties: formerly avuncular, enthusiastic, vital and assertive. Inexplicably fond of baked goods. Sometimes prone to fantasy. Intermittently an ooze.

(After Strenuous Objections)

Batts' skin is covered in a layer of bone, calloused nodules visible where he has been flayed over the course of Dammerung's experiments. His personality has taken a turn for the silent and stoic, there is a great untapped seam of rage and sorrow running through his very marrow.

(After Anomalous Materials)

Batts wakes up.

Batts is more spacey than usual, and seems to have developed a sudden interest in local history, stalking the taverns of Acryn, where he listens intently to the stories of old heroes and local characters, lapping up their words with a fervor that is, at times, unsettling.

On the plus side, he seems a lot more cheerful lately. However, when the end of the day nears, he can be seen to glance up nervously at the sky and will often break off engagements to hurry back to the people's college.



Class: Mage (Consumption)


  • Very Tough
  • Weaponry (Staff)

* The Fair Folk

  • Divine Favor of The Splintered Man (This was not granted to Batts willingly. Please don't tell Howard.)
  • Divine Favor of Rowan Darrish
  • Divine Favor of Xavier
  • Walked on the Otherside
  • Arcane Curse


  • 16 hits (11 body hits + 2 diamond body hits + 2 armour + 1 natural armor)
  • 2x Triple with Quarterstaff (superior), otherwise Double
  • 1x Strikedown, 1x Weaken / encounter; 1x shatter / adventure
  • 1 p/e 10s - LOOK BEHIND YOU, 1 p/e 10s IDENTITY THEFT
  • XP spent: 39
  • Is a diamond skeleton filled with arcane blood. Can extrude blood and shoot it out for SINGLE (physrepped by throwing daggers). Acidic transformation still works as usual.

Skills - Passive

  • Tough lv.1 (Mage)
  • Tough lv.1 (Very Tough) [free skill]
  • Tough lv.2 (Very Tough)
  • Mana Sense
  • Protomana tolerance lv.1
  • Protomana tolerance lv.2
  • Protomana tolerance lv.3
  • Protomana tolerance lv.4
  • Use Implement
  • Use Quarterstaff
  • Minor Ritual Caster
  • Arcane Learnings
  • Loremaster
  • Ritual Caster
  • Master Ritualist
  • Scholar
  • Diplomacy
  • Mana Simulation
  • Retrieve Implement
  • Implement Experience

Skills - Active

  • Weapon Talent 1 (Staff)
  • Weapon Potency (Staff)

* Fairer than Thou

  • Divert

* Speak With The Weight of Ages

  • Divine Aura (splintered man)
  • Identity Theft

* Home Away From Home * Overseer of Bargains

  • Latissa's Gyre - You may, at will, replace one of your own memories with a memory someone is recounting to you. You will now remember the events told to you as if you had been the one who lived them. Once per an adventure you may help another who wishes to forget in the same manner. (Technically this ability has no name, but this is what Batts calls it). As of Debt of Bones, this now inserts the Rampant into the memory of the willing target at GM discretion.
  • Draconic Insight
  • Draconic Influence
  • Draconic Power
  • Acceptance of Fate: SIN EATER.

Skills - Spells

  • Efficient Consumption
  • Purification of the Self
  • Acidic Transformation
  • Taste of Knowledge
  • Dissolution of the Form
  • Fortified Consumption
  • Dragon's Fire
  • Flame of Dissolution
  • Infusion
  • Consume and Assume
  • Trace the Flow of Life
  • Vision of Mortality
  • Theft By Scar
  • Cut the Thread


  • 23 Riel (Wealth lv.0 + Scholar)
  • Cash in hand: 2 Riel


  • Superior Quarterstaff
  • Standard Light Armour
  • Standard Dagger
  • Stolen Implement from Ivory Prince (1 p/a, consume mana crystal to restore all protomana).

Quirks and other misc. boons

  • Expert investigator into Matters of the Fey at the College of the Stars (affiliation)
  • Professional Test Subject to Dammerung the Undying (painful)
  • Absorbed the crystallised memories of manipulation mages of Strossbourg as his own
  • Understands the theory behind the process of how to make a dragon gate
  • A stomach made of gleam, allowing a reactive SHATTER when an ooze

Entities that have a claim on Batts' Mind/Body/Soul * Rowan Darrish (skeleton body, grants me control in day) * Dammerung the Undying (skeleton body, 50/50 controls at night) * Ivory Prince (skeleton body, 50/50 controls at night) * The Rampant (mind, inserts himself into all memories) * The Bone Knitter (Batts' bones, when he dies) * The Icon (symbols on the palms) * Karleon (Fairy!Batts is now shackled in horrifying illusory chains). Notably, Batts told Karl to piss off rather than submit to him directly.


God memories/recollections about ascending absorbed

  • Rowan Darrish (full memory of the process)
  • Rampant (I simply became myself; you should just be yourself!)
  • Xavier (experience of the different special kind of wayfinder places)


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