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Initial Brief

A leaflet has been pinned up at various places around the city seeking those of an adventurous disposition to aid in a great voyage of discovery. Applicants must not be afraid of the dark, loud noisy or die too easily. Interested parties should present themselves to Somisoz in the village of redford.





  • His face has fallen of and someone stealing his identity now steals his assumed identity instead. If he assumes his own identity his face becomes a blank mask.
  • Having reforged himself in the pure potential Nobody has unlocked his true potential and gained the born from possibility epic tree.


  • Has lost the scar on his soul.
  • Has gained a chest buster which will burst forth dealing Hugh a slay when he is in the present of the Pivot of the world to attempt to kill them.


  • Has broken all his chains and lost access to the fair folk epic tree with all XP refunded.
  • Has gained access to the Arcane curse tree.
  • Has remade himself to look like something less creepy.
  • Has turned his bones to diamonds granting him +2 body hits.
  • Has been forcefully inducted into the circle of the closed eye with a minder.
  • Has gained access to the lost rite of dissolution.


  • Has a crack down the centre of his face.
  • Has been forcefully inducted into the circle of the closed eye with a minder.
  • Can gain a second rank in affiliated secret service.
  • Has gained access to the lost rite of dissolution.
  • Once per adventure can consign a helpless or willing being to Valknut. Can retire to summon a labyrinth upon the earth trapping himself and others.
  • Is owed a potion by Zosimos.


  • Has created a hidden compartment in the Crimson mother.
  • Can recognise Hugh from his shadow after 2 encounters of interaction.
  • 70 riel.
  • Has consumed a minor Aspect of Mudra. One encounter per adventure she can regurgitate the Dopple ganger who will be played by a monster and hopefully be helpful, if not released by the last encounter it may well force itself out to have some fun. Has also gained access to dabbler Mage consumption background. The minor aspect in her head can be talked to and will probably give advice whether asked or not.


  • Has been reborn as an evil fairy godmother. She has a roleplaying effect where she likes to play out the role of the evil genie. Once per adventure she can also persuade someone she is their godmother similar to traitors cloak.
  • Has given her original soul to Carleon whilst a new will has been put in its place. For one encounter chosen by the player Carleon assumes control giving great power but at the price of doing what they want. The player gains a determination and doubles all per encounter calls. For a second encounter per adventure the body is controlled by the Nascent soul which is a starting character with 5 bodies calling singles. If appropriate the GM can also have Carleon intervene more often if something of interest to the dragon is occurring.
  • The nascent soul will eventually grow strong enough to sever the ties of the absent will to the body leaving them stranded in Carleons clutches. This will occur after five adventures.
  • Has lost access to the shop resource.
  • Is now the top of the fairy hierarchy and gains 5 free dominates to use on any fairy they meet, fairy will also be inclined to obey them even without this.
  • Once per adventure may create a fairy creature, this creature is initially completely loyal and its form to a limited degree may be moulded upon creation.
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