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Priests are those who call upon the power of the gods to aid their allies and destroy their foes. There are five types of priests you can play, each a follower of one of the five gods of Acryn. While there are other gods in the system (and you can choose to play someone favoured by one of these gods), it is not currently possible to play a priest of one of these gods.

Each god has a different attitude and provides their priests with a different set of abilities.

  • The Leader - Being a strong leader, and aiding those who lead. Removing bad leaders from positions of authority.
  • The Tender - Caring, healing, and protecting those who cannot protect themselves.
  • The Builder - Building and defending. Social improvement. Preventing those harmful to society from acting against society.
  • The Warrior - Fighting, honour, self improvement, and destroying those who would do harm to those you hold dear.
  • The Traitor - Subterfuge and doing what has to be done at any cost.
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