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Class Feature - Wayfinding

You have the ability to manipulate and find routes through the Flux, the extent of which increases as you gain experience. You begin play with the “Find the Path” Skill. Many Wayfinder abilities will require you to have at least one hand free to make appropriate gestures as you focus your will.

Wayfinder Insights

Wayfinders with access to level 3 skills can begin to purchase skills from one of the Wayfinder Insights trees.


Find the Path

Once awakened to their talents, wayfinders gain an instinctive ability to navigate through the Flux. Possession of this skill allows a wayfinder to lead a group both through the Flux in an efficient manner, and to find a route to a patch of Consensus given a description of its location.

Repair the Form

The first art of Flux Manipulation wayfinder’s pick up is the ability to gradually speed their own healing while within it. While travelling within the Flux, you restore 2 body hits between each encounter. If the Wayfinder is not wounded, they can instead fortify their body up to one hit higher than normal.

Know the Flux’s Touch

A Wayfinder can sense the presence of creations forged from the flux, be they objects created by another wayfinder, or a “living” being temporarily spat forth by it.

Inertial Barrier

While in the Flux, a wayfinder can nudge reality somewhat to shield themselves from harm. While travelling within the Flux, you gain FOUR armour hits, which may be restored with five minutes of concentration between encounters. This may be stacked with normal armour. Any armour hits you leave the Flux with remain until depleted, as you carry some part of the Flux with you.

Patch the Cracks

A Wayfinder can use the fabric of the Flux to effect temporary repairs to objects damaged within the Flux. A Wayfinder can repair a piece of armour or a shattered object given five minutes concentration between encounters. These repairs will rapidly undo themselves once the item leaves the Flux - an unfortunate who has forgotten that they repaired their sword this way might find themselves drawing a shattered blade from their scabbard when ambushed by thugs on the way to the pub.

Choose the Path

The Wayfinder gains some sense of the stabilisation of the Flux on the edge of their perception as they travel through it, and an ability to exert their will over this process. While they cannot cause entirely incongrous terrain to appear, they can nudge reality such that anything that would broadly fit the location lines the road ahead of them. Invaluable for traveling caravans. Mechanically, the Wayfinder can choose terrain to favour the party such that all travelling with them receive a DODGE per encounter.

Repairing Inertial Barrier

The Wayfinder’s ability to repair their barrier speeds considerably. By holding an empty hand to their chest, they can repair one armour point on their own barrier every five seconds. This ability only functions while you are in the Flux, and can only be used to affect your own barrier.

Durable Inertial Barrier

The Wayfinder’s barrier’s maximum armour hits improves to six points.

Restore the Form

The Wayfinder can rejuvenate themselves rapidly while travelling in the flux. Their between-encounter healing increases to four points, and if they are unwounded they can increase their body hits up to two higher than their maximum.

Lash Out

Early in their careers, Wayfinders begin to instinctively lash out at the eyes of their foes with ribbons of formed Flux. Twice per encounter, while in the Flux, they can call BLIND 5 on a foe that just struck them.

Concealed Arts

You can conceal the obvious visible effects of your Flux abilities. Anyone who is not a Wayfinder will not see any visible effects of any of your Flux-based abilities - Lash outs and Concussive bolts will seem to hit them out of nowhere, and anything you summon or create will be visually indistinguishable from the real thing. Even a Wayfinder with “Know the Flux's Touch” will only be able to notice your powers if you use a proactive combat ability - your barrier is not visible to them.

Concussive Bolt

The Wayfinder can shape the Flux into a bolt of force to cast at their enemies. The Wayfinder needs to raise an unoccupied hand above their head for fifteen seconds to gather this, then roleplay hurling it at an enemy, causing a STRIKEDOWN.

Heal The Flux Flesh

The Wayfinder can rapidly heal any creature formed entirely out of the flux, fully healing it over thirty seconds or calling HEAL 2 after 10 seconds. If it's on its death count, it stops while this healing is being applied. You need to be in constant physical contact with the creature in question.

Flux Summoning

Given considerable time to concentrate, the Wayfinder can shape a living, thinking creature out of the flux. The creature is loyal to the Wayfinder and will follow their orders, even if they're suicidal. If it runs out of body hits, it will fade away over the next thirty seconds. This process is mentally exhausting, and can only be done once per LARP. The most obvious use is summoning some sort of combat gribbly, but other uses are certainly possible. The creature summoned will persist for at least a few hours, then as long as attention is paid to it if it leaves the Flux.

Resilient Inertial Barrier

The Wayfinder’s inertial barrier improves to 8 hits.

Shake Reality’s Fetters

Once per adventure, the wayfinder can temporarily shatter the Consensus’s hold on a small area, turning it into Flux for as long as they remain conscious and present. Striking at reality does not come cheap, however. For the rest of the adventure, the character feels on edge and threatened while outside the Flux, and while outside the Flux they cannot be healed above two body hits (though they do not lose any they had on using this ability, nor any they had while leaving the Flux later in the adventure).

Alternatively, a Wayfinder can use this ability while already in the Flux to turn it into something…further from normality. The area becomes somewhat more dull, and all features somewhat less defined and notable. Wayfinders in the area will have much more ready access to their offensive calls, doubling the number of uses of Lash Out, and halving the time taken to use any offensive ability that requires charging. This state is very unstable, and will always end after the current encounter.

When using this ability call SHAKE REALITY'S FETTERS. Please describe these additional rules at the beginning of any adventure on which you play.


The Wayfinder is sufficiently in tune with the nature of reality that they are capable of rending the Consensus apart, bringing the Flux to an area. This requires thirty seconds of concentration to prepare. The radius will vary depending on a variety of factors, but can be expected to be anywhere from fifty metres to a few hundred (and may be smaller if the user wishes). Acryn’s council have made it clear that anyone proven to have done this within city limits will face immediate and permanent exile. Whispers within the Wayfinder’s guild suggest that the use of this ability has a permanent and debilitating cost.

Additionally, this ability can be reversed in order to slow the speed which stabilised flux returns to its natural form. A Wayfinder can choose to significantly extend the duration of stabilisation in their wake, with durations up to a week possible.

When a Wayfinder uses this ability to permanently destabilise an area, they are subject to the following effects:

  • Become WEAKENED for the rest of the adventure
  • Permanently lose 1 body hit while in the Consensus (as if the Consensus is actively hostile to their presence). If this would reduce your total body hits while in the consensus to 0 then you will become unplayable.
  • Lose a single memory of the GM's choice.

When using this ability mid encounter call TIME FREEZE and inform the GM what you have done, as this ability occasionally has unintended consequences.

Airblade Shaping

The Wayfinder can form the air itself into knives to slice at their enemies. The Wayfinder needs to place two empty hands flatly together for fifteen seconds as they gather the material needed to form the blade, then hurl it at an enemy, guiding it with their will towards a weak spot, and calling a REND.

Tear the Flux Flesh

The Wayfinder can flay apart creatures formed from the Flux. The user should extend an open palm towards the target for five seconds as they perceive every aspect of their form, and then grip their hand into a fist as they begin to tear their target apart. As long as they keep their hand gripped, they may call a SINGLE against the target every five seconds.

Restoring Inertial Barrier

By holding an empty hand to their chest, the Wayfinder can fully restore their own inertial barrier in ten seconds, as long as they are not struck during this time.

Flux Resurrection

If the Wayfinder is killed in the Flux, they will reform over the course of a few hours. This will have Side Effects.

Every time a Wayfinder uses this ability they are subject to the following effects:

  • Permanent lose of 2 body hits while in the Consensus. If this should result in your body hits in the consensus then your character will become unplayable.
  • A new personal history is created around you, with a new name, friends, and family. This is as real to you as your original history (and you will struggle to tell if either is more real than the other). This also affects everyone else. Some may remember adventuring with your alter-ego, families from both lives will recognise you as theirs.

Annihilation of Form

The Wayfinder improves their ability to rend flux creatures, increasing Tear the Flux Flesh’s damage to a DOUBLE every five seconds. In addition, the caster can render the very fabric of existence hostile to a target with a thought, allowing them to use this ability for a SINGLE every five seconds against non-Flux created targets while in the Flux.

Permanent Stabilisation

The Wayfinder may permanently stabilise a stretch of Flux, essentially creating a new band of consensus.

While in this specific patch of consensus, you may restore your body hits in the same manner that you would be able to restore your inertial barrier. You do not gain this benefit if the area has been destabilised.

For every use of this ability, your body hits when in the Flux are reduced by 1, as if the flux is actively more hostile to your presence. If your body hits in the flux are reduced to 0 in this manner then while you are not automatically rendered unplayable, it will be incredibly difficult to play your character as you automatically lose consciousness and start bleeding to death (with no way of being healed) upon entering the Flux.

Every time you use this ability describe an area of psychological weakness to the GM, you will gain a very minor benefit while in the consensus but also lose any fear or concerns coming from this weakness. The GM should describe the roleplaying effects stemming from this reinforcement such that even with the minor mechanical benefit it is overall a minor handicap.

  • For example: Eric Luckner uses this ability and describes his fear of sharp stabby things (through damage), he is given 2 resists to through damage while in the consensus but is now completely unafraid of Rapiers, Knives, etc while in the consensus.

If using this ability during a combat then call TIME FREEZE and explain what has happened. Otherwise just inform a GM of what you are doing.

Flux Shaping Abilities

In general, these abilities take sufficient time to use that they will either be carried out between encounters OR be the focus of an encounter as a party protects a Wayfinder trying to create something. Basic timeframe to create things is about five minutes. Items created through Flux shaping will usually dissipate within a few hours of leaving it, unless it is constantly observed. However, it they are created in a patch of stabilised flux where it would make sense for them to be found, then there is a chance they will persist in the consensus. For example, if you shape yourself a bushel of apples in the middle of the desert, they will almost certainly depart when you leave it. If, however, you do so in a verdant orchard, they may well persist in the consensus.

Flux Shaping - Items

The Wayfinder can create standard equipment or provisions from the Flux.

Flux Shaping - Landscaping

The Wayfinder can reshape stabilised Flux into minor geographical features (i.e. grow a tree, create a pile of boulders to hide that awkward corpse), or create walls and small buildings.

Flux Shaping - Worldshaping

The Wayfinder can create larger geographical features - hills, small forests, rushing rivers - or significantly larger buildings, such as castles or city wall sized fortifications. With significantly more preparation (30 mins-1 hour) The Wayfinder can set off natural disasters within the Flux. Earthquakes, lightning storms, tornados, falling rocks from above.

Other Wayfinder Skills


You have +2 body hits

Light Armour Swiftness

You gain +1 dodge while in light armour

Light Armour Training +1

You gain 1 additional armour hit from wearing light armour.

Organisational Ties


You have an affiliation with a group or organisation. You might be a paying member, an employee, a relation, or similar. Other members of the organisation will tend to react well to you. In addition, you gain ONE of the following benefits (decide when buying this skill) that represents your exact relationship with the organisation (chosen at purchase):

  • Loaned up to 2 pieces of standard equipment per adventure
  • Organisation will investigate a question and provide an answer for you (assuming it is something they can reasonably answer and would trust you with)
  • Provide you with a small wage (9 Riel per adventure)


You are a notable member of your affiliated organisation. Most members will react well to you, and very low ranking members may even take orders from you. In addition, you gain one of the benefits from Affiliation. You can choose to take the same benefit you already have, and in which case you get either a second question, 18r per adventure, 4 standard items or 2 standard items and a superior item.


You are very well known and respected in your organisation. This might be because you are a senior member, because you are one of their best fighters, or even just because you have a reputation as making problems go away. Most members will know your name and respect you. Most members who are not reasonably senior in their own right will either take orders from you or at least respect and consider any opinions you may have. You may choose one of the following additional benefits relating to you relationship with the organisation (chosen at purchase):

  • Once per an adventure you may use the power of your organisation to resolve an issue (that is appropriate to them). This may be making some legal problems go away, staging some sort of distraction, arranging a meeting with someone important, or anything else appropriate to your organisation.
  • A payment of 9r per adventure (will stack with anything from Affiliation and Reputed)
  • Loan of a Superior item or use of up to 18r worth of provisions (e.g., alchemy) which may be used in defence of your organisations interests but otherwise returned.

Guild Councillor

You are sufficiently advanced within the organisation to play a part in running it. You will have access to their accumulated knowledge (including secret knowledge). If your organisation takes contracts, you will be able to cherry pick yours, with others accepting what is left. You may deploy the resources of the organisation at will (within reason).

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