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Geography in a Changed World

Most things can be found roughly where they were before if:

  1. People knew they were there
  2. Travellers seeking them strike out with a strong sense of purpose and direction.

Space within the flux does not work in an entirely linear or consistent fashion, so travel times through it are unpredictable, and finding a given patch of Consensus is a tricky skill for anyone not possessed of the abilities of the Wayfinders. As one travels within the Flux, the area within one’s immediate perception becomes temporarily stabilised into something that should roughly resemble what was there before, or could have been there before - if you are travelling through former countryside, chances are good you’ll encounter rolling hills and fields, while if you’re following a map that crosses a mountain range, you’ll probably need climbing gear. This temporary fixation can last anywhere between minutes and hours in one’s wake, the length usually roughly correlating to the size of the party, though scholars consider several other factors to be relevant. Once that time has past, it is entirely uncertain whether another set of travellers passing through the same region will encounter the same terrain, or a different but equally appropriate set cast into their path by the Upheaval.

Wayfinders are individuals that have found themselves, in the wake of the Upheaval, with the ability to bend and shape the flux to their will. No one knows where the ability comes from, but some seem to have the potential, while some do not. With training and practice, a Wayfinder gains more and more power over areas of the flux. Initially, they may be able to exert some influence over journeys into it, ensuring that their path is straight and true. As they grow in skill, they begin to be able to re-shape the flux according to their designs, initially shaping terrain as it enters their perception and is fixed, then at higher levels even re-shaping fixed space. The Wayfinder’s guild exists to find and train those with this ability, and (though there is little anyone can do about it) exert a monopoly on the use of their services.

OOC: A Million Details

The setting material provided is intended to provide an idea of the general shape and flavour of the world and its regions, along with stand-out details for the major cities, but is in no way intended to be exhaustive. The continent alone contains in the high hundreds of settlements large enough to be called a town, and thousands of villages and hamlets. If, when writing a LARP or a character background you want to declare that there is a town called Polville here where the main industry is this and a small local cult remains to Polus, local evil god, then you absolutely can - and we encourage you to make notes on this page so other people can incorporate your ideas into their own writing.

Larger ideas and plots also can and should be introduced by the society at large - with the caveat that sweeping calls about the world or metaphysic should be checked with the LARPO team before inclusion, to ensure they're consistent with what's already been written or oncoming details.

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