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Setting Timeline

A place to put big events which have effected the setting. This is intended as a framework for GMs to fill in with their own details

  • The world is destroyed by Dissolution. Humanity survives in the Dragons, expecting to inhabit their new home for generations and generations to come until maybe a new world is formed.
  • Acryn adventurers set out to transport the city to the safety of New Foundations in Tuireann/Triskelion
  • A wave of Dissolution is unleashed on the world, sure to devour everything in its wake.
  • The buildings of the College of the Stars is lost to Caerleon, aling with all of its artefacts and many of its members. Principal Fractura is lost during the event. Ghita Darish has taken over the College, making her one of the few people in the city well placed to oppose Lord Protector Corlo Graves.
  • The Dragon Gate gains some vines. Tuireann is brought to humanities side. A violent revolution erupts in the city. Corlo Graves increases the military presence in the city following the Death of Mayor Salic, disbanding the Council and taking the title of Lord Protector.
  • Frederick Dines attempts his new improved Upheaval, but is defeated by Adventurers from Acryn. The fallout from these events is massive and are starting to be referred to as the Cataclysm. The flux is more dangerous than ever, Triskelion has turned against humanity, Alchemy is failing, and patches of “stasis” seem to be popping up at an increased rate.
  • The baleful Dragon Slayer blade reveals itself in the far North and falls into the possession of The Pivot of the World. At the mad God-Anomaly's ascension a great pillar of light bursts forth from the world's poles.
  • After much political wrangling a Bill of Rights is passed. However unity in the Council is fractured and House Terrec and House Cargan are embroiled in bitter power struggles.
  • Allegations that the Traitor Church operates within the Acryn Civil Service are publicised across the city and a purge wipes out many members of the cult. A sizeable number of survivors manage to insert themselves into the city's young postal service.
  • The Acryn Trade War commences.
  • Howard Branch ascends to godhood, reconnecting the lost spaces to reality and claiming them as his own realm.
  • Following growing unease throughout the city, the Council call for public opinion on the various churches. Mayor Hoskins has proselytising for any dangerous gods banned (exemplified as any god of Valydd, the Rampant and the Traitor), but loses his Mayoral position in the process. Kieran Salic becomes Mayor.
  • The Leader is healed via the power of the Tender and agrees to leave the body he is possessing and renege his claim of rulership over Acryn. A tentative peace is brokered between Acryn and Serradis. Liarus remains under Serradic rule.
  • Penelope Cargan is publicly revealed as a Priest of the Traitor. The first public Church of the Traitor is founded shortly after.
  • A group of adventurers manage to close the breach in the sky above the College of the Stars.
  • A godling from Valydd manages to blow up the Council chambers. In light of this and the spate of draconic incursions a state of emergency is declared.
  • Following a failed uprising against Serradic rule the surviving population of Liarus flee to Acryn as refugees.
  • A mad wizard cracks the sky and brings part of a Dragon into the College of the Stars.
  • Some begin to dream of an oncoming end of the world.
  • Jimmy Hoskin's becomes mayor
  • The Leader is forced to depart the city under the force of public opinion
  • The Leader Incarnate claims rulership of the city
  • An afterlife is created to protect Acryn's dead, it is overseen by two newly ascended Gods, the Stanchion and the Guardian of Acryn
  • The Serradic God “The Ascendant One” is slain and the seige of Margush broken. Thys and Liarus remain under Serradic rule.
  • The Mageocracy of the Magesterium is shattered and the Southern Continent freed from their rule.
  • Adventurers travel across the seas to the warring cities of Valydd and Strossbourg. An arcane Dragon Gate is created allowing travel to the Western continent.
  • Civil unrest in Acryn sees a (terrible flux) king briefly crowned and the Salic and Cargan families return to take seats upon the Council.
  • Acryn finally starts to be self sufficient 2 years after the upheaval. Adventurers start exploring the outside world in greater numbers.
  • The Wayfinders guild is established.
  • The Upheaval A world wide cataclysm reshapes, well, everything. Wayfinders are discovered.
  • The Salic line is overthrown in revolution and the Council of Acryn assumes control.
  • The last war with Serradis ends with their defeat at Margush.
  • The last war with Caul ends in an embarrassing withdrawal of forces on both sides.
  • The Founders are assassinated. Melinda Salic is crown the first Queen of Acryn.
  • The city of Acryn is Founded.
  • The cult of the Thunderer is mostly forgotten.
  • The area surrounding Acryn is dense and hostile forest, filled with giant lizards. Alyssa and Abraxis begin their mission to defeat the forest.
  • A world spanning empire rises and falls.
  • The Dragon-born are “defeated” by the Primals. Both mostly pass from history.
  • The Primals are born to the Dragons Triskelion and Valknut.
  • Wouldn't you like to know
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