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Acryn Trade War

For reference, and for those who may wish to use information in here when planning adventures or characters, a summary of the Acryn Trade War.

  • Margushian House Redan use information gathered by Emilio Redan to put pressure on House Terrec which turns a blind eye to Redan's involvement and provides them with a small amount of their profit from the Trade War in exchange for silence on certain embarrassments.
  • Accusations of the Crimson Mother's involvement in a Traitor plot are levelled by the Terrecs and Darrishes and the ship is targeted in Acryn water. Minor hostilities resume.
  • Hostilities continue for some time, until a deal is struck between Lucian Graves and Cpt. Marsh that the Crimson Mother should not attack Cargan-Graves or Graves ships. Documents incriminating the Terrecs and Darrishes are handed over. A temporary cease in hostilities occurs.
  • Marlo Darrish works alongside Cpt. Branch using Darrish money to construct a mighty Destroyer out of the Crimson Mother. Armand Cargan-Graves attempts to get Branch's assistance in protecting Cargan-Graves interests but negotiations turn south and Branch sides with the Darrishes and Terrecs. Open hostilities begin on the waters.
  • The Darrish Armada is uncovered by the disinherited Leon Darrish. Concerns about hostilities grow.
  • Marriage of Armand Cargan and Francesco Graves cements friendship between those families.
  • Marian Terrec enlists the help of Cpt. Branch to protect the trade interests of House Terrec.
  • Lucian Graves expands trade routes throughout the world, profiting House Graves considerably.
  • House Darrish secretly houses an impressive armada in the security of The Severed Isles with Olivia Darrish placing pressure on the ruling minor family to permit this.
  • A plot hatched by the Rampant and his followers to replace leading members of noble houses with their children is partially successful. Olivia Darrish becomes Duchess Darrish while House Cargan becomes alarmed at the position of a Rampant worshipper.
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