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Gaining Favour

Initial Brief

The Margushian town of Brightwater has recently lost its leader under entirely natural circumstances. Local interests in Acryn have expressed a desire to establish new trade agreements with the incoming leadership, whoever that might be. Advertisements have been posted around the city looking for individuals willing to travel to Brightwater in order to help smooth the transition for one of the hopeful candidates and establish favour in the town on behalf of the employer. Pay is highly dependent on results but is expected to be around 40 Riel per head.

Two slightly different advertisements were distributed. One was sponsored by the Council of Acryn and sent adventurers to aid Countess Noeline in Brightwater. The other was sponsored by the True Council and sent adventurers to aid Darius, an influential 'businessman' of Brightwater.



In the Scrimmage the party unanimously decides to support Rudolph and his party. During the pitched battle, the Countess is killed, the Bandit loses an eye and the player party emerges victorious in the end. A victory ceremony is held for Rudolf as he accepts his new leadership. The party visits Rudolf the next day. He tells them that after investigating the Countess' death that she was killed by a member of her own party and as she has been found guilty of the murder of the previous leader the case is considered closed. The party mentions setting up trade links with Acryn and Rudolf is more than happy to oblige and gives them a written declaration of intent to enter trade with Acryn which Verro takes. The party asks for compensation. Rudolf regrets that he cannot spare any Riel as he has no spare civic funds at the moment. However the Alchemists in town offer the party a completed transformation potion each for their trouble. Batts asks if the town can spare an offering to the Boneknitter and Rudolf agrees to have a “Boneknitting Day” once a year to honour the Boneknitter. Verro asks for permission to sell jewellery and other goods in town and Rudolf agrees to this. Armand makes sure that the Cargan family is now looked upon favourably in Brightwater.

The party then returns to Acryn. Batts, Hugh and Toli visit the true council that originally hired them and explain the situation. After negotiations the true council agrees to pay them half the stated fee if they can return with a trade agreement. The team originally hired by the council then visit them with the addition of Batts. As they have the written agreement with them they megotiate a pay of 30 riel. Armand is also accepted by the council to act as their emissary. Emily then visits the tender church for help with her condition but even with the help of Armand is told that it will require a donation of around 300 Riel to sort out her problem.

Toli and Batts return to brightwater. They arrive on the Boneknitter day celebration. They acquire another written trade agreement. They then return to the true council with the trade agreement and reciever 20 Riel payment.


  • All

Tranformation potion - For one adventure gain wings/tail/carapace/claws (as in alchemical epic tree) - can be sold for 36 Riel

  • Armand - 30 Riel. Lvl 1 suspension addiction
  • Batts - 50 Riel . lvl 2 Suspension addiction
  • Hugh - 20 Riel
  • Verro - 30 Riel
  • Toli - 20 Riel. Lvl 1 dissolution addiction
  • Nice - Lvl 1 transformation addiction
  • Gerard - 30 Riel Lvl 2 Suspension addiction
  • Emily - 30 Riel. Lvl 2 Suspension addiction
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