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Verro of the sleeping hills


Verro was born to a tribe of the nomadic Atlan people on a moonless night when they were camped among the funeral mounds of some long dead people. He grew beloved of his tribe for his skill casting beautiful shapes in metal and gemstones. Many years later the young artisan made the perilous journey north on a ship belonging to the Southern Islanders trading contingent. He traveled the northern continent for a while hoping to learn the secrets of their craftmanship and bring them back to his people. For now he has settled just outside Acryn. For the most part he is a shy young man, often confused by the northerners strange customs. He doesn't care much for wizards.

As of Fetch Quest: In spite of conceding to Gerard Vidatti that some wizards might merely be misguided and not evil, his general impressions of magic have not been much improved by his adventuring company. He has become terrified of tyrant lizards but in fairness that sort of fear isn't considered that irrational.

As of End of the World as we know it: Verro was last seen heading in the direction of the dragongate to Himevalla along with the Black Mantoi in order to begin preparations to evacuate the inhabitants of that distant land to the stars.


Class: Journeyman (Skill focus: Crafting)

  • Mix potion (plug the flow)
  • Mix potion (Restoration of the flesh)
  • Advanced mixing
  • Well versed
  • Extremely well versed
  • Concoction
  • Emergancy aid
  • Resuscitate
  • Patch up
  • Patch up 2
  • Wealth
  • Crafter
  • Crafter 2
  • Crafter 3
  • Master crafter
  • Own work
  • Tough x 3
  • Well travelled
  • Contacts (engineers guild, spicer's guild)
  • Builder
  • Improved skill focus
  • Advanced application 1
  • Advanced application 2
  • Alchemical manipulation
  • Legendary item
  • Surgery
  • Combat master
  • Fast work
  • Master Surgeon

Background #1:Affiliation (People's College of Acryn)

Background #2:Use Dagger

  • Knife fighter
  • Dagger talent
  • Dagger mastery (lvl 2)
  • Dagger mastery (lvl 3)

Epic Tree: Path of Purification

  • Bodilly purification
  • Advanced mix potion- Focus
  • Purification of Reality
  • Purification of the Soul

Epic Tree: Affiliation (Mantoi, up to lvl 2)

  • Affiliation (question)

XP Spend:40


  • Standard sword
  • Many sub-standard knives
  • 7 standard knives
  • Standard Light armour
  • 1 x Mastercrafted heavy armour
  • 1 x Mastercrafted sword
  • 1 x Standard medium shield
  • 100 Riel
  • 21 plug the flow of life
  • 4 restoration of the flesh
  • 2 focus potions
  • 1 transformation potion- retained for later study
  • A vial of hallucinogenic mushroom juice
  • Redefiner - once per adventure can be used on an unconscious Flux creature to restore them to full hits to fight for you instead.
  • Income: 27 Riel


  • Hits 11+2 (14 in mastercrafted heady)
  • Through doubles with daggers/ doubles
  • 2x rend with daggers
  • Council Contractor: A set of market stalls selling artisan goods such as jewellery fashioned in the style of the Atlan (effective benefits: contacts- house Terrec, Builder's union, Acryn Council)
  • Resource: Experimental Alchemical Lab
  • Addiction: Level 1 Purification
  • Legendary Item: A keystone that can used to create a gateway to a star
  • Retainer for Corlo Graves



General XP: +1 pending debrief


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