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Where Are Your Gods Now?

Initial Brief

Acryn is in chaos. The Council has been disbanded, its Mayor dead. A mass evacuation of Reality has been announced, causing riots across the streets. Revolutionaries arm themselves to defend their homes and fight for what they believe in as the armed forces of Lord Protector Corlo Graves patrol the streets, imposing stricter martial law than the citizens of Acryn have ever known. The threat of Stasis is growing, and reports of patches of Stasis cropping up nearer and nearer the city are a constant source of panic.

One phrase from a widely distributed Revolutionary pamphlet has stood out: “The Gods are accelerating Stasis. The Gods need a new home”, and despite the growing risk of heading onto the streets, a call for those who would help enact this exodus of the Gods makes its way through the grapevine and rumour mills of Acryn: all interested parties to meet near the condemned public church of the Traitor at 11am this Saturday.



The party are enlisted by a person called Hassel who explains the plan to transform the gods into their divine essence and tie it all together, in a ritual involving an anomaly from the Wayfinders' Guild. First they ask the party to retrieve some of the more troublesome gods: the Rampant and the Gambler, and to retrieve the Shepherd.

They strike a deal with the Rampant that he'll come in time after experimenting with a draconic blob, and Evan takes the Gambler's power into himself for the ritual. They find the Shepherd, now a young shepherdess, and bring her back to Acryn.

At the Wayfinders' Guild they help recapture an Anomaly called the Unflattener (which the Guild tried to neutralise by releasing an Anomaly called the Flattener) and Evan sticks the Unflattener box into storage in Triskelion as well as the Flattener for good measure.

Over lunch they determine several gods are on board and make their way through the Dragon Gate with the Tender and Builder. Evan and Thorn note that there's a new peculiar addition to the Dragon Gate Network - a portal reporting to be flickering between being in Tuireann or Triskelion. Thorn reasons that this is what Hugh did to the network, and Evan suggests targeting it. As they go through, something is clearly not wrong and the “Warrior Priest” accompanying them tries to pull Alyssa out of the portal. Hassel betrays the party and uses powerful magic to send everyone flying through the portal. The “Warrior Priest” is livid, but the Strossbourgian Gatekeeper has clearly used his ability to betray her. She gets fired into the portal as well.

The portal has ended up in Carlaeon, not Triskelion, and there's evidence that this Dragon Gate has been nastily sabotaged. The party fight through the nastiness of Carlaeon to find the components needed and come across another Dragon Gate that has been corrupted. Verro purifies the corruption while Evan and Thorn fix the gate and they all come tumbling out into Junnes, where it appears the Dragon Gate of Junnes II has been repaired as the forest of Tuireann and Triskelion has grown.

They note there's now a stable “Triskelion/Tuireann” node on the Dragon Gate network and target that. Upon arrival they find that Tuireann and Triskelion have entirely merged at this location for a good few hundred metres. They decide to create the God Realm here.

Using the Unflattener, and a ritual conducted by Evan, Clem, Thorn, Alonso, and the Well Meaning, the transformation begins. The Tender, the Builder, the Well Meaning, the Shepherd, and the Warrior all get absorbed into the new God Realm which becomes stable and a glowing tree of divine energy in the Dragon. The Traitor attempts to stop this happening but fails, and flees into Triskelion.


In the Dragon, Evan and Thorn head to the gate which makes up a large tree to work out how to operate it. After fiddling, they realise they can manipulate it and aim for Acryn's gate.

Thorn goes to look for Hugh's body and finds half a bottle of rum, a note, and the Warrior's spear

Verro works on Miller's soul which has been badly torn by having the Warrior abruptly ripped from it and soothes it from its pain until they can get to a room for Verro to apply an alchemical manipulation.

Toli researches the tree and understands that this is now physically and metaphysically all of the gods that have gone into it. When he pokes tree, and light pulses - he feels the same effect as when the Tender looked at him. The same Divine connection. There's a triple tremor of anger from his Soul Pacts as he starts peeling at the tree and he decides to think about trying that later.

They get out of the dragon, through the gate. Sploosh. There is commotion by dragon gate. A fight. People pinned by Watch officers. Hassell et al under arrest. Evan commends him to Valknut. Vwoom.

People rush over and ask if it worked. They say yes, and the organisation for a full-scale evacuation begins.

Verro takes Miller to sort out his soul and alchemically manipulates it with Plug the Flow of Life. It soothes the soul and scars it to make it tougher and stronger in the process. Effects of burning soul go away.

Priest powers still function. As far as everyone can tell.

Thorn sleeps, and body gets up as Lucretia - seeks out priest of Rampant and says Thorn needs to work out what makes him happy. Thorn gets indoctrinated into Rampant's party cult. Thorn wakes up and finds invitation to a location not underneath Founders Square in a Noble townhouse. Thorn follows it: it leads to massive rave with the Rampant. Thorn is confused. There follows awkward conversation. Thorn agrees to kick back. Rampant gets him to join party. Now has ability to find Rampant and a soul pact with the Rampant offered.

Alonso wants to know what Evan did during ritual. Evan gives a more detailed intro to how dragon gates work, and lies about nature of connection. Says can dial god realm and send a god to it. Skips bit where anyone can dial anywhere and god will be sent to the God-Realm anyway.

The full working is also explained to Thorn.

Eventually, rumours circulate. But - in the meantime…

Verro finds priest of Mare of Night and explains about the godbox. And stallion of heaven. He says if the world is ending, it is probably a good idea. They agree and this marks the first of many long deliberations about gods entering the god realm across the world.

Clem goes to Thorn and interrogates him over Traitor. (Roleplay this.)

Clem also looks into what would happen tosomeone who hadn't drank from cup and went in. Cupkeepers have experimented. They don't have data on the newest changes. Are on verge of sending someone - a volunteer?? - through. They appear to be v much in pain. Triskelion tried to murder them. Tuirrean didn't help either way.

Thorn tried to get recompense in form of artifact from Wayfinders. Everyone except Miller gets a shiny object from the Wayfinders Guild. Miller doesn't want one and says to give the money to orphans. Verro gets his money and gives it to orphans.

Thorn starts trying to speak to Traitor cultists. Old leads are dry. Everything buried. Cargan estate tells him to fuck off.

Evan warns Marian to not go through dragon gates. Informs secret service about everything wrt Traitor.

Clem goes to see if she can go into hiding with Marissa Finch, Revolution priest. She can.

Toli goes on a healing spree, holding massive events at the Church. Toli's version of events is adopted as truth, where Alyssa did the best for the world and encourages healing for everyone regardless of means. The old Tender Church is unhappy about this but they're struggling to maintain the support they need to charge for everything.



  • +50R from Acryn Council
  • Shiny Object from Wayfinder's Guild: a spinning compass that points to the nearest Flux being.


  • +50R from Acryn Council
  • Shiny Object from Wayfinder's Guild: Flux shield gloves - once per encounter call RESIST to a Flux Based Call.
  • Soul Pact of the Rampant
  • +1/2 bottle of rum
  • The Warrior's Spear
  • A sealed letter entitled “Why I did it”, by Hugh


  • +50R from Acryn Council
  • Crashing with the Revolutionaries
  • Shiny Object from Wayfinder's Guild: Concussive Bolt launcher - in Flux you may call a ranged STRIKEDOWN. If you try to use this outside of Flux take a WOUND 10 in the hand you're holding this.


  • +50R from Acryn Council
  • Shiny Object from Wayfinder's Guild: Flux-Sight Goggles - while wearing this you can see everything that is Flux outlined in blue. You also can't see anything that's not Flux.


  • +50R from Acryn Council
  • Shiny Object from Wayfinder's Guild: Loosely Defined Fluid - can be shaped into the shape of a handheld standard item but will lose form over the course of an encounter outside the Flux.


  • +50R from Acryn Council
  • Understanding of Level 3 Plug the Flow of Life Addiction
  • Shiny Object from Wayfinder's Guild: Redefiner - once per adventure can be used on an unconscious Flux creature to restore them to full hits to fight for you instead.

Brother Miller

  • No longer burning heart
  • No longer the Warrior
  • +50R from Acryn Council

Acryn Orphanage

  • +50R

The God Tree

The following information is widely known:

  • Pings blindingly Divine
  • Soul Pacts still work as do all related powers
  • Gods in the God Tree can no longer walk around corporeally
  • Gods in the God Tree still maintain a semblance of their personality which may influence how they respond to Miracles and petitioning
  • Damaging the God Tree is a reason for immediate Excommunication and Damnation
  • Any God that walks through any Dragon Gate will be immediately added to the God Tree.
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