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Clementine Kinch


Having spent most of her life in what she affectionately refers to as the arse end of nowhere, Clem is eager to do good in the world and meet some exciting people along the way.

Currently secretary to Armand Cargan-Graves. Currently in hiding from Lord Protector Corlo Graves after her boss incited full revolt. Also currently made entirely partially out of mana crystal and possessed by a Serradic Ascendant. Oh, also her arms are part-flesh and have the letters C O L E cut into them.

(25/27 XP spent)


  • 9+6 hits
  • 5 protomana - can recharge for encounter by grinding down mana crystal on implement
  • 6 mana crystal charges
  • STRENGTHEN (on self) and 3 RESIST WOUNDs three times per adventure
  • REND-REND, FEAR-DOUBLE, HEAL <4-<4 DAMAGE, STRIKEDOWN (anyone w/in sight - implement)
  • RESIST (converted DODGE) and ENTANGLE (anyone w/in 5 metres, normal terrain)
  • 1 melee STRIKEDOWN + WOUND 10 per encounter


Class: Mage

Primary Rite: Wounding

Secondary Rite: Fracturing

Background #1: Survival

Background #2: Weaponry - Sword

Background #3: Organisational Ties - The Council


Level 1

  • Survivalist
  • Use Weapon - Sword
  • Use Implement
  • Protomana Tolerance
  • Tough
  • Manasense

Level 2

  • Using the Land
  • Minor Ritualist
  • Weapon Talent 1 - Sword
  • Protomana Tolerance
  • Distil Mana

Level 3

  • Tough
  • Ritual Caster
  • Protomana Tolerance
  • Weapon Potency


Level 1

  • Share the Pain
  • Trace the Flow of Life
  • Fault of Footing
  • Scar of the Soul

Level 2

  • Vision of Mortality
  • Excise the Treacherous Heart

Level 3

  • Brand the memory

Level 4

  • Scar and Unblemish
  • Cut the Thread


Mana Crystal:

  • After drinking some experimental alchemy during Oblitus Mundi, Clem is a living mana crystal. There is some sort of blood-like substance flowing beneath the solid crystal. She is still capable of wounding magic.
  • Clem has six charges of mana that can be used like normal mana crystals. With each one used, her death count decreases by ten seconds.
  • Somebody else can use Clem's charges by touching her for ten seconds. She must give permission for this OR be unconscious at the time.

Possessed by Serradic Ascendant:

  • Three times per adventure Clem may choose to let the Serradic take control and become STRENGTHENed and gain 3 RESISTs to WOUND

Scar from Saving Alonso:

  • The mana crystal that makes up your torso has been damaged: large striations run across it. The first effect call you take during an encounter that hits your torso also confers REND (only if you take the call: if you resist or dodge it then you do not take this effect). Thanks, Tender!

Inherited from Batts Marbeq:

  • Remains of a torch that once contained Booker
  • A fragment of Mudra's tooth
  • A hunk of Starmetal
  • Mastercrafted manacles with no key
  • A wand which, if made implement, allows once per adventure the mage to spend a crystal mana to restore their protomana for the encounter.
  • An invitation to join the Batts Institute of Reasonable Magery

Shiny Object from Wayfinder's Guild:

  • Concussive Bolt launcher - in Flux you may call a ranged STRIKEDOWN. If you try to use this outside of Flux take a WOUND 10 in the hand you're holding this.

Epic Trees:

  • The Revolution's divine favour
  • The Warrior's divine favour
  • The Beacon's divine favour
  • The Well-Meaning's divine favour
  • Brain surgeon (provided I ever buy Surgery)


  • Enemy of the True Council as of All The Rage
  • Affiliation to the Council(9R per adventure income)
  • Owed a favour by the watch from Baker's Dozen (probably not applicable now martial law is a thing)

Misc Possessions:

  • 70R
  • 5 mana crystals
  • 5 Death Ward potions
  • Documents confirming I am Not Cole
  • Master-crafted armour
  • Blade of Cloudless Night (???????????? provided Thorn ever actually gives her the damn thing)


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