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All the Rage

Initial Brief

The following notice is pinned up at a number of adventurer’s haunts:

HELP WANTED. Expeditious and judicious investigators needed urgently for aid in a legal case. Upstanding citizens who would make credible witnesses are preferred. Major flux travel is not expected. Payment is dependent on successful performance. If interested, please apply to the Law Offices of Alice J. Hastings. Swiftly, if at all possible.



Having defeated Sanceline, Mr E and Marcus head off to report to the Dave faction of the True Council. They tell them about the wizards who are now dead and also the defectors in the warehouse.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party rush off to the courtroom. They burst in with a shout of “Objection!”, dragging their piles of evidence.

Once the court has settled down, Alice Hastings calls Philippa and Clem to the stand to testify. Phillipa gives a very detailed account, sparing no details while Clem acts as an expert witness on the magical aspects of the case.

The jury returns a verdict of not guilty and though the court bailiffs are concerned about the ritually mutilated corpse the party dragged in with them, they decide to let them off with a warning.

The party meet up with Alice at her Law Offices and receive 27 riel in payment and a promise of future legal assistance if necessary.

High on Blue, Pazuzu leads part of the party back to where Pythian is trapped in stasis and completes his divinely-inspired piston. He stands behind it to activate it, knocking a pin with his hammer which looses the ratchet mechanism. The piston head shoots forward into the stasis, immediately becoming stuck. With nowhere else for the spring's energy to go, it explodes out of the back of the piston, slamming into Pazuzu and sending him flying.

Pazuzu heads to the Tender Church to ask them to help remove the metal spike embedded in his brain. They explain that it is a long waiting list, although a donation could help move his name up. He offers 27 riel and they offer an appointment in 6 months time. Deciding he can't wait this long, Pazuzu instead opts for an inadvisable wounding ritual.

He and Clem head to the College of the Stars to speak with the mages they encountered previously. Realising that she's actually a more experienced mage than any of them, Clem takes the lead in the ritual, cutting away the helmet as carefully as possible. The result isn't pretty but the ongoing brain damage is resolved although with the curious side effect that Pazuzu I now utterly convinced his fellow party members are the parts of his psyche that he identified them as.

While at the College, Alonso and Clem go to see the wizard who was studying her. He identifies the chip he removed from her hand as a fragment of mana and begins following her around, asking for any body parts that happen to fall off. Clem gets a restraining order against him.

Phillipa attempts to make contacts with small legal firms via Alice. Unfortunately, she discovers that Alice isn't the most socially confident lawyer and doesn't really have any contacts herself.

Alonso writes to the Dave faction of the True Council and gets a response inviting him to a meeting, which he attends. He meets Big Dave in a dimly lit room. Big Dave leans forward and asks who was responsible for the court testimony. Alonso explains that Phillipa was mostly to blame, though Clem also testified on the magical side of things.

After some further discussion, it's agreed that Alonso will be allowed to go into business selling Blue. The Daves will supply him but they expect a return on their investment. If he were to fall short, they might have to extract payment in other ways… In any case, they are happy to welcome the newest Dave to their family.

Pazuzu, meanwhile, has less luck negotiating with the Daves for extra money, particularly after he tells them that his logic talked to the courts. Big Dave explains, while stroking his mace, that there's no room in their organisation for metaphysically complicated people and Pazuzu leaves before things can go more sideways.

Clem pays a visit to Armand to say that blue should be made illegal. Considering the current political situation and the low risk posed by unadulterated Blue, there is currently little interest in the Council for passing any such bill.

Pazuzu goes to the watch, looking for a reward for his “wizard stars”. They recommend talking to the Watch. Upon showing the sigils to a Watch inspector, he is led into a dark interrogation room and questioned. He explains his story and that it's all been entered into court records. The inspector goes to check and returns several hours later to tell Pazuzu that his story checks out and he is free to go. The sigils are confiscated as evidence.

Marcus asks the East Empire Company about the remnants of the Magisterium and is informed that generally, the recent events notwithstanding, the remnants are small and disorganised, posing little threat.

The remaining bottles of adulterated Blue lose their potency over the next couple of weeks.


  • 27 Riel
Clem and Philippa
  • Enemies of the True Council
  • Have performed a meaningful procedure on a patient's head (or two in Clem's case), which means if they ever buy the Surgery skill, they will unlock the Brain Surgeon epic tree.
  • Half price on the Pony resource. (Down to 45 riel).
  • Is a Dave.
  • Believes his party members are literally his scepticism, self-preservation, anger, logic and mystery.
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