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Philippa Blake


A relatively practical and respectable individual, Philippa Blake is determined to make her mark on Acryn. Despite growing up more or less in the gutter, her gaze was fixed firmly on the stars, and as such, she managed to find gainful employment at the same time as she found faith. As a Leader Priest, she is unswervingly loyal to her god - or at least, to her idea of what he represents. She is embarrassed by her humbler origins, and few if any of her mannerisms from her days as a street urchin remain.

As of The Rising Tide: In the advent of being backstabbed by a circle monsters impersonating her compatriots, Philippa is now marginally more traumatised. She has sworn off adventures that take her outside the city limits. For now.

As of Charm: She is still most certainly not an adventurer. Even if she did just deal with the vastly unsettling incursion of a - thing - from the Otherside. However, she is certainly keen on forging links between the College of the Stars and the Leader Church; magic and faith shouldn't be worlds apart, should they?


Class: Leader Priest

Background #1: Medium Shield Use

Background #2: First Aid

XP: 14/14
5 + 2
Level 2


  • Use Sword
  • Emergency Aid
  • Divine Favour 1: Drop Your Weapon
  • Diplomacy
  • Influence
  • Miracle: Drop Your Weapon (Divine Favour 1)
  • Medium Shield Use
  • Miracle: Instil Might (10sec strengthen)
  • Miracle: Hear Me (20sec)
  • Fast Talk
  • Improved Divine Aura
  • Touch of Divinity
  • Patch Up
  • Sap Will (20sec weaken)
  • Divine Favour 2: Cease Your Deceptions (30sec)


  • 45R
  • Standard Sword
  • Standard Medium Shield
  • Standard Light Armour
Other Stuff
  • Is on a long list of potential project supervisors, and may be contacted by a College student for a divine-magical Acryn social undertaking. This may happen during future adventures or debriefs at GM discretion.


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