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Pazuzu Caproni


When he was very little, Paz was a carefree boy, a bit scatterbrained, but well meaning. That all changed one day when a visiting Priest from Acryn regaled the village children with the exploits of the Founders. Every one of the elder's stories thrilled him - such as the clearing of the Great Forest and the frustration of the Dragon Tuireann - but one in particular captivated him utterly. It was the story of the Builder's last, great, unfinished work - a giant contraption capable of flight.

From that day on, Paz could scarcely think of anything else. He would spend hours in the fields, watching the birds circle above, wondering and hoping forlornly that there must be some way for humans to follow in their wake. He built parchment planes, little contraptions that sprung into the air, and then moved on to gliders. Every spare moment he had, he spent testing them up on the village hillside, breaking Tender knows how many bones in the process.

Still: true flight - the flight of the birds - eluded him. He redoubled his devotion to the Builder. He worked harder. Better. Nevertheless, inspiration failed him.

Then he heard the news that the Gods themselves had fallen from the sky. Paz headed to Acryn, his heart full of confusion.


Class: Builder Priest


  • Two Weapon
  • Knowledgeable
  • Smith of Legend


  • 5+6(+2) hits
  • 4x STRIKEDOWN p/e, 1 20s MASS STRIKEDOWN p/e
  • Rank 2 Builder Aura
  • 1 dodge p/e


  • 20s - Concussive Strike (Divine Favor 1)
  • 5s - Reinforce
  • 15s - Armourskin (Divine Favor 2)
  • 20s - Reconstruction

Skills - Passive

  • Use Hammer
  • Medium Armour Use
  • Hammer Talent 1
  • Hammer Potency
  • Two-Weapon Swiftness
  • Well Travelled
  • Journeyman Knowledge (flight)
  • Divine Aura
  • Improved Divine Aura
  • Touch of Divinity
  • Ambidextrous
  • Craftsman 1
  • Craftsman 2
  • Craftsman 3
  • Divine Inspiration
  • Tempered For Eternity - Armor - Back Torso


  • 9 riel p/a
  • Cash in hand: 45 riel


  • Standard Hammer
  • Standard Hammer
  • Superior Medium Armor

XP spent


Metaphysical Deformities

  • Believes unquestionably that certain individuals are manifestations of his psyche.
  • Clementine Kinch - Self-Preservation
  • Philippa Blake - Logic
  • Alonso Graves - Scepticism
  • Marcus Priscus - Rage
  • Mr.E - Mystery
  • A Certain Tender Priest - Greed


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