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Sight Seeing

Initial Brief

Following the cataclysm 2 weeks ago, the City Council are recruiting teams of Adventurers to check the current status of sites of special interest. Multiple teams are being recruited and your personalised list and team members will be assigned on the day. All locations to be reconnoitered have been known to be safe prior to the cataclysm, current status is unknown. Travel within the Flux will be required.



Players arrive at the docks. There does not seem to be anything untoward going on in the old location of the cube. Near the Dragon Gate one of the monsters manages to break through and land, along with one of the defenders, near the party. A brief fight later and everything is settled, the party debrief the defender, and then send a brief back to their employers suggesting additional support for dragon gate defense. A clerk receives the debrief, is confused by the lack of metaphysical investigation into the old location of the cube, assumes there was an error in the original instructions and files the report under “other notes”.

The party then engage in a complicated and convoluted attempt to hire a wayfinder. Due to the massive ongoing operation to investigate the current status of the world, there are basically none available. In the end they are able to secure the services of a moody Guild Councillor for a substantially over-the-odds fee.

Next up is the investigation of the consensus markers. Which are now several hundred meters inside the flux, and surrounded by misunderstandings about adventurers. This time Councillor Armand Cargan-Graves riding Nice Lizard, and leading a pack of Claw-Fiends into battle. The party place a single warning post at the new edge of the consensus and send their report back.

The party head up the Peak of the World. Unfortunately the path appears to be turning in and around on itself. When they query their Wayfinder he agrees it does appear to be doing that. When they ask if he is doing it he states he isn’t doing anything. A constant stream of wolves attacking begins to wear on the party, with Krodd declaring that he is returning to the base of the mountain (with Wayfinder) while the rest of the party attempt to make a deal with some fiery ember spirits to be lead to the top.

Eventually they make it to the top, discovering The Thunderer and Zmeu the Drake locked in stasis while Vitra (Zmeu’s sibling, also a Drake) attacks the stasis in an attempt to break Zmeu out.The party make several attempts to break the stasis (to no avail), and are eventually driven off the mountain by Vitra. At the bottom of the mountain they meet up with Krodd and the Guild Councillor who are having lunch with a collection of Thunderer cultists. The cultists are distraught to hear about what has happened to their god, but glad to learn from the party how to get up the mountain. Lionel arranges a duel with the High Priest of the Thunderer and is soundly beaten into the ground. Ambrosia turns into a wolf and makes a few attempts to eat the party As night rolls in a storm gathers overhead, Krodd and the Councillor put up very waterproof looking tents and go to bed, the rain seems to not even bother raining on Krodd’s tent. Eventually Paz heads to Krodd’s tent and requests to sleep with him. Verity and Lionel eventually put together a paper tent having spent quite a long time in the pouring rain, having a very poor night’s sleep and waking up feeling quite ill.

On the way to their second to last location, the party find a village struggling with a collapsing dam. After the party help to stop the flow they learn a bit of the history of the village: they used to struggle with the demands of a local water spirit until Vitra came along and ate it, since then they’ve struggled a little with the Drake eating their cattle but not had any problems with the river, but about a week ago the Drake left and the river started playing up.

As the party get closer to their second to last target they encounter some brightly coloured Teddy Bears who welcome them at about the same time a number of flying snakes start to attack. Closer still they encounter the same flying snakes attempting to break through what seems like an infinitely tall wall. Utilising a temporary break in the wall, the party head inside, eventually reaching the village they are to investigate. They are met by a number of young adults and a brightly coloured pony, who introduces itself as Sunset Chaser. The party learn that this village had been made up entirely of children since the first upheaval (the ritual of which was carried out in this village), and that the youngest were taken away to an Orphanage in Acryn a few years ago when some adventurers visited. THe older kids had lived reasonably happily here until a few weeks ago when the flux became much more dangerous than before. The party also learn the Sunset Chaser is consensus, a Wayfinder, and that the children all remember them being part of the village since childhood.

Krodd suggests that it is too dangerous to go to the final location in Serradic Territory, and that they should focus on getting the children to safety. After some discussion everyone agrees. Krodd performs a ritual to take some aspect of the walls protection with them, and the party head off towards Acryn. Which, after some run-ins with draconic influence in the flux, they reach. The young adults from the village are reunited with their younger siblings and friends. The party manage to be paid nearly the full amount after utilising their considerable social networks to ensure a fair deal. Verity and Ambrosia attempt to steal their money back from the Guild Councillor before eventually foregoing that plan. Paz returns to the peak of the world and once again tries to free the Thunderer, embedding a metal fin in his skull as a result. As a result of a ritual by Krodd, Ambrosia now has the Totem Spirit Epic Tree (Corgi).

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