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Krodd is a young shaman from one of the few 'barbarian' tribes which range the Bluepeak mountains. After the untimely death of the tribe's previous shaman in an avalanche, Krodd has decided that in order to protect his people he has no choice but to come down from the mountains and accelerate his mystical studies through the hardships of adventuring.

Whilst he tries to be respectful of the taboos of the cityfolk, Krodd does struggle with their reluctance to do the decent thing and eat whatever (or whoever) they kill.


Class: Mage

Background #1: Spear Use

Background #2: Survivalist


  • Use Spear
  • Spear Talent 1
  • Spear Potency
  • Survivalist
  • Protomana Tolerance 1
  • Protomana Tolerance 2
  • Protomana Tolerance 3
  • Mana Sense
  • Minor Ritualist
  • Ritual Caster
  • Mana Distillation
  • Tough

Spells Primary Rite: Consumption

  • Efficient Consumption
  • Purification of the Self
  • Taste of Knowledge
  • Dissolution of the Form
  • Fortified Consumption


  • Spear
  • Light Armour
  • Knife
  • 30m Rope
  • Waterproof Tent enchanted with a Symbol of Skybreak
  • 1 Alchemical Lightstick
  • 4x Mana Crystal
  • 47R


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