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Lionel Collins


Loud, enthusiastic, and ever-so-subtly criminal, Lionel Collins will mostly go along with anything if it means having a good time and making some friends. And hey, whilst every friend realistically will sell you out for a suitably high price, that doesn't actually make them any worse for it. Life is beautiful, people.

As of Dissonance: Well, what do you know - turns out Lionel can actually say that he's been to a parallel universe! Or, y'know, skirted around it whilst tethered to reality by labyrinthine ropes of damp spaghetti, but whatever.

Also, he has maybe inadvertently gained the moniker 'Lionel the Lascivious' in the wizard duel arena. Or, okay, yeah. Definitely. He definitely did that.

As of Beat The Champ: Lionel Collins? More like Lion of Acryn!

Or, okay, fine. Lascivious Lion of Acryn.

Famed for his love of the incomparable (and entirely fictitious) Anastasia Darrish, The Lion is known as the glue that keeps arena battle group The Chain Gang together - and even his much-touted rivalry with The Dancer won't eclipse his belief in the power of friendship! And teamwork! And narrative convenience!

(Otherwise known as That One Time Lionel Conned Emilio Redan and Amanda Birch Into Actually Having Fun.)

As of Life In a Box: Okay, so the uber-cool wizard might have been markedly lukewarm towards his request to become an apprentice in her awesome library-castle, but Lionel's success in a protracted game of ridiculous, pyrrhic competitive mutual pickpocketing more than makes up for the disappointment.

Also, he's decided he's going to seduce Ambrosia Terrec.

As of One Night in Liarus: … That, or become the mortal enemy of her Head of House. Either works! In any case, screw Liarus, and all horrible, wizard-hating Serradics; he's going to cool it on the diplomatic mission side of things for a while.

As of Boss Rush: Okay, yeah, technically he did get beaten unconscious and imprisoned in a virtual reality by evil mages intent on stealing his soul for further nefarious experimentation. But you've got to consider the amount of skill that went into producing that kind of thing!

As of The First Step: Amazingly, Lionel's hopeless pursuit of Ambrosia Terrec seems to have not been unsuccessful? Thanks to pickpocketing, and a mutual propensity for elaborately ironic letters, he now has a luncheon date.

He has also potentially found religion? Which is unfortunate, considering it's one of Acryn's banned gods. Still, he's never felt the need to give the law undue consideration in the past - so why start now?


Class: Mage

Primary Rite: Fracturing

Secondary Rite: Scribing

Background #1: Thief

Background #2: Organisational Ties: True Council

Background #3: Use Quarterstaff

XP: 26/34 (as of The Occurrendo Mundi)
7 + 2
Level 5 (bizarrely)

Epic Trees

Arena Fighter

Divine Favour of the Heroic Path


  • Use Quarterstaff
  • Protomana Tolerance
  • Protomana Tolerance 2
  • Contacts: True Council (question)
  • Larceny
  • Mana Sense
  • Minor Ritual Caster
  • Use Implement
  • Pickpocketing
  • Weapon Talent 1 (1 STRIKEDOWN and 1 WEAKEN per adventure)
  • Weapon Potency (DOUBLES)
  • Flanking
  • Ritual Caster
  • Edificeer
  • Arcane Learnings
  • Loremaster
  • Distill Mana
  • Retrieve Implement
  • It's showtime! - gain a dodge in front of an audience
  • Tough


  • Fault of Footing
  • Faults Unveiled
  • Fault of Memory
  • Symbol of Creating
  • Sapping Steel


  • 3 x mana crystal
  • A soggy collection of virtually illegible notes - and a couple that are dry.
  • And couple of origami creatures.
  • Notebook and pencil. The pencil is of markedly higher quality than the notebook, for some reason.
  • 0 x HEAL 4 potions
  • 0 x DEATH CHARM potions

Money: 21 Riel (after See No Evil)


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