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And I Feel Fine

Initial Brief

In the wake of the deaths of Corlo Graves and Ghita Darrish, the city is in turmoil. Anyone with a claim to power is fighting among themselves. The rumoured plan to save the city from destruction appears to have died with its leadership. In this time of desperation and in a forgotten place in the heart of the city, some of the survivors of the old council have gathered people together to try to forge a path of hope, or at least survival, for the city.



Hardy confirms with Triskelion that they are happy for humanity to make it more habitable inside them and guide them upon arrival.

Theophilius looks for a Draconic Focus for Triskelion and goes diving beneath the waves where the Dragon Gate was in Acryn to find a piece of the Gate to take into Triskelion.

Francesco pulls together House Graves after Corlo's death and using his influences clamps down on the irresponsible magery to impress the Concerto delegation. He goes looking for Corlo's dead-man switches and disables them using his knowledge of the House, before being taught some Obfuscation by the King of Himevalla.

Verro takes the Mantoi through a mirror to Himevalla and erects a gateway to the stars, launching himself, the Mantoi, and the Himevallans safely into the stars.

Walker unites a significant portion of the Wayfinders' Guild to prepare to unify their wills to prepare for when they get to the new world to World Dive and shape the area around the city to help terraform and prepare for long term habitation.

Jimmy Hoskins has his people corral the rioting people into Founders' Square where he addresses them. He tells them that “each of us was born into a dying world, a world that had no future for their children. That they could have just gone about our daily lives until it all simply stopped. Forever. That would have been peaceful, it would have been safer. But it would have been cowardice, and the people of Acryn are not cowards. The flames that sweep towards us now were set by our hands- not to destroy us today, but to give us a chance for tomorrow. So yes, we can cry and scream and rend our clothes at the end of the world as we know it. Or we could gather up courage, cast our old lives aside and do as the Founder's did, making a new home and a new future that will endure for generations to come.” He performs a final miracle of He Who Devours Himself to empower the people of Acryn to cast aside their old lives and accept the promise of an unimaginable future.

Saffron creates a perfect mirror large enough for her drakes to get through and uses it to get through to the Shattered Plane where it is safe in Valknutt. Anabel, the Traitor, breaks Rodrigo out of prison and the pair team up break Marian, the Leader, out of imprisonment, and the group also join Saffron through the mirror in the Shattered Plane.

Lionel Collins works with the Mages of the City to buck their ideas up and clamp down on irresponsible magery while the Concertians are looking. While Lady Rosemile throws a large party in Founders Square, before the Hoskins speech, Lionel and Francesco's efforts stop the Magery from worrying the Concertians.

Tabitha Terrec summons a zombie army to protect Acryn as the final pieces are put in place to put Acryn in the bauble and the Concerto delegation begins its final preparations.

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