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Tabitha Terrec


Strong-willed and opinionated daughter of Roberto and Aiden Terrec, Tabitha is a little-known affiliate of the Tender Church. In the wake of her cousin Arianna's death at the hands of bandits, the Terrec household has been understandably reluctant to allow its children to embark on an adventuring career unaccompanied. However, under the supervision of her bodyguard, Dan South, Tabitha has been granted reluctant permission to venture beyond the city gates.

As of The Cough: Tabitha is a woman on a mission: to wit, locate her errant cousin, and bring him back home where he belongs… before he can get up to anything even more preposterous than he already has.

As of Emblem of a Murder (Freeform): As of a rather undignified conversation at the Emblemers' Guild, filled with unrepentant Terrec-disparagement, trade-related one-upmanship, and moral superiority, Tabitha has decided that the only way to get the better of Lucian Graves is to court him. So she's trying to do that now.

As of Fete: Owing to perilous, fae-related shenanigans, Tabitha has semi-accidentally outed herself as Traitor Priest to Dan, Lucian and (weirdly) Alexander Everett. Following a harmless spate of minor backstabbery, she has also been cursed by an irate Faerie Queen: seven years from now, when she enters the flux, she will burn. Understandably perturbed by this, Tabitha is resolved, not if the Queen burns first.

On the plus side, at least Tam has been found. And he seems to have inexplicably picked up a wealthy patron. Perplexing indeed!

As of That One Freeform We Held at Jay's After Fete: Tabitha is at a loss. Suddenly, it seems she must choose between not one, nor two, but three potential suitors (not including Old Man Darrish, who… probably wasn't serious). First, there is the sardonic, suave and highly suitable Lucian Graves, whose attentions no longer seem quite as flippant as they were previously. More unexpectedly, there is Alexander Everett: the dashing young radical who talks as if he were in a melodrama, and acts as if he wished to turn the world on its head - a mission of which she cannot help but approve. Lastly, and most shockingly (for Tabitha, at least), there is an unexpected competitor for her affections: her very own bodyguard, Dan South, whose heart is pure, and whose devotion to her wellbeing is chivalry itself. After a night of considerable indiscretion, Tabitha has learned something highly important about herself: namely she is positively ghastly at making important decisions.

As of That Other Mini-Freeform We Held at Jay's: Despite having inadvertently offended Claudia Cargan, Tabitha is feeling quite pleased in having made herself suitably clear to all of her potential suitors: both she and they finally seem to understand that she is hardly the type to be confined to only one romantic relationship. Admittedly, things with Dan continue to be confusing - but things with Alexander and Lucian, less so.

Also, she is the best at playing cards.

As of The Conclave Arcana: So, Tabitha… might have slept with The Rampant for the greater good? This didn't actually prevent her from dobbing him in to the Strossbergian authorities at the Traitor's behest, of course.

As it turns out, she made great strides with this diplomatic endeavour; the Rampant's absence meant that she was able to take over her lecture slot, and hopefully come a little closer to convincing the good, deluded people of Strossberg that divinity is not as harmful as it's cracked up to be. Or, if nothing else, gained a small circle of radical-intellectual foreign admirers.

Additionally, she and Alexander Everett have started up a law firm.

As of Dissonance: Tabitha is outraged to find that the Wayfinders' Guild were able to call for the cruel and unusual torture of a single man - and worse, that she (for all her legal expertise) was capable of doing nothing to prevent this. However, something did come of the evening: she has met her first link in the Traitor Church! Nothing could match her shock at realising that this individual is none other than her obnoxious cousin Ambrosia… save perhaps Ambrosia's own shock at realising Tabitha's true colours.

Also, she seems to have unexpectedly gained a new servant? Antonia Strike is much too much a victim of circumstance to be allowed to rot in prison… but also far too much of a criminal to be allowed to walk free. Tabitha is trying her hand at reformation.

As of The Purge: To no greater surprise than her own, Tabitha Terrec is now a woman on the run. Publically outed as a Traitor Priest by her cousin Marian, she has taken refuge on Hugh March's ship, sending sporadic letters to her family and loved ones whilst attempting to preserve the scant influence she still possesses in the city. Ever the optimist, Tabitha has adapted to her new situation with seeming equanimity - for the distractions from homesickness are manifold. Chiefly, she has been spending her time exploring her nascent attraction to women by dating another Traitor cultist “named” Joy (alias Sariel), in addition to attempting to seduce Hugh in as ridiculous and dramatic a manner as she can muster.

As of unnamed freeform at my house: After several weeks on the Crimson Mother, Tabitha has developed - in addition to sea legs - a taste for the piratical aesthetic (if not the actual legwork involved) that largely involves attempted swordplay and heavy drinking, a pronounced popularity amongst virtually all of Hugh's subordinates, and a penchant for slightly less-than-perfectly-benevolent scheming. This latter has come in handy when attempting to construct a proportional and responsible plan of action in the wake of Xavier's ascenscion.

Oh, and also she's going on a date with Dan. That was - unexpected.

As of a guest appearance in An Unlikely Story: Well, okay, proportional and responsible and also she may have just assisted in the kidnap of fourteen children. Desperate times call for desperate measures! Or something!

As of The Dragonstone: 'Tabitha Terrec' is, to all intents and purposes, dead. Or, in any case, no longer viable as an identity. It turns out, if you're going to use every last resource you possess to frantically betray your Wayfinders Guild-sponsored compatriots in order to steal a particularly potent doomsday artefact and entrust it to the care of the Postal Service - yes, that Postal Service - you should probably use a slightly better pseudonym than 'Tabby'.

Make no mistake: regardless of the fact that her name now graces the Most Wanted lists of four separate organisations, Tabitha would happily do it all again. Still, it's demoralising to be forced to cut all remaining ties to her former life. The Crimson Mother is more her home now than ever - but, truly, how long can she remain before she endangers those she cares about the most?

As of The City of Bleached Ivory: Well, nothing much has changed. Although she does faintly recall making out with herself, worshipping the Dark Master and telling Dan and Hugh she loves them in a dream…?

As of Diggers: Dragons are awfully literal beings. No sense of flippancy whatsoever. Or manners. Still, now that Tabitha has one permanently welded to the depths of her consciousness, she's had the opportunity to learn a great deal… even if the vast bulk of these opportunities to date involve the newfound experience of being able to unhinge her jaw and swallow a flesh-and-blood effigy of herself, then regurgitate it on demand. But, naturally, one must embark upon the path to attaining substantial cosmic power somehow now that the Captain has decided to become a god!

Oh, and incidentally, she is now the official Medic on board the Crimson Mother. And also, more importantly, self-appointed Events Coordinator. But healing is good too.

As of a guest appearance in Baker's Dozen: Well, there it is. Having gained a life, a family and a purpose, Tabitha has once again lost all three in quick succession. Due to a shockingly poor set of miscalculations on the Captain's part, she watched him die in front of her - and due to some equally disastrous missteps of her own, she has been forced to relinquish the Crimson Mother to the Postal Service's custody. The crew of the ship in question have either been summarily executed, or publically hanged, and Tabitha is bereft.

The only thing she can depend upon now is Hugh himself, following a somewhat-anticipated yet mystifying resurrection. Still, his uncharacteristic candour on the topic of their relationship is nothing if not cause for concern - and overall, it's difficult to determine whether she is being manipulated, mocked, or merely wooed.

Either way - first priority is rebuilding. If only she could work out how.

As of Gotterdammerung: … Oh gods. Let's not even get into that.

It's hard being an excommunicant Death Primal lich who abandoned their faith at the worst possible moment. It's hard, and no-one understands.

Names gone by:

  • Tabby Locke (The Dragonstone)
  • Marina Lamont (non-canon City of Bleached Ivory)
  • Jessica Jarvis (Diggers)
  • Allison Wagultas (Baker's Dozen)
  • Arianna March

Names now unusable: Tabitha Terrec, Tabby Locke, Jessica Jarvis, Allison Wagultas, Arianna March


Class: Traitor Priest

Background #1: Nobility (House Terrec)

Background #2: First Aid

Background 3: Divine Favour of The Rampant (as of The Conclave Arcana)

Background 4: Dabbler Mage: Consumption (as of Diggers)

XP spent: 30/31
Level 5

Epic Trees

  • Expert Sailor
  • Access to Organisational Ties (Postal Service) up to L3
  • Primal
  • Lich

Other Stuff

  • Under the effect of YOU DARE NOT STRIKE ME against all entities loyal to Mudra
  • Most Wanted - the True Council have orders to detain Tabitha on sight.
  • Most Wanted - the Wayfinders' Guild have orders to detain Tabitha on sight.
  • Most Wanted - the Watch have orders to detain Tabitha on sight.
  • Most Wanted - House Terrec have orders to detain Tabitha on sight.
  • Most Wanted - the Traitor Church have orders to kill Tabitha on sight.
  • Curse of the Splintered Man - Once per adventure, choose a random member of the party (or friendly NPC). You gain a personality trait of that PC for the rest of the adventure.
  • As of remaking herself in pure potential, Tabitha now resembles the Traitor far more closely than she did before. Her previously blonde hair is now silver, and her eyes have darkened to a steely gray. She is still, however, quite recognisably Tabitha Terrec.
  • Can recognise Hugh from his shadow after 2 encounters of interaction.
  • Has consumed a minor Aspect of Mudra. One encounter per adventure she can regurgitate the doppleganger, who will be played by a monster and hopefully be helpful. If not released by the last encounter, it may well force itself out to have some fun. Has also gained access to dabbler Mage consumption background. The minor aspect in her head can be talked to and will probably give advice whether asked or not.
  • A hideous walking corpse - can buy the Lich Epic tree.
  • Has become the Primal of 'Death' and can buy the primal epic tree. However, as a another primal of Death exists this new nature seems to twist reality creating an aura of undeath around them. Karlos and Tabitha will have a unshakeable suspicion of each other. Thanks to the power of the Pivot of the World one of them is destined to destroy the other. Mechanically this means that any attempt to change or reverse their Primal of Death nature will be extraordinarily hard through any method that doesn't involve one destroying the other (i.e. player request level hard). The signature move they must take (while the Primal of Death) if they buy the skill is 'RAISE ZOMBIE' which allows them to animate a corpse (5 hits, SINGLES) to serve them once per encounter. While both of them continue to share the same nature their aura ability will always be twisted in some way when they call upon it (normally in a way which perverts death).
  • The Curse of He Who Devours Himself - every adventure at some opportune moment the GM can have you consume one of your own limbs. Unless you have some way to regenerate them or get a new body then after 4 adventures you will be left a helpless torso.
  • Excommunicated by the Traitor. Her cut throat cannot be healed as a reminder of her treachery.


Level 1

  • Divine Aura (Tender)
  • Emergency Aid (10 sec, restore 1HP to character on 0HP)
  • Divine Favour 1 (Healing Light)
  • Use Dagger
  • Noble Wealth 1
  • Larceny
  • Tough 1

Level 2

  • Patch Up (10sec, restore up to 6HP, 3 times without WEAKEN)
  • Traitor's Cloak
  • Improved Divine Aura
  • Touch of Divinity
  • Connections (House Terrec)
  • Pickpocket
  • Expert Sailor (You have mastered all the skills of seamanship and are an asset to any crew. You have exceptionally sure footing and on any sort of marine vessel you receive 1 DODGE and 2 RESIST STRIKEDOWNs.)
  • Dagger Mastery 1 (1 dodge while fighting with daggers in both hands)

Level 3

  • Divine Favour 2
  • Disguise
  • Dagger Mastery 2 (DOUBLE THROUGH)

Level 4

  • Miracle
  • Divine Favour (Playing Dead)


Level 1

  • Healing Light (10sec, Heal 2, Divine Favour 1)
  • Always the Correct Path (60sec meditation, Divine Aura)
  • Weak Point (10 sec)

Level 2

  • Healing Wave (10 sec)
  • Playing Dead (15 sec)

Level 3

  • Healing Touch (20 sec) (Divine Favour 2)
  • Helping Hand (20 sec)
  • Sight Unseen (30 sec)

Level 4

  • Healing Flood (improves Healing Wave to HEAL 3)

Level 5

  • Betweem Blinks

Rampant Miracles

  • The Projected Pain


  • Contacts: group of bohemian, pro-divinity Strossbergians
  • Primal: Aura
  • Primal: Archetypal Armament
  • Primal: Special Move (RAISE ZOMBIE)


  • Arcane Library (plus Law specialism) (sponsored by Hugh) (currently possessed by the Postal Service)
  • Pony (tiny law firm: Terrec and Everett) (currently under the management of Alexander Everett alone)


  • 2 standard daggers
  • 1 standard suit of light armour
  • Potion bottle full of Rampant alcohol blessed by the Rampant
  • 1 x Dumb Drunk potion
  • 8 x Heal 4
  • Assortment of Pirate Hunting administrative paraphenalia
  • Some fragments of obsidian from deep below the earth's surface
  • 143 Riel (as of Diggers)
  • Income: 27R


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