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The Purge

Initial Brief

Team Purge

The Council and the Church of the Leader seek those loyal to the four Founders to remove a blight upon the city. Pay will be 81R.

Team Traitor

(the following message is encoded in several locations - newspapers, internal memos of the Civil Service, the Colleges, the Wayfinder's Guild, and other organisations)

We have a plan. We have a way to continue. We need those who are willing to do what is best for the city to assist us in this. If you know of those who can help, approach them. We can find a role for anyone. We may be able to help others who wish to vanish.

For those that require payment, we can offer up to 99R depending on what they are willing to do. They must be people willing to do what needs to be done.


Team Purge

Team Traitor


Traitor Party

The Crimson Mother arrives back in the Acryn docks, with the party safely aboard. They are swiftly rounded up and brought in for questioning about the kidnap of the Acryn ambassador to Strossbourg - which they totally didn’t, so even under Cease Your Deceptions, nothing can be proven.

With Marian Terrec spreading news of Tabitha’s involvement with the Traitor cult far and wide, Tabitha goes into hiding and a warrant is issued for her arrest. She uses a miracle of the Traitor to disguise herself, and takes a position on Hugh’s ship. She sends messages to various of her friends - first to Alexander, and through him to Dan, Ambrosia, and Lucian.

Tabitha’s assets are seized by her family - though she manages to get the books out of her library and onto the ship before this happens. The law firm which she jointly owns with Alexander is the subject of much legal wrangling (giving a good amount of practice to all involved), and it is eventually decided that Alexander will take full ownership - aside from a small shareholding to be held by the family. (Mechanically, Tabitha can keep the use of her resource so long as Alexander agrees, but the Terrec family have the option to veto any actions of the firm which would be detrimental to the House, as judged by the head of house. Angelo considers this far too much paperwork).

Tabitha spreads rumours of Marian’s brutality during the purge, and accuses her of undermining the family and making unfair accusations against her. However, with the greater political pull of Marian and Marlo opposing her, these mostly fall on deaf ears. A few of the younger and more impressionable members of the House begin to mutter about Marian behind her back.

Hugh is brought in for more questioning - but since noone can prove anything he gets away with just a fine for his rather speedy and unorthodox exit from the docks. However, after a couple of weeks and a lot of legal wrangling by Marlo Darrish, a warrant is issued for his arrest for further questioning on the matter. The Darrish and Terrec fleets are instructed to sink his ship on sight. None succeed. Despite this, his deal with the post office to assist with trans-oceanic deliveries still goes ahead, with the post office arranging to meet him secretly outside of Acryn controlled waters to hand over the mail.

The party each receive a note informing them of the location of various drop points, at which they find their pay. There is no further word from Felipe Caulson - for reasons which soon become apparent.

Tabitha, Prim, and Annabel have the curse of the Splintered Man - Prim and Anabel have a more severe dose, and go to Ghita Darrish to arrange for it to be removed. She agrees to part-fund the necessary rituals, but only in exchange for a favour to be specified in future. Tabitha’s curse remains.

Lucien continues preaching that people should not obey gods unquestioningly. He gains a small following, but there is a significant amount of disagreement from the other priests of the city.

Rumours spread that Cease Your Deceptions may not be as reliable as previously thought - that Leader priests can redefine the truth when they invoke the miracle, allowing themselves to lie, or forcing others to say untruths. This is strongly denied by the Leader church.

Prim returns to the postal service, and sets herself up in the higher ranks of the new traitor cult, assisting in the organisation of their new activities.


  • 99R each
  • Access to Organisational Ties (Postal Service) up to L3
  • Curse of the Splintered Man - Once per adventure, choose a random member of the party (or friendly NPC). You gain a personality trait of that PC for the rest of the adventure.
  • Wanted by the City Watch
  • -20R in port fines
  • Wanted by the City Watch
The Crimson Mother
  • Blessed by the Traitor - The ship will resist any attempts to use it against Acryn (effects at GM discretion). Anyone on board the ship is sure of their convictions.
  • Darrish and Terrec ships will attack on sight. After several unsuccessful encounters, Darrish and Terrec ships have become very good at not seeing the Crimson Mother.
  • -70R
  • Favour owed to Ghita Darrish - let the GM know before any adventure, and you may be given a task to do.
  • Access to Organisational Ties (Postal Service) L4
  • -70R
  • Favour owed to Ghita Darrish - let the GM know before any adventure, and you may be given a task to do.

Purge Party

The party briefly question felipe, finding out that the way you can kill the traitor is the same way as other gods, or by killing penelope cargan. They then take the traitor cultists back to Hierarch Bastion for questioning. They call for gita darish and leave them to be questioned. While being questioned Felipe surges forward and touches Bastion who suddenly sickens and no help can be administered. Further questioning of felipe shows that the traitor cult clearly hated acryn and wanted to destroy it. The traitor church leaders are quickly put on trial open to the public to show the city how evil the traitor church is and to emphasise that it must be destroyed.

Questioning of the traitor cult in general reveals that they were looking for information on pretty much everything that affected the city. And seemed to have several long term plans , such as eliminating new gods, keeping tabs on the wayfinders and clockmakers guild.

The party minus Nobody turn up to the member of the council who hired them and get paid there well earned 81R for purging the civil service of the traitor cult. The council send alexander everret his 81R for helping out with a thankyou note.

Nobody, having put Felipes face in his mirror heads out of the city following what felipe would do next. He meets up with felipe’s contact and gets told they would contact him. While using felipes face has contacts traitor cult.

Marlo having questioned the traitor cult and the ambassador uses his contacts to bring action against those clearly involved, captain branch and tabitha terrec. He also calls upon the power of the tender to strengthen his link with his animal friends. He can now summon a spirit version of them to him once per adventure.

Marion while holding the leader's power uses a Miracle to curse the traitor to remain in the sewers forever and to never see the light of day again and then finds herself damned by the traitor. When the power fades she does her best onto hold onto a fragment. The leader was not impressed with her claiming of his power and is excommunicated. Once back in the city, after letting the rest of the party hand the traitor cult members over to bastion and getting paid, brings charges against tabitha terrec for being a traitor cultist. The eye of the traitor is on marion and may have effects at GM discretion.



contacts traitor cult (via felipes face)


paid 81R, has lvl 3 deathward addiction


paid 81R


Paid 81 R, can now summon a spirit version of his animal companions to him once per adventure. .


paid 81R, excommunicated, damned by the Traitor. The eye of the traitor is on marion and may have effects at GM discretion.

Alexander Everett
  • Paid 81R, much to his confusion
  • Face is no longer in Nobody's mirror
  • Now has almost full ownership of the law firm

The Traitor Cult

The traitor cult within the Civil Service has been removed - any who were loyal to the Traitor have either vanished or been arrested/executed. Following the successful completion of the ritual, the postal service now has most of the remaining Traitor Cult operating within it.

There are also several people wandering around Acryn who appear to have no idea who they are - many look like suspected members of the Traitor Cult, and are brought in and treated as such, but some simply have generic appearances.

Large public trials of high up members of the traitor cult are held, with the defendants seeming unable to to even stay silent in their own defence. Many (including Felipe Caulson) are executed. Clearly the traitor cult was led by evil megalomaniacs that wanted nothing more than the destruction of Acryn.

Mechanical Effects

  • Anyone with Contacts (Civil Service) which referred to the Traitor Cult instead gains Contacts (Post Office)
  • Anyone with Contacts (Civil Service) which referred to the actual legitimate civil service keeps those contacts.
  • Anyone with Contacts (post office) instead gains Contacts (The Real Post Office).
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