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Anabel the Hardened


Anabel was recruited into the Civil Service straight out of college having studied Advanced Accountancy at the People’s College (with an optional unit in Alchemical Poisons and Remedies). She was given a low-level desk job in the Department of Wildlife Related Discrepancies and was notable only for her baking skills, having won the Civil Service Biannual Baking Competition twice in a row with her renowned soufflés.

It was this talent which led to her first major assignment during the Blackthorn Crisis while on loan to Chiara Walker. Tasked with infiltrating Honourable Guild of Patissiers and Confectioners, which had been commissioned by the Blackthorn estate to create the largest funeral cake ever seen, she was able to foil Norma Crone’s plans to poison a party of adventurers through a matter of quick-thinking, cunning and luck by combining the poison with the antidote (being not entirely certain which was which).

Partly due to this success and partly because the Civil Service was becoming increasingly short-staffed during Blackthorn’s rule, Anabel was moved to active duty.

As of Cube 3 - Wizard-Cube Zero: Anabel is a black swan.


Class: Priest

Level: 5

Backgrounds: Alchemy, Thief, First Aid

Epic Trees: Personal Power (The Hardened)

Divine Favours: Mare of the Night, Eric Luckner Guardian of Acryn, The Cleansing Tide, Vanessa the Stanchion

Hits: 11

Calls: 1xDODGE, 5xREND, 2xRESIST; 2xWOUND 60 per adventure on arms


Gazes of the Gods: 4

Potion Slots: 5

Income: 32R

Traits: No hands


  • Use Dagger
  • Dagger Mastery 2
  • Dagger Talent
  • Traitor's Cloak
  • Touch of Divinity
  • Congregation
  • Larceny
  • Backstab
  • Pickpocket
  • Diplomacy
  • Fast Talk
  • Distraction
  • Disguise
  • Flanking
  • Edificeer
  • Tough 3
  • Blessed Regeneration
  • Divine Majesty
  • Miracle
  • Wealth (Bartender Swan at the Lovely Peacock)
  • Holy Fervour
  • Intercession
  • Emergency Aid
  • Resuscitate
  • Patch Up
  • Reflection of Thyself

Divine Auras

  • “Tender”, Improved, Majesty: HEAL 2 at end of encounter, each party member may HEAL 2 themselves once per encounter
  • Mare of the Night: FEAR bodiless souls
  • Eric Luckner, Guardian of Acryn: +2 armour per encounter


  • Always the Correct Path - 60s
  • Glove of the Poisoner - 30s
  • Playing Dead - 15s
  • Healing Light (Divine Favour)- 10s
  • Stay the Claw - 15s
  • Healing Touch (Divine Favour) - 20s
  • Barricade Unbarred - 30s
  • Rejuvenation (Divine Favour) - 20s
  • Mane of Shadows: FEAR - 5s of death count
  • Nightrider - 5s of death count
  • Bring Them Home - 10s
  • The Street Rise in Defence - 20s
  • Hardened - 15s
  • For Those Greater Than I - 10s
  • Between Blinks - 30s
  • Swan Song - 20s

Potion Recipes

  • Plug the Flow of Life
  • Paranoia's Embrace
  • Dumb Drunk


  • 6x Dumb Drunk
  • 13x Plug the Flow of Life (HEAL 1)
  • 3x Paranoia's Embrace
  • 67.333333333 Riel
  • Torch containing the burning spirit of Booker In a volcano


Small Kitchen

Anabel's house is rather cramped and located in one of the rougher neighbourhoods but it does have a small, well-equipped kitchen and a wide variety of recipe books. It isn't getting that much use these days though.

Shadowy Network

Anabel has built a web of informants, agents and thugs that work for her.


  • Underworld


  • Water spirits are predisposed to treating her pleasantly and politely. Also, she smells delicious to them.
  • Twice per adventure may summon a divine steed.
  • Thrice per adventure may use Bring Them Home on all bodies in an encounter.
  • Once per adventure is incredibly suggestible as though under the effects of a Dumb Drunk takes a SLAY. Takes a SLAY when drinking Dumb Drunk.
  • Twice per adventure can call upon the Civil Service to achieve reasonable off-screen tasks (rumbling with a gang, starting a small riot).
  • Friends with a many-eyed squishy ball of stasis. Is watched (in a friendly way) wherever she goes.
  • Has difficulty affecting reality. Starts every encounter WEAKENED but gains two RESISTS.
  • Can fly by flapping wings. Is immune to all non-ranged calls but cannot use any skills.


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