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Prisoner One

Initial Brief

(or Lead, Follow or get out the way)

A few days after the explosions at Acryn's prison, the Warden is overheard exclaiming “oh my gods! Prisoner One has escaped”. The city council puts out the message that absolutely everything is fine but that it would like to hire some adventurers.

When the decapitated body of one of the first party of adventurers is discovered, along with the message “you will pay for your insolence” scrawled in blood, a number of merchants and nobles pack up their interests in the city and retreat to their country estates. The city council continues to put out messages that absolutely everything is fine but now they would really like the help of some adventurers. Rumour has it that the situation is so dire that the City Council has even been forced to accept aid from the other Council.


Anabel- Iain
Aria- Chaos
Howard Branch, formerly Leaf- Matthew
Booker- Dan


Through visions it transpires that Prisoner One was the Follower, the Leader's greatest servant, who the Leader himself had imprisoned for his crimes in the eary days of Acryn. He was badly burned by something called “Dragon Fire” whilst adventuring with some of the Founders and the Tender managed to save his life by grafting one some of the Leader's skin to him. His immortality is granted to him as a side effect of the Leader's skin holding the Dragon Fire inside of him. They learn that he might be killed by removing the Leader's skin using a knife crafted from the Traitor's bones that Willie “Two-Knives” Altieri has loaned out to his daughter Regan. Along the way the party find that the Follower has kidnapped Eustacia Graves, the Leader of the Church of the Leader.

The party follow one of the Follower's servants to the square outside the Council building, where the Follower is holding Eustacia Graves at the top of the clocktower at knife point. They are too late to stop his ritual as he sacrifices Eustacia Graves and the populace of the city is driven in to a frenzy (with those that are vunerable to suggestability seemingly having been driven by the Follower's words to kill every tenth person as punishment for rejecting the Leader). The party succeed in killing the Follower and the ritual starts to die down. They steal both the knife and the Leader's skin grafts that were removed from the Follower from Willie Alteri's daughters, Regan and Desdemona, leaving the pair for dead as a mad mage collapses the clocktower.

The party escape the clocktower and decide who to report to. Howard sends a runner to the Way finders guild who arrange for the rogue Scion of the Flux Simeon to be hauled off in a sack.

Afterwards they go to the Civil Service. Felip Caulson is thrilled to get both the skin of the Leader and the dagger off the streets. There is some confusion when Booker removes his Traitor's cloak but ultimately Caulson is pleased to welcome the blessed golem into the cult. He returns the dagger, slamming it deep into the paper of his leg and warning that it must never fall into the wrong hands.

The party are paid 40R by the Civil Service. Anabel is paid a further 20R for bringing Booker into the cult. They are offered a further 10R by the Warden, which Booker declines

Howard goes drinking with Aria and takes a veil potion, this gives him disjointed access to some of his past memories. He lets the Guild know and they try to dissuade him from dwelling on the matter.

They go to check on the prisoners that they delivered to the Watch during the course of the mission. Branch claims they handed over two individuals but is bamboozled when all the others claim that there was only ever one captive.

At the pub for post adventure drinks a package is delivered to Anabel containing a severed head and a note from Two Knives Altieri. The note reads “I'm am coming for you and I am coming for everyone you love.”

When the remains of the clocktower are cleaned up several bodies are recovered but Regan and Desdemona are conspicuously absent.

The death toll following the Follower's ritual is high and the clean up following the chaos takes some time. Several individuals are taken in by the Watch for their part in the killings. Furthermore the Church of the Leader is once again leaderless. Eustacia Graves was a good comprimise candidate, being both popular with nobility and commoners, and there is no obvious candidate to replace her. Faria Carver makes a play for her old position but is quickly dismissed as advocates of the Leader Incarnate are particularly unpopular. Rumour has it that Duke Corlo Graves holds the party responsible for the death of his niece and may try to hamper any interactions they have with the nobility. The party have also earned the ire of Willie Altieri, who is a dangerous enemy to have. Anabel in particular has moved up his hit list.

Whilst Traitor is unhappy at the extent of the loss of innocent life and the harm to Acryn, she is pleased at least with the party for recovering part of her body and for having struck a blow against Altieri.

Booker has blessed Aria's book in the name of the Traitor. Once ever she may write a question to the Traitor in the book and will receive a response in line with the Traitor's goals.

Wibble and snackies


40R from the civil service, plus 10R for those who chose to accept it.


An additional 20R and the personal wrath of Willie Altieri.


Part of the Traitor's bone embedded in his thigh. This gives him a sympathetic link to the Traitor, such that he will sense any harm done to her body. It may have additional effects at GM discretion.


Minor blessing from the Traitor, see above.

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