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Howard Branch The Splintered Man



Class: Wayfinder

Background #1: Dagger Use

Background #2: Thief

Background #3: Survival



  • Find The Path
  • Choose The Path
  • Shake Realities Fetters
  • Stabalization
  • Destabilization
  • Know the Flux's touch
  • Lash Out
  • Concealed arts
  • Patch the cracks
  • Inertial Barrier
  • Durable Barrier
  • Repair the form
  • Repairing Inertial Barrier
  • Flux Shaping Items
  • Flux Shaping Landscaping
  • Flux Shaping Worldshaping
  • Guild membership
  • Concussive Bolt
  • Airblade shaping


  • Larceny
  • Flanking
  • Pickpocket
  • Edificier

Dagger Use

  • Knife Fighter
  • Dagger Talent
  • Dagger Mastery
  • Dagger Mastery 2

Bestial Protector

  • Butterfly bodyguard

Scion of The Flux/Harbringer of the Consensus

  • Ambiance/Make History
  • Body Alteration/Will of Consensus
  • More flux now than mortal/Call forth the will


  • Survivalist
  • Know the land
  • Guide

Canvas Of Creation

  • Feel The Weave

Traveler to The lost places

  • Falling off the face of the world
  • Shattered Barrier of Reality
  • The Lost World

Personal Power

  • Personal Aura
  • Reflection of Thyself
  • Miracle
  • Favoritism

Born of Possibilities

  • We're not so different (Contacts:Civil Service)
  • Affinity (Reflections)
  • Manifestation
  • Oneness


Draconically Possessed Occupied by a draconic entity that only wants the best for people. Whilst it is in you you nolonger have a death count as the creature fixes the worst of your wounds from within, keep track of the number of times you would require a new heal 0 to stop your bleeding as each time the creature's flawed understanding of humanity warps you during the “fixing”. In addition whenever you are aware of a creature you believe to be sentient bleeding to death in your vicinity you will begin to take a THROUGH SINGLE every 10 seconds as the draconic entity begins to burrow its way out of your stomach, if you hit 0 body hits during this the entity bursts out of your stomach to go treat the dying individuals and will provide you with its normal treatment as it leaves and re-enter your body when it is done. #=3



  • 65 riel
  • light armour
  • Large Farm
  • 4 Daggers
  • 24x Heal 0
  • 3x Heal 4
  • 1x Soul strength


In Concensus 7+2+4, Double Through, 4 rends, 3 dodges, Immune Strikedown, 1 entangle

In Flux 9+2+6, Double Through, 4 rends , 5 dodges, 1 entangle, Concussive Bolt, Air blade shaping, lash out, Repairing inertial Barrier


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