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The Raven King of Blood Crag

Initial Brief

A clerk for the city council informs the party of a Serradic legend of a wizard called the Raven King of Blood Crag, who lived near Margush and used his ravens to spy on the Serradic Empire. A merchnt reported sighting the tower and the Council wants to hire some adventurers to find the Raven King in case he has valuable intelligence on Serradis.


Brother Miller - Joe W
Booker- Dan A
Lucien Dines- Gareth
Leaf - Matthew A


The party hand over the anomaly known as the Raven King of Blood Crag to Carla, the wayfinder. Brother Miller and Leaf are suspicious of her motives and so they follow her back to Margush, where she is due to meet her brother. As they follow her caravan a number of heavilly armed individuals step out from their concealment in the shadows and intercept them. Eventually Brother Miller bargains them in to a meeting with their employer and they are led to an unknown location with bags over their heads. They meet with a man who introduces himself as Charles. He reveals that he worked with Frederick Dines on the ritual that caused the Upheaval. Although he feels doing something was necessary, as the world would have fallen to stasis otherwise, he feels the ritual went too far and is wracked with guilt over the lives that were lost as a result of his actions. Whereas Charles wants to repair the flux, Dines feels the ritual did not go far enough and so they now find themselves opposed. Brother Miller is in favour of the plan but expresses that he feels Charles should work with the Council of Acryn, something Charles is unwilling to do. Brother Miller is allowed to go on his way, whilst Leaf remains as he wishes to learn more of the nature of anomalies. Leaf is put under a binding spell that means should he ever knowlingly reveal any of what he is learned to anyone other that Charles's associates he feels it will result in his immediate doom (OOC: He will be immediately aware of this fact any time he tries to share information and should find a GM if he ever decides to do so).

Over the coming weeks he learns the true nature of anomalies- that they were created during the Upheaval out of humanity's destructive impulses. Leaf also consents to having Charles experiment on him and they learn that Wayfinders are pretty much the polar opposite of anomalies, being born from humanity's desire for preservation during the upheaval- leading to Charles having a very awkward conversation with his sister. Charles is pleased at having learned a lot about the flux but now needs to determine how this knowledge will aid his goals.

Booker and Lucien go and visit a water spirit, who cures the curse placed on Lucien by Dandolo, Marsh Spirit. Lucien learns from having tasted serval things over the course of the adventure- Dandolo's swamp was once a lake that became overgrown and in his bitterness he tries to turn people in to butterflies in order to recapture the beauty he once knew and he learns several bits of intelligence about the layout of Serradis from the Raven King's blood. Brother Miller passes on what he learned of Charles Santos to his superior at the church of the Warrior, who passes it up the chain of command. He does not know if this has reached the ears of anyone on the Council.

The party return to the clerk that hired them, who sends out some people to secure the Raven King's tower. Having ascertained that it does indeed contain valuable intelligence, she pays the party the remainder of their 40 riel.

Snackies and Wibble


  • 40R+20 stole from Carla
  • Contact with Charles Santos
  • A pet butterfly that will gradully grow bigger when fed on blood and mead. Access to the beastial protector epic tree.

Brother Miller

  • 40R+20 stole from Carla


  • 40R+20 stole from Carla
  • Carla Santos believes him to be her trusted subordinate. This can be maintained up till he uses his traitor's cloak for another purpose. Next time he plays he should ask a GM if he is given any orders.


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