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Spring Cleaning

Initial Brief

Egbert Greenslade hereby requests the assistance of a few competent individuals to assist him with exploring the depths of his newly acquired property in the City and expunging any unpleasantries which may be found within.



The party, having incapacitated the murderous anomaly quickly staunch its wounds, tie it up and rush to the Wayfinders' Guild with the anomaly. Using the membership of Leaf and Colin to rush past the guards, they visit a high-up and announce their successful capture of an anomaly. After some initial disbelief, the Wayfinders quickly realise that it's finally they're lucky day and act at once to contain and stabilise the anomaly, carting it away from the party who are paid 500R (125R each) for their achievement. Colin and Leaf request to be kept informed of any developments, and the high-up agrees, given the unprecedented nature of this discovery.

With the anomaly dealt with, they head back to Egbert's castle, where he is being comforted by his friends after his brush with death, check he's alright and explain the situation. They tell him (in full knowledge to the contrary) that the Guild is yet to have worked out whether or not it was an anomaly but that he'll be contacted if it was the case before heading back down into the depths to find out what was in the room the anomaly was hiding in.

In the room they find a disturbing chamber full of devices for causing pain, as well as numerous newspaper clippings detailing the alleged horrible things that the Nightblade family did to revolutionaries years and years ago. They determine that the anomaly bears a striking resemblance to the youngest (and rumoured to be most vicious) of the Nightblades, before returning to the top, giving Egbert a run-down of how his secret passages work and leaving him to recover from his injuries after being paid their 40R for the job and 20R extra each for saving his life.

At the tavern, Saffron and Leaf check on the shinies they pulled out of the Nightblade Crypt and find most has disappeared, though about 30R worth of rings and coins still remain (to be split between Colin, Saffron and Leaf). Colin, Saffron and Leaf also have potions that they took from the talking statue's puzzle from the depths of the basement.

Saffron and Dauntless return to Egbert (who has duly had the Flux Basement sealed off) to find out whether there's any work for them in building (and Saffron if there's any “work”). Dauntless decides not to take up some low-level building work, and Saffron also rejects the building work (though fixes up the trapped corridors), but befriends Egbert and acquires “work” with him and his friends.

  • Saffron: 185R, 10R of shiny things, “work” with Egbert Greenslade and his friends, 3 potions.
  • Leaf: 185R, 10R of shiny things, to be informed of developments with the anomaly, 1 potion.
  • Colin: 185R, 10R of shiny things, to be informed of developments with the anomaly, 1 potion.
  • Dauntless: 185R.
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