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A former magesterium warmachine apparently ensouled by an unknown 'benefactor', Dauntless was recovered by members of the Acryn Merchant Consortium Market, and made into something of a mascot for for the bazaar. She works a regular job advertising the low, low prices of the consortium, and entertaining children and foreign visitors with her unusual looks and upbeat personality.

According to Dauntless she harbours a constant desire to destroy the enemies of the now defunct magesterium, that is only kept in check by constant focus, and meditation on her love for other lifeforms. She has started adventuring, in the hopes of finding a cure for her natural murderous imperatives, and to enhance her prestige and thus bring further custom to Acryn's finest market.

After falling under the mind affecting sway of the Rampant, Dauntless succumbed to her magesterium origins and murdered the innocent socialite Antonio Graves before regaining her senses. Horrified by this act, and stained by the blood of her employer Montier Darrish, who died seeking shelter inside the animate armour, Dauntless has resigned her role as a public face for the marketplace, and instead spends a lot of time standing in the rain outside Antonio's crypt.


Class: Fighter

Background #1:Craft Background #2: Armour Use


  • Standard Bearer (Free)
  • Gauntlet Use
  • Long Term Defender: Walter Cargan (Free)
  • I'll be your Opponent!
  • Principle Defence
  • Burly
  • Mighty
  • Beyond Mortal Strength
  • Strength of Arms
  • Tough
  • Tough
  • Heavy Armour Use (Free)
  • Heavy Armour Training x3
  • Use Rapier
  • Rapier Talent 1
  • Rapier Finesse
  • Rapier Talent 2
  • One with my Rapier
  • Rapier Supremacy
  • Crafter 1
  • Crafter 2
  • Use Large Shield
  • Solid Defense
  • Affiliation: Cargan Family - 9R Income
  • Reputed: Cargan Family - 9R Income
  • Improved Determination


  • 31 Hits
  • 1 Resist Rend/Wound/Strikedown, 3 Resist Strikedown/Shatter/Disarm, IMMUNE DISARM on weapon
  • 1 Weaken, 1 Disarm, 1 Rend
  • 4x RENEW FULL per adventure
  • 10s RENEW 4 on downed inorganics


  • Mastercrafted Heavy Armour unified with body
  • Superior Heavy Armour
  • Standard Heavy Armour
  • 2x Standard Standard
  • Standard Large Shield
  • Superior Rapier
  • Standard Rapier
  • Forearms coated in Draconic magma
  • Internally mounted lantern
  • 20m Rope
  • 6x Armour Oil Talismans
  • 2x Plug the Flow
  • Giant spider silk
  • 88R


  • Takes a SLAY if any effect would cause her to do the work of the Magesterium
  • ADDICTION: Passion lvl1 : Intense curiosity
  • Inorganic, No Primal Blood


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