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lost child

Initial Brief

A somewhat intense teenager has been frequenting a number of bars looking for adventurers willing to help with a kidnapping incident.



The party head out to one of the villages affected, hearing from the villages about how the kids have gone missing (on the edge of town, near wells, latrines, etc). While investigating one of the wells, they encounter a child in the process of escaping from a pack of wolf-men. Having rescued the child the party become increasingly distressed as it becomes apparent that there appears to be nothing they can do permanently put down the wolf-men. The child continues to insist that the only way to kill them is with monster spray (made from the tears of monsters and magic well water), and the party concede that this seems to be true, setting out to get some magic well water and monster tears. An encounter with some confusing monsters under the bed, a goblin in a latrine, and some snakes in a well eventually provide the party with the tears and magical well water needed to make the spray. Although potentially at the expense of some of the party’s health.

After having lunch in the village and mixing up the monster spray in a spritzer, the party head in the direction they’ve been told the children are being stored. Early on they run into some more wolf-men, although these are more organised. Part way through the fight it becomes apparent that the biggest of the wolves appear to have a child in a rucksack and a very difficult chase ensues as the party attempt to take down the wolf without injuring the child on its back. Once safe, the child informs the party that this is not unusual, and that while the children spend most of their time locked up in a keep somewhere, they are regularly placed in rucksacks and carried around for several hours at a time. The party return the child to the village before heading onwards. The party then encounter a number of uniformed people (again with a child in a rucksack). Initially looking like the party is going to convince the men to take them back to their compound, the party instead decide to free the child immediately.

The party eventually get to the compound where the children are being taken, finding a large and well fortified encampment. The party plan to attempt to talk their way in, although give themselves away as “real” people in the process. The party’s leader priest heads inside and is promptly assaulted and dropped. However, in a discussion with the Sheriff, manages to convince him that there may be another solution (and that sooner or later the Sheriff would be destroyed by Adventurers if he continued on this path). Released, the priest and party head back to the Village with half of the captured children as a goodwill gesture. Eventually they manage to work out an agreement where teens will be send to learn skills from the Sheriff's men while older people from the village will form units with the Sheriff’s men to patrol for bandits and other threats in the local area (plans for creating some flux farms are also discussed). While there are some initial problems in the first few weeks, things seem to work out okay, and the party eventually leave somewhat confident that things are going to work out.

Back in Acryn, a report is given to the Civil Service about the new arrangement. The wayfinder’s guild examine edward, and are fascinated by his condition, but are unable to offer any solutions, simply requesting that he keeps them updated.


Edward has become infected by the snakes of the well. His skin has a very fine patterning of scales which is only noticable by the very observant and a desire to throw people into wells, if in sight of a well this desire becomes uncontrollable. If he goes an entire adventure without throwing someone into a well, the effects become more dramatic, his eye’s become blood-red and serpentine, while his skin becomes obviously green and scaled. His obsession with throwing people into wells will become a compulsion which forces him to simulate the act whenever possible (throwing peanuts into beer glasses, or children into ditches) but without the relief and satisfaction which comes from throwing someone into a well. If he goes two complete adventures without throwing someone into a well he will begin talking with sibilance and will start every encounter weakened, as his arms grow thinner. If he goes three complete adventures without throwing someone into a well, he will be a snake. If this happens, you may request stats from the larpo, but you are unlikely to represent a meaningful contribution to a player party.

Edward also has access to the Spirit Totem epic tree, but with giant snake replacing any mention of claw fiends.

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