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Edward Reynolds



Class: Journeyman

Level: 4

Backgrounds: Weaponry, Medium Shield Use, Dabbler Mage

Epic Trees: Totem Spirit, Brain Surgeon, Burning Soul

Quirks: Draconic Gift (Consumption/Mudra)

Form Hits Damage Calls
Snake in Armour 3+14 DOUBLE 7xRESIST (Strikedown, Shatter, Disarm; one mass) on shield/weapon/4 on armour, 1xWEAKEN, 1xWOUND 10, 1xSTRIKEDOWN.
Giant Snake 9 THROUGH DOUBLES HEAL 6 on transformation, 3xDODGE, 3xREND

Skill Focus: 2x LIVE DAMNIT! HEAL 6 or SNAP OUT OF IT!

Income: 27 Riel


Weapon and Shield

  • Use Sword
  • Medium Shield Use
  • Shield Swiftness
  • Weapon Potency
  • Weapon Talent

Medical and Alchemical

  • Medical Knowledge
  • Emergency Aid
  • Patch Up 2
  • Resuscitate
  • Surgery
  • Combat Master
  • Improved Skill Focus
  • Fast Work
  • Advanced Application
  • Well Versed
  • Extremely Well Versed
  • Concoction
  • Mix Potion (Plug the Flow of Life)
  • Mix Potion (The Veil)

Brain Surgery

  • Diagnosis

Snakes, Sorcery, Souls

  • Channel Spirit
  • Power of the Beast
  • Ethereal Presence
  • Inflame the Soul
  • Tongue of Newt Snake
  • Protomana Tolerance
  • Taste of Knowledge


  • Contacts
  • Wealth
  • Tough 2
  • Crafter 3
  • Master Crafter
  • Legendary Item


  • Standard Light Armour
  • Standard Sword
  • Standard Medium Shield
  • Mastercrafted Medium Shield
  • 9x Plug the Flow of Life
  • 3x Restoration of the Flesh
  • 5x Death Ward
  • 2x Veil
  • 1x Burst of Might
  • 50m of Rope
  • 126 Riel


Contacts and Connections

  • Cargan, Military
  • City Watch

Giant Snake

Edward has become infected by the snakes of the well. His skin has a very fine patterning of scales which is only noticable by the very observant and a desire to throw people into wells, if in sight of a well this desire becomes uncontrollable. If he goes an entire adventure without throwing someone into a well, the effects become more dramatic, his eyes become blood-red and serpentine, while his skin becomes obviously green and scaled. His obsession with throwing people into wells will become a compulsion which forces him to simulate the act whenever possible (throwing peanuts into beer glasses, or children into ditches) but without the relief and satisfaction which comes from throwing someone into a well. If he goes two complete adventures without throwing someone into a well he will begin talking with sibilance and will start every encounter weakened, as his arms grow thinner. If he goes three complete adventures without throwing someone into a well, he will be a snake. If this happens, you may request stats from the larpo, but you are unlikely to represent a meaningful contribution to a player party.

Current Snake Level: 3

Snake Curse / Iron Body of Legend

You are a snake, you gain the Unusually Small Quirk.

However, you have also crafted an iron body capable of great feats. Number one among them, translating your serpentine body movements into those of a human. When wearing your armour you lose the Unusually Small Quirk, replacing it with the Armoured Quirk.

Your armour has the properties of a Mastercrafted suit of Heavy Armour, with the following exceptions:

  1. It provides you with the normal range of motions of a human being.
  2. This means what your iron body can do is completely unrelated to the physical condition of your own snake body. You are IMMUNE to both STRENGTHEN and WEAKEN while wearing the armour.
  3. You are also very heavy and difficult to stop, once per an encounter you gain 10 seconds of AGILITY and 10 seconds of unlimited use of STRIKEDOWN so long as you are travelling at speed in a straight line.
  4. Unlike normal mastercrafted armour, your Iron Body cannot be used by other humans. However, the intuitive design of the armour makes you extremely vulnerable to the loss of this armour to other snakes. If a snake should ever make contact with your armour (touch you out of combat or deliver damage or effects against you in combat) you are immediately pushed out of your armour, with the snake in question gaining all of the benefits of the armour. They will need to be incapacitated for you to regain your Iron Body.
  5. Your Iron Body is exceptionally easy to enter and exit, taking you 10 seconds of stationary roleplay.
  6. Your body gives you the ability to talk, although your voice sounds weirdly monotone and diffuse.
  7. You have a tableau of people being thrown in a well, which plays constantly in front of your eyes, you do not suffer from your curse while in your Iron Body.


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