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The Root of the Problem

Initial Brief

A group of new shopkeepers on Broad street (formerly the Cube, Formerly the Warehouse district) are looking to hire a group of people to investigate the rather high theft levels. Pay is 10R for investigating and a further 20 on sorting out the problem.



Edward Reynolds

Morally Dubious


Confirming to the shopkeepers the nature of their problem, in that the thefts are clearly in some way caused by lack of payment of protection fees to a gang wearing Red Roses associated with the Gardener, they are all paid 10 Riel for their time.

Following the Watch's raid on the drug warehouse by Madame Flower's establishment the non-compliant shops burn fairly convincingly the next night, clearly someone in the organisation linked the Watch's actions to the investigation the shopkeepers paid for. Luckily there was only one death in the fires as only the baker was home at the time. Fortunately for Morally Dubious her absence was enforced by her several day stay in jail after her largely unprovoked assault on the desk sergeant whilst trying to request a watch ambush for the leader of the Red Roses, she is released later without incident though the watch are likely to be suspicious of her in future.

Unit06 reports back to the clockmaker's guild indicating that it has in some way been compromised by the true council using a substance called “Snowflake”. Paranoid after the loss of Unit03 they begin a thorough re-education of Unit06 which unfortunately fails to scrub away the changes wrought by the blessed drug leaving 06 with a deeply unexplained dependency and craving, accompanied by a new directive to return a sample of the drug “Snowflake” or acquire additional information about it from the yellow rose gang so long as doing so does not directly compromise the existing mission.

Snowflake withdrawal: For each cumulative adventure on which a dose has not been taken (including the current one) lose one maximum body hit, due to a clockwork golem's unique anatomy once one reaches one maximum body hit from this degradation the inadequate power supply will start to affect mechanical workings as well with subsequent degradation affecting natural armour rather than inducing death. Snowflake's effects: Anyone suffering from snowflake withdrawal will be able near instantly recognise this white crystalline powder, almost as though it calls to you. Taking a dose will provide the following effects for the rest of the day: 1/encounter 30s Strengthen, 1 resist Rend/Wound /encounter, 1 additional weapon call (as mastercrafted weapon) /encounter. It is produced exclusively by the Gardener and its distribution is tightly controlled to ensure the loyalty of his subordinates.

Edward spends his time assisting in the Tender Church and hears positive reports about the drug raid from his contacts in the watch.

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