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Unit-06 "Collete Finial"


Following the success of the 5-series of Alchemical Clockwork Constructs, the Clockmaker's Guild has constructed the initial prototype for the new 6-series, Unit-06, referred to by some of the engineers who created her by the name Collete Finial.

The 6-series design supposedly takes a more modular approach, allowing functions encoded in gear modules to be inserted to expand the capabilities of the construct. For field testing, 06 is equipped as a Mobile Clockwork Dispensing Facility and Anti-Personnel Extermination and Sentry Unit, serving as a door-to-door watch salesconstruct that may also be deployed as a form of defensive turret thanks to her skill with a crossbow.

She is permitted to have an apparent identity when outside of the guild, referring to herself in the first person and even using a name, supposedly as she is a customer-facing unit. In reality, this is an attempt at avoiding failures observed in some of the previous designs, where a lack of an identity or apparent purpose was suspected to have caused constructs to rebel against their brainwashing programming. Combined with more advanced brainwashing alchemical firmware, the Guild hope to avoid such incidents in future.

Early field tests have suggested that this new programming still requires some fine tuning, but otherwise the results have been mostly promising.


Age 2 Birthday 6 January Gender Female
Likes Clockmaker's Guild Advanced R&D Division, the good oil
Dislikes Threats to her life in the Guild, anarchy
Dream To make her engineers proud
Quote “Understood. I shall update my records accordingly.”


Class: Skirmisher [S]

Path: Defender of the Wall [D]

Background #1: Arcane Archer [A]

Background #2: Craft [C]


  • D1 - Fortified Defence (Free)
  • S1 - Diplomacy
  • S1 - Use Bow [DOUBLE]
  • A1 - Arcane Archer (Scribing)
  • S1 - Larceny
  • C1 - Crafter
  • S2 - Bow Mastery 1 [+1 DODGE]
  • S2 - Bow Talent 1 [+STRIKEDOWN]
  • S2 - Piercing Arrows [+THROUGH]
  • A2 - Arcane Strike
  • D2 - Perfect Defence [+3 DODGE on first shot until movement]
  • S1 - Nimble [+1 DODGE]
  • S3 - Bow Mastery 2 [TRIPLE]
  • D3 - Entrenched Position [+1 damage after 10s entrenchment until movement]
  • A3 - Bow Experience
  • S3 - Nimble [+1 DODGE]


XP: 1

Money and Equipment

  • (131 Riel)
  • 1x Standard Crossbow
  • 1x Standard Club
  • 1x Standard Light Armour
  • 1x Old Implement - Has some mana left in it, in theory could be shot at things and might explode
  • 2x Restoration of the Flesh
  • 1x Mysterious smoky potion
  • 1x Mysterious potion which seems to look back at you
  • 1x Mysterious warm potion
  • ?x Vials of Quicksilver reagent


  • A renewed sense of loyalty to the Clockmaker's Guild following maintenance operations

Status Effects

  • Lv. 1 Addiction (Suspension)


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