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Pig (Unit-01)


Pig is a clockwork golem belonging to Theophilius Cargan. It is extremely damaged, with pieces of broken machinery hanging out of its side, but seems happy in its current state, resisting any attempt to fix it. It gets its name from the squeals frequently emitted by its rusty, battered clockwork.

It is generally very dutiful towards its master, although it does behave a little petulantly at times. It seems to realise that Theophilius Cargan is not its original creator, but credits him with 'liberating' it and making it as happy and pretty as it is today. Its memories of its existence before Theophilius acquired it are hazy at best.

Pig has a keen if somewhat unusual sense of aesthetics. It displays a degree of vanity regarding its own broken appearance, treating others' expressions of concern as mere manifestations of their envy. More than anything, it adores the colour red, especially in… liquid form. Consequently, it appreciates that humans have an inner beauty that it lacks - it just can't understand why people are so unwilling to let their inner beauty out. It dreams of gore-spattered sheep.

As of Fetch Quest, Pig has become good friends with Experiment No. 17 ("Sev"), and enjoys frequent play dates with the paper golem.

As of A Study in Scarlett, and thanks to Evan, Pig now constantly produces a fountain of blood that courses down through its body and - if it doesn't control itself properly - all over the place. Evan has also given it a doll that spurts blood of its own - Pig calls the doll Philia. Pig likes Evan.

Pig recently became friends with Raina Reynard, shortly before everything went wrong for it. It was recaptured by the Clockmakers' Guild, tortured and brainwashed. Restored to factory settings, it no longer remembers its old friends; nor does it answer to “Pig” - it is Unit-01, property of the Guild.

As of Night of the Rooster, Unit-01 has recovered some of its old memories, along with letters from Theo and Sev. Its programmming has been thoroughly challenged by Evan (in the guise of Unit-21). It is now the property of Jimmy Hoskins.

As of Fair Game, with Evan's help, Unit-01 is beginning to rebuild its sense of self. It doesn't entirely know what it is yet, but it does believe it is gaining the greatest upgrade of all: self-awareness. It is developing a dream of extending this upgrade to all of its siblings, liberating them, and probably converting its former persecutors in the Clockmakers' Guild into some variety of gore composite….

As of The Cough, Unit-01 is just about maintaining its obedient-servant-of-the-Guild act, at least until it sees blood. It seems to have accepted that not all golems have a soul, but is no less determined to free those that do. It is learning just how difficult its path is, and is beginning to realise that it cannot rely on the support of all who claim to be its allies….

As of Basic Maintenance, Unit-01 is hoping that it has made a new friend in Unit-06 - Unit-01 has passed Philia on to its sibling in the hope that the little doll will help Unit-06 realise its own personhood. Unit-06, however, remains loyal to the Clockmakers' Guild, and has informed their masters of Unit-01's revolutionary sentiments - Unit-01 is in more danger than it realises….

As of For The Revolution!!, Unit-01 has come to the conclusion that Jimmy Hoskins does not have its best interests at heart. It has absconded, and is currently living with Sev while the Arche-Mage is away on business. It's not entirely sure what to do or where to go next, although those nice people living in the abandoned prison seem all too willing to adopt it….

As of Dissonance, Unit-01 is nameless. It is becoming a little more cautious about placing its trust in others, but has confided in Astraeus, besides attempting to enlighten him on the subject of human reproduction. Oh, and it seems that Unit-01 is also now the centre of a wound in reality. Oh dear….



Journeyman Medic


Non-Human (Clockwork Golem):

  • Armoured (3+2)
  • Owned (by Jimmy Hoskins)


  • Divine favour of Mr Branch, the Splintered Man
  • Epic Tree: Walked on the Otherside

Use Weapon: Mace

Large Shield Use

Heavy Armour Use


  • Use Weapon: Mace
  • Weapon Talent 1 (2x Strikedown per encounter)
  • Weapon Potency (DOUBLES)
  • Large Shield Use
  • Medical Knowledge
  • Emergency Aid
  • Resuscitate
  • Surgery (30s, fully restore a character's HP, use once without weakening them)
  • Mix Alchemy: Paranoia's Embrace
  • Mix Potion: Grenade
  • Mix Potion: Armour Oil
  • Advanced Mixing
  • Well Versed
  • Crafter (Lv 1)
  • Crafter (Lv 2) - 10s, RENEW 4 on Sev
  • Crafter (Lv 3) - 10s, RENEW 6 on Sev
  • Master Crafter - 30s, RENEW FULL on Sev (also, make mastercrafted item between each adventure)
  • 3 x Tough +2
  • Combat Master - can do healing while shielding
  • Fast Work - halves the time for healing skills
  • Improved skill focus - 2 uses of Live Dammit or Snap Out Of It per encounter.
  • Heavy Armour Training
  • Own Work (DOUBLES on anything I make)
  • Fitted Armour (IMMUNE to REND, WEAKEN or STRIKEDOWN per encounter)
  • Balanced Weapon (IMMUNE to SHATTER or DISARM per encounter)
  • Perfect Enhancement (Apply Fitted Armour permanently once per adventure)
  • Legendary Item (Craft a special mastrcrafted item)

Divine Favour Skills:

  • Divert - 1ps, Look behind you
  • Identity Theft - 10s, perfect mimic
  • Aura

Other Quirks:

  • 2 x ranged BLIND 5 p/e (pressurised blood)
  • Missing your Name
  • Wound in Reality (QUINT REND whenever you touch a mana crystal; draconic entities will recognise you as a Wound in Reality and are STRENGTHENED while fighting within 2m of you; if you are the centre of a magical ritual, call MASS QUAD STRIKEDOWN at the moment that it completes. At that point, 4 DRACONIC WISPS with half of your hits doing half your ranks of damage will appear to attempt to tear the wound in reality open.)


  • Mastercrafted Heavy Armour
  • Superior Mace
  • 4 x Grenades
  • 1 x Paranoia's Embrace
  • 6 x Armour Oil


  • 3+8+20 hits
  • Income: 9R
  • Current Funds: 68R
  • Level 5
  • 33/33 XP


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