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Astraeus Cargan-Graves Graves-Cargan


Astraeus is a gentle, polite and friendly young man who really wants nothing more than a peaceful existence and the opportunity to help people out every so often. Unfortunately, he's also the son of Francesco Graves-Cargan and Armand Cargan-Graves, so that's unlikely to happen any time soon.

As of Conclave Arcana, Astraeus is living with his uncle Walter.

As of Dissonance, Astraeus can no longer associate his nobility with himself. For all effects which use his own (rather than others') perception of his rank, he is a common citizen of Acryn. He has also developed a slight interest in the arcane arts, and a concern for criminal justice.


  • level 5
  • Beyond Mortal Strength
  • Overwhelming Power
  • Whispers from the Cracks
  • Open up the Cracks


Class: Fighter

Combat Path: Soldier

Background #1: Nobility

Background #2: Diplomat

Divine Favour: Francesco Graves the Arcane Arbiter

Divine Favour: Armand Cargan-Graves the Rightful


Level 1:

  • Diplomacy
  • Use Weapon - Spear
  • Weapon Talent 1
  • Medium Armour Use
  • Tough
  • Burly
  • Tactics (free)
  • Noble Wealth

Level 2

  • Tough
  • Medium Armour Training
  • Strength of Arms
  • Fast Talk
  • Noble Connections (House Graves and House Cargan)
  • Battle Rage

Level 3

  • Improved Determination
  • Mighty
  • Tough
  • See the Cracks

Level 4

  • Bloodstained hero
  • Whispers from the cracks

Arcane Arbiter

Aura: Once per encounter, call a rend at the point you feel someone has broken a deal with you.

Level One: Voice of the Arcane

The Rightful

Level One: Unshackling


Money: 155R
Income: 9R

Superior Medium Armour
Superior Spear
3 Heal Zero potions


22 XP


  • Aura - rends for breaking deals
  • Can carry a heavily armoured person or multiple unarmoured people possibly at a run
  • Can work out the best person to talk to in a situation
  • Is notably burly and imposing looking (physically. face generally just looks like a lost puppy)

Per Encounter

  • 1 Strikedown
  • 1 Weaken
  • 2 +1 damage hits

Per Adventure

  • 4 Determination
  • 2 Disarm
  • 2 strengthen self
  • 1 heal 8 self if working in service of the mission

At Will/Under Certain Conditions

  • Distract people before combat by talking for 30 secs
  • Offer a secret in exchange for a piece of information (60secs)
  • Repair armour over 10 minutes
  • Take a WEAKEN in order to STRENGTHEN any member of the party of a lower social rank (5secs)
  • When dropped to zero hits, KEEP GOING


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