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conclave arcana

Initial Brief

The colleges of Acryn put together a delegation to go and and attend the annual conclave arcana in strossberg.



The party return the hat to the archmages. It is bound up and stored in the vault where the party are assured it will never come out. Not everyone is convinced. The archmages offer the party either 100 riel or a boon. Tabitha asks to fill the lecturing slot vacated by the Rampant and lectures on the erroneous strossberg research this doesn't go down very well but she does gain contacts with a group of radical strossbergian mages. Astreus spends his time socialising and gains some contacts with the upper echelons in strossberg. Batts asks the archmages to attempt to fix his face nature and using a variation on the primal ritual they attempt to bring his face nature to the fore so they can better study it. They do however require several binding oaths to not harm creation or strossberg in particular from him and leave so speeds in place to keep an eye on him.

Otto asks the archmages to teach him the higher secrets of magic they teach him the first of the higher mysteries he gains acces to the lv4 skills in the archmages tree. John Mc Wizard scorns the offer of a favour and instead takes the 100 riel.

Back in Acryn Tabitha sets up a law business with Alexander Evverett.

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